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Dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane

Posted on: July 28, 2014

This article is written by Aparna H M, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

My first post was about a girl singing about how she is feeling after falling in love. The next post was about the feelings of a girl about to be married. This one is about a girl who is being teased for her strange behavior after falling in love with the eternal one, “Krishna”. Hindi films are mostly about love in different settings, situations. Some probably think that this limits the scope of our films. But I say, why not? We should celebrate the strongest of emotions which is love, isn’t it? If all people start loving each other and there is no hatred …… This belongs to an utopian world, like my favorite song “aa chal ke tujhe”. If only this is possible….

The song has been listed as one of his favorites by AKji of “Songs of Yore”. The simple lyrics are by Rajinder Krishan and music composition is by the hugely talented Chitraguptji. I think I have loved almost all the songs that I have listened to which are composed by him. Music sounds simple but when you try to sing along, you know the difficulties. Sung by Lata, it sounds as though it is sung by a very young innocent girl. She also sounds so sweet that she gave me diabetes. 🙂

This dance-song is from a movie called Kangan which was released in 1959. The star cast includes Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Poornima, Naaz, Daisy Irani etc. The movie seems to be full of enchanting songs and I hope that the regulars find this song enchanting too. The song is picturized in a restaurant in which Naaz is performing on stage. She is just dancing and not lip-synching. It is sung by Poornima who is also playing sitar. The guests include Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Daisy Irani and a person who looks like a villain. There is a small snippet during which Ashok Kumar tries to become romantic and is admonished by his wife Nirupa Roy. PDA is not welcome though she enjoys it secretly. Poor thing, Dadamoni, what did he do to deserve it!! But our heroine allowed herself to dream. She takes the position of Poornima and starts singing in snatches. She does not take the place of Naaz as probably she, in reality thought she cannot dance 🙂

The love mentioned here is between Radha and Krishna. Radha, eager to meet her beloved pretends that she has to fetch water from Jamuna. Alas, today’s girls don’t get to do this. Simple bahaanas don’t work nowadays, girls have to be innovative. By pretending so, Radha becomes the target of teasing by her sakhis. Sakhis very well know that her intention is to enjoy and make merry with Krishna. Her anklets make pleasant sounds as she walks. She has adopted the “thumak thumak” style of walking. Her friends have seen that Radha is always lost in thoughts and has become a puzzle for them. Poor thing, she has forgotten her body and soul and also forgotten about the mirror. Mirror is of no use to her since she has lost the habit of make-up (let us say that this is a bad translation of ‘haar singaar’ :). There is another kind of love in which the girl is perpetually worried about looks and dress. She is always sitting in front of the mirror, either “make-up” lagaatee rehti hai yaa aayina ghoorti rehti hai aur sapne dekhti rehti hai. But Radha is so smitten in love that she thinks only about Krishna and has blissfully forgotten her being itself. This is perhaps an example of devotion/love of the highest standards.

The sakhi who is singing is cautioning others girls that love is bad, it makes you forget your hearth and the earth. Only who has gone through it understands the pain of love. So girls, beware of love !



Song-Dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane (Kangan)(1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Chitragupta


dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane
dekho paniya bharan ke baahane
chali jamuna ki oar
radha us chit chor sang raas rachaane
dekho paniya bharan ke baahane

paayal chhamke ghunghru chanke
thumak thumak chale chaal albeli
preet mein kho ke ban gayi raadha ek paheli
saanwre ne dekha kya raadhika kaahe jaani
dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane
dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane

tan man bhoola
darpan bhoola
bhool gayi hai raadha haar singaar bhi
tan man bhoola
darpan bhoola
bhool gayi hai raadha haar singaar bhi
sun ri sakhi
ye pyaar bura hai
ghar bhi chhuda de aur sansaar bhi
jis tan laage ji wahi tan jaane
dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane
dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane
chali jamuna ki oar
raadha us chit chor sang raas rachaane
dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane
dekho paniya bharan ke baahane

23 Responses to "Dekho paniya bharan ke bahaane"

Nice post Aparna ji!
in the post the typo ‘tumak tumak’ needs to be corrected, though it is correctly mentioned as ‘thumak thumak’ in the lyrics.
Thanks !


Many thanks for your appreciation and the correction Avinashji.
Hope Atulji notices your observation and corrects it.


Good song Aparna. And it grows on you.. sounds better the more you listen to it.


you are very right, grows on you as keep listening to it.


Producers:Uma Shanker,H.Mahendra
Director:Nana Bhai Bhatt

Ashok kumar,Nirupa Roy,Purnima,Nazir Hussain,Tiwari(Ramayan Tiwari),Jagdish,Iftekhar,Lal Bahadur,Mridula,
Keshav(/keshav Rana),Madhav Kale,Madan Kenny,A.Tiwari,
Roshan Lal, Nadir,Saiyad,Bhagwan,Shammi,
Daisy irani,Nishi,Helen,Kumari Naaz,Brahm Bhardwaj

somewhat a Clear video link:

audio link

the other actors featured in the song were R.Tiwari(aka Ramayan Tiwari->guy who smokes and on whose lap daisy irani)and behind that guy is it a young Manorama or Mridula rani ? (in the credits Manorama` name is not there, that`s why doubt arises,but most probably it is MANORAMA whose name goes uncredited in the movie title cards)

Movie got connection with Mahesh bhatt whose aunt Purnima features in the song and the director Nanu Bhai Bhatt/Nana Bhai bhatt is mahesh Bhatt`s father)Please someone confirm this fact


PCji, I was sure that you will identify the remaining actors and you did. Anyhow, none of us never had doubts nor will never doubt!
The links that you have given are better Thanks for the same.


Thank you for the Nice post, Aprna ji,Enjoyed reading very much.

And PURNIMA with sitar reminds another Similar song situation from Dhool ka phool-Sahir-N.dutta-Sudha Malhotra-1959-“Kaase kahoo mann ki baat”
What a co-incidence !
Dhool ka Phool(1959) song also features Purnima with sitar,Kumari Naaz dancing, ashok Kumar ,Mala sinha,Nanda,Rajendra Kumar in the audience


Wah, PCji. This song also is a gem, very similar to the one posted here. The choreography, though, is much better. You inspired me to write another post. Let me see 🙂


But Aparna Ji
If you are intending to write a post on “Kaase kahoon mann ki baat” from Dhool ka phool , Then don`t write,please think of another song, because “kaase kahoon” was already covered in the blog.

But we are waiting for more posts on other songs not covered in the blog,from you.



PCji, thanks for checking it up.


Its Mridula for sure. Forget the credit. Manorama is fat, fatso.. Right about Mahesh and Nanubhai.
Purnima was one of the heroine in Badal alongwith Madhubala; she has acted in many movies.


Thank you Nitin ji for confirmation



Thanks Nitinji for the correct identification. Do you know, Manorama is PCji’s favourite?


🙂 🙂
You should see my mother while she watches Seeta aur geeta, She enjoys the movie like a kid.

Me and my mother enjoy Manorama`s antics onscreen very much, (she lightens up silver screen whenver she there onscreen)
Be it evil chaachi of Seeta aur geeta,
naughty aunty of Kishore kumar in Half ticket,
Do Kaliyan(whose daugter geetanjali is after Biswjeet,)
baharon ke sapne(remember her antics in “chunari sambhaal gori”,
Gambler(postive role-naughty aunty of Zahida-who always apply lipstick wherever she goes and touches her face with make up to impress whoever around),
Carvan(the banjaraa lady who is after Madanpuri),
Shor(where she is after asrani, who is interested in her daughter Meena.t.),
Bombay to Goa(again she is hillarious in the bus with her daughter)
Laawaris(smoking pipe in her hand with amijji )
Dulhan(chugalkhor chaachi who interfears with mental patient Hema malini)
Mujhe jeene do(as madam of Waheedas Kotha,remember her eyes while the song plays”Raat bhi hai kuchch bheegi bheegi )
Rajkumar(Prithiviraj Kapoor`s evil queen-2nd wife)
Dus Lakh
Maa beta
Pyar ki pyas
Ek phool do maali
Neend tumhare khwaab hamaare………
Neela Akaash……….
I can go on and go on 🙂 🙂
These days,we don`t get actors like Asit sen(actor),Om prakash,Manorama,Utpal Dutt,Ashok Kumar,.Unn logon ki baat hi kuchch aur hai Am I right ?


Aparna HM,
Thanks a lot for refreshing my memory of this beautiful song. I rate Chtragupta among the very top composers when it came to creating great melody with Lata Mangehskar – even though he was underrated in the industry.



AKji, I should thank you for introducing me to this lovely number. Thank you once again ….
Sad but true, Chitragupta is underrated 😦


Aparna ji,

Who can say that this is just your 3rd post here ,after reading such a flowing and highly readable write up ?
Go ahead full steam now…


Arunji, thank you very much. What else can I say? You have always been encouraging and motivating me. I will definitely to write more sir 🙂


Lovely write-up, Aparnaji. And a lovely song too.
You should write more often. It was a pleasure reading this write-up. 🙂


Rajaji, you think that the write-up and song are both lovely? From the bottom of my heart, thank you sir.


Aparna Ji,
Last year July, your first post appeared here. After almost one year we got to see your second post on 5th July on the occasion of 10K celebrations. And now the third post also in the month of July. Does the month of July have some special significance? Hope we do not have to wait till next July for your next post. Enjoyed reading your post and thanks for the nice song.


Venkatramanji, many thanks for the appreciation of the song.

As such, there is no significance attached to the month. It just happened in July the first time around. 2nd post was with Atulji for some time and it is pure coincidence that the 10K happened in the same month. I just got carried away in the wave of the 10K celebrations and the 3rd post happened.

I am dumbfound that you remember the dates of the postings. I find it very endearing. Thank you.




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