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Jai bolo Siyaawar Raam ki

Posted on: May 24, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


Culture and Religion have a close relationship. The commonest points of Religion, followed by a majority for time immemorial, becomes culture of the nation. Raas Garba, Ganesh Utsav, Diwali celebrations and Indian Calendar New Year days in respective regions are no more a matter of Religion by now. They have become the cultural heritage of the country. A good example is Holi or lighting done on Deepavali or touching the feet of the elders…all these constitute Culture, though its roots are traceable to religion.

Today, Religion,for most people in the world,I feel,is limited to one’s personal space and I believe, in today’s set up this is also very appropriate to limit the religion to one’s home. One should not get confused between Religion and Bhakti. Mythological films are based essentially on stories from the Holy books, like Ramayana, Mahabharat or the Puranas. Bhakti pradhan films are based on personalities engaged in devotion to their Deity. Thus, films like Narsi Bhagat or Sant Tukaram are Bhakti pradhan films,whereas,films like, Pawanputra Hanuman or Veer Arjun are Mythological or Pauranik films. Films on saints like Kabir, Soordas, Tulsidas or Tyagaraja are not religious but Mythological films are surely religious films.

However Bhakti is a way to remember,to submit to,appease or dedicate oneself to his God or Deity. Holy books classify different forms of Bhakti-the way it is is or can be followed. There are 9 forms of Bhakti,as described in Vishnu Puran and Bhagwadgeeta…

1.Shravan…श्रवण…(Hearing) like Raja Parikshit

2.Keertan…कीर्तन…(Discourse) Like Thyagaraja

3.Smaran…स्मरण…( Remembering) Like Bhakta Prahlad

4.Paad sevan…पाद सेवन…( Remaining at Feet)..Like Lakshmi

5.Archan…अर्चना…( Worship)…Pooja

6.Vandana…वंदना…(Obeisance)…Sashtang Namaskar or Prostation.

7.Dasya…दास्य…( Service)…Like Hanuman

8.Sakhya…सख्य…( Friendship)…Like Arjuna and

9.Atmanivedan…आत्मनिवेदन…(Self Dedication) Like Meerabai

Presenting and listening to Bhajanmala on this Blogspot is a type of Shravan Bhakti,in a keener sense, but let us keep it out of this,here.

Ramayan and Mahabharat are extremely popular in India and to all Indians settled abroad,throughout the Globe. The Story of Lord Shree Ram is not complete without Hanuman. Hanuman has been a symbol of selfless service,loyalty,Attachment and enormous strength. He has been labeled as ” Aajanma Bramhachari”-Lifelong Celebate. It is presumed that his strength comes from his following celibacy. That is why Hanuman is the favourite God of all Pehelwans and Wrestlers. But,the Truth is,nowhere in the Valmiki Ramayan,it is written that Hanuman was a Bramhachari !

According to the Maha Bhagwat Puran and Skand Puran,Hanuman was an avtaar of Shiv ji. In the 17th century some historiana claimed that Bramha,Vishnu and Mahesh merged to make Hanuman. Hanuman is one of the 7 Chiranjeevi s (immortal souls). The others are, Ashwatthama,Mahabali,Maharshi Vyas muni,Vibhishan, Kripacharya and Parshuram.

Hanuman’s name appears twice in Mahabharata. Once when Arjuna was at Rameshwaram and wondered loudly why Sri Ram had to take the help of Monkeys,when he could have built a Bridge with his arrows. Listening to this was a small monkey there. The monkey challenged Arjuna to build a bridge himself. Just to prove his expertise,Arjun started building a bridge with his arrows. Everytime the monkey would break it easily by simply walking on it. After several failed attempts,Arjun was losing his ego and confidence when Lord Vishnu appeared and Hanuman also showed himself. Arjuna bowed to him and Hanuman promissed him that he will protect Arjuna’s Rath in the war with Kauravas. Thatis why on every picture of Arjun and krishna’s Rath,you will find a Flag with Hanuman’s image on it.

The second time was when Hanuman broke Bheema’s ego. One day when Bheem was passing by,he saw an old monkey blocking his way with its tail on accross the path. On moving orders,Monkey asked Bheem to help him by removing the tail himself. Despite several attempts,Bheem could not move Monkey’s tail even an inch. He realised his mistake and also that it must be Hanuman himself,so he prostrated before him and Hanuman in his real avataar blessed him.

This incidence is supposed to have occured at Sariska national Park,in Alwar,Rajasthan. There is a Big Temple of Hanuman at Pandupole.

Film ” Pawanputra Hanuman”-57 was made by Basant Pictures and was directed by the famous cinematographer,editor and the king of Trick scenes in indian films-Babhubhai Mistry. Babubhai was born in Surat on 5-1-1918. When he was 14 year old, he lost his father and had to work to support mother and 9 siblings. He first joined Krishna Cinetone. Through his uncle,who was in film line already,he worked as asstt.Director for Hatimtai-1933,made by Bharat movietone. he always experimented with editing and developed his own Desi technique for trick scenes.His first film for special effects(SF) was Prakash Pictures’ ” Khwaab ki duniya”(1937). He joined Wadia Movietone and did several films. In 1942, when Homi Wadia separated from his brother and started Basant Pictures, he joined him as a Director for Muqabala-42 and Mauj-43. Then there was no looking back. He was very famous In the 50s there was hardly any devotional film without Babubhai’s trick scenes. He also directed several films. His last film was Hatimtai-1990.

In 1960, he underwent an operation for his Voice box. For the next 30 years he continued working with an artificial sound/voice box. impressed with this the Tatas made a documentary on him to motivate other Cancer patients. Babubhai Mistry died on 20-12-2010 peacefully at Bombay.

The music of ‘Pawanputra Hanuman’-57 was given by Chitragupt. There were 10 songs in it. The best Bhajan,’ Jai bolo Siyavar Raam ki ‘ is being presented today. One more bhajan from this film will feature in this series later. The cast of the film was S N Tripathi (as Hanuman), Mahipal(as Sri Raam),Anita Guha (as Seeta), B M Vyas, Parveen Pal etc. The story of the film was-

In the times of crisis and when humanity is tyrannised by the Devil’s lust for power, God Himself comes down to the Earth. . The AVATAR of Ram in Satyayug was one of such occasions. Contemporaneously with Ram appeared, in the form of a monkey Hanuman- the sonof God Wayu, born of Mother Anajani. He lived on the tops of mountain Rishyamook waiting for the arrival of Shri Ram. . Years rolled by and Shri Ram had to leave Ayodhya with his wife and brother and roam about in the woods of Panchvati. There with his ” Maya” Ravan created a deer, Marich, and in search of the same Shri Ram went away leaving Seeta and Laxman. Seeta was taken away from the hut and Shri Ram and Laxman were left behind. Their search for Seeta took them to Hanuman. He introduced them to sugreeva whose Kingdom was snatched away from him by his brother wali. Shri Ram killed Wali and made Sugreeva his friend with whose great army of Monkeys, he expected to find Seeta. . Monkeys went in all directions in search and came to know that Seeta was in Lanka. Hanuman jumped over the great sea and met Seeta. In his rage he burnt Lanka down to ashes and a war was declared against Ravana. . Battles were fought evey day and Shri Ram was winning one battle after another when Laxman was hit by BRAHMASTRA huried by Meghnad. The only remedy was to get hold of Sanjeewani from the Mountain Dronagiri. who else but Hanuman could do it ? He went there but being unable to recognise the particular plant he took the whole of the mountain as time was precious. Laxman was saved. . Now came Ravana himself ” red with rage ” but what could he have done when his opponent was none other than God Vishnu in the RAMA AVATAR ? Ravana earned his due place, being killed at the hands of God Himself. . There was then full and plenty every where and the reign was famous for its King Ram. There was RAMRAJYA. . Even today every house sings the songs once sung by his great Devotee Rambhakta Hanuman :- “Raghupati Raghav Rajaram Patit Pavan Sita Ram”.

Let us now enjoy this melodious Bhajan sung by Mohd. Rafi, written by G S Nepali and composed by Chitragupta. It is shot on S N Tripathi and others…..

Audio – (Pawanputra Hanuman – 1957)

Video – (Hanuman Chalisa -1969)

Song-Jai bolo Siyaawar Raam ki (Pawanputra Hanuman)(1957)/(Hanuman Chalisa)(1969) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Gopal Singh Nepali, MD-Chitragupta


jai raghunandan
jai siya raam
jaanki vallabh seeita raam

sabse niraali mahima hai bhaai
do aksar ke naam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
sabse niraali mahima hai bhaai
do aksar ke naam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki

ho o
do aksar ka jaadu hai nyaara
raam raam jai raam raam
bhavsaagar se taaran haara
raam raam jai raam raam
prabhu jap apna khevan haara
phir hai kitni door kinaara
phir hai kitni door kinaara
mere raam rakhte hain khabariya
pal chhin chaaron dhaam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki

paani mein taire patthar ki naiya
raam raam jai raam raam
raam ki naiyya hai raam khivaiyya
raam raam jai raam raam
saagar se ab kya darna hai bhaiya
saathi hai jab raam ramaiya
saathi hai jab raam ramaiya
baadal dal si nikli hai toli
pavan putr hanumaan ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki

ab na rahegi sone ki lanka aa aa
naam mitega ab ravan ka
bhaar hatega dharti gagan ka aa aa
raam naam ka goonjega danka
raam naam ka goonjega danka
raam naam ka goonjega danka
barso ke bichhde phir se milenge
raamchandr aur jaanki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
sabse nirali mahima hai bhai
do aksar ke naam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki
jai bolo siyaawar raam ki

1 Response to "Jai bolo Siyaawar Raam ki"

shekhar vaishnav
Amazing film techniques in those days , long lived Babubhai Mistry… so much astute at his work ,Given so much to our Hindi Cine film Industry.
awesome article Aruunji….


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