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Ye dilli hai mere yaar

Posted on: June 10, 2014

This article is written by by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

I am not a great travelogue writer, though my husband is always after me to write something about the various trips we undertake. But this time I am going to try my hand at describing a trip I went for in the first few days of May. To accomplish that I have decided to take a break from my list of romantic songs (in my march onto 10000) and write about a lovely encounter with a known unknown person who is a friend for the last 5- 6 years without ever having met.

Actually in the first week of May I had to make trip to New Delhi with my daughter for things related with her education. And when she found herself free for the evening she went out with a college mate and what did I do? Without hesitating, I picked up the phone and called our Sudhirji. And then I also visited him when I discovered that he was staying very close to where I was put up. The first thought that came to my mind when I met him was that the song from “Dilli-6” sits perfectly on him. There was such warmth in the way he guided us through Delhi (Peevesie joined us later). I was amazed by his hospitality. He very graciously showed around his collection of Books and books; cassettes and cassettes; and everything related to music. I must say he is very well organized with his collection. So many things to look around for in his collection.

Now I always knew that the 6 in Dilli-6 stood for Chandni Chowk. This happens to be the pin code for Chandni Chowk. Oh and by the way do we all remember what PIN in our postal address stand for? This used to be a general knowledge question in our school days. It means Postal Index Number.

So I actually went with my daughter to see the lights and sights of Chandni Chowk. I was amazed by the milling crowds, though I should not be considering I am from two of India’s most crowded cities. Then we headed to paranthewalli galli which people (read Rocky and Mayur from the TV show “Highway On my Plate”) say is a must visit. If we had had more time on hand I would even have liked to see all the bangle shops in the area. But only so much can be accomplished when one has only two evenings on hand. What say?

So the movie Dilli-6 is a story of the residents of Chandni Chowk. Their life style etc. and the song that I spoke of earlier is about dilliwaale and Delhi as such. So here is this song which has playback by Benny Dayal, Tanvi Shah, Blaaze is the male rap, and Vivienne Pocha and Claire for the female rap. As far as I am concerned I am hearing all these names for the first time. But my Peevesie tells me that Benny Dayal has sung 2 of my favourite songs…. Pappu Can’t Dance Saala (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na- 2008) as also Budtameez Dill (Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewaani -2013). She also informs me that Tanvi Shah has sung a few Tamil songs in recent years. I have no clue about the rappers in the song; which is written by Prasoon Joshi and A.R Rehman is the music director…. And apparently there is also some French in the song which my Peevesie helped me with. So here is

Yeh Dilli Hain Mere Yaar; Bas ishq mohabat pyaar

Song-Ye Dilli hai mere yaar (Delhi 6)(2009) Singers-Benny Dayal, Tanvi Shah, Blaaze, Lyrics-Prasoon Joshi, Viviane Chaix, Claire, MD-A R Rehman
Vivienne and Claire
Blaaze and Benny Dayal


Yeh dilli hai mere yaar,
bas ishq mohabbat pyaar

basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
gali hai deewano ki dilli 6
basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
gali hai deewano ki dilli 6
(imagines les … paysages qui tesubmergent
Pas a pas tupenetresdanscet atmosphere
Toituregardesce qui t’inspires
) {peevesie tells me these are French words}
All the men we know say dilli dilli,
All the men we know say dilli 6
Basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
Gali hai deewano ki dilli 6

Bada kaske gale lagaata hai,
Dhadkan ki dhun sunaata hai
Iske baayen taraf bhi dil hai,
Iske daayen taraf bhi dil hai
Yeh shehar nahin mehfil hai
Yeh shehar nahin mehfil hai
Yeh shehar nahin mehfil hai
Yeh dilli hai mere yaar,
bas ishq mohabbat pyaar

delhi 6 delhi, delhi 6 delhi
kabhi pyaar mein gaali deta hai
kabhi gaali mein pyaar bhi hota hai apani
kabhi pyaar me gaali deta hai
kabhi gaali me pyaar bhi hota hai
apni ankhon ki tarah bhi yahan pyaar mein dil ko khota hai

All the men we know say dilli dilli,
All the men we know say dilli 6
Basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
Gali hai deewano ki dilli 6
(Imagines l’instantoutucroisecellequetu attends
Tuparcours les ruelleset meme tu …
Elle depassetoutestesattentes, ellen’est meme pas
Car elle ne telaisse de glace dans le palais au bikinis

Yeh delhi hai,
Yeh delhi hai,
Yeh delhi hai mere yaar
Yeh delhi hai,
Yeh delhi hai,
Yeh delhi hai mere yaar

Yeh dilli hai mere yaar,
delhi 6 delhi(Au bord de la faille (something))
bas ishq mohabbat pyaar
delhi 6 delhi
yeh dilli hai mere yaar
delhi 6 delhi(La vie se glisse entre des (something)
bas ishq mohabbat pyaar
delhi 6 delhi
basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
gali hai deewaano ki dilli 6
basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
gali hai deewaano ki dilli 6
yeh delhi hai mere yaar,
bas ishq mohabbat pyaar
yeh delhi hai mere yaar,
bas ishq mohabbat pyaar


13 Responses to "Ye dilli hai mere yaar"

dear Peevesie’s Mom, I enjoyed this posting very much!!

Just read this post – liked it very much! I have not been active anywhere of late due to some personal reasons and haven’t had much time (or the inclination) to listen to music. But your post brought back several memories – of Delhi, where I grew up, the inauguration of the PIN code several years back, and so on. My father was the PMG (Post Master General) in West Bengal at that time, and he was interviewed by one of the announcers for AIR (don’t remember his name, but he was a very good speaker, and he was Bengali) and my father explained how the PIN code worked. I remember listening to the radio broadcast of the interview later and the wonderful feeling of listening to one’s father being interviewed on the radio.
Sudhir ji is a very warm and caring person and I still remember the comfort his words gave me when my father had passed away.
Thanks for the wonderful post.

hullo Lalithaji
i am glad that my post brought back fond memories for you. actually when i read my own post i thought that the part about PIN was unnecessary. i thought my line of thinking was going on tangent. bu tok now it is posted and we will not re edit it

I am so glad you were going on a tangent at that time! I myself find it difficult to believe that I have no inclination to listen to songs, since they are my usual source of comfort. Your post was a source of comfort to me that day, so I will thank you once again.

Peevecee’s Mom,

I want to thank you and Peevesie for this difficult song. I was afraid of even attempting.

And congratulations to Peevesie on her admission to NID.

On behalf of Peevesie thank u for ur wishes Nahmji. We will ve to now wait for her to personally visit d blog. Possibly once a week. Till then I am her PA

Benny Dayal also sang for most of the new movies successfully:
Race 2; Yaariyan; Student of Year; Cocktail; Phata Poster; Shudh Deshi Romance; Heroine; Ghajan; Always Kabhi kabhi; Mai Tera Hero; Vishwaroop; Hasi to phasi; Holiday; Karle Pyar Karle; Yuvraj;Ek Main Aur Tu; Rabba Mai Kya Karou; Mai Tera Hero; Badmash Company; Bekwoofiya; Chakravyuh; 2 States; Aazaan; Mere Brother ki shaadi; Pyar Impossible; OMG; Ladies Vs Ricky Behl; etc..

ok so going by your list i am sure to find a few songs i like are by Benny Dayal as i have heard the songs of a few of the movies mentioned by you.
Thank You Nitinji for the additional information

Is that NID Ahmedabad? Thats a very nice place. Right on river front. In any case, congratulations.

Hullo bluefire
Nid ahmedabad is under grad and post grads are in gandhinagar
Thank u 4 ur wishes

Oh ok. Cool. Gandhinagar is a boring place, maybe thats good 4 studies 🙂

Peevesie’s Mom ji & Peevesie

Thanks for the lyrics of the song,
Always I like your selection of songs( presented by you guys in the blog) very much
Congratulations to Peevesie on her admission to NID, Best wishes for her future.


Thank You PCji i ill convey your wishes to Peevesie

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