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Jeewan ik pathh hai

Posted on: August 4, 2014

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When I woke up early morning and started the computer, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the google doodle on contained Kishore Kumar’s sketch in it. So if google can remember 4 august as the birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar, then this blog cannot be left behind, of course.

Kishore Doodle

Today (4 august 2014), on the occasion of the 85th birth anniversary of Kishore Kumar (4 august 1929-13 october 1987), we will discuss a few Kishore Kumar songs in the blog.

This blog has 804 Kishore Kumar songs in the blog, which adds up to around 30 % of all Kishore Kumar songs. I grew up in the era when Kishore Kumar burst into the playback scene in a big way and from being a marginal playback singer that he was till then, he suddenly ascended the throne and remain the male playback emperor for the next 19 years till his demise in 1987. It is intersting to note that he remained a lesser playback singer for 19 years (1948-1967)and the male playback monark for the next 19 years (1968-1987). And he achieved all this in a life that was cut short at its prime when he was just 58.

Though playback singing was Kishore Kumar’s first love, but he has achieved a lot in other areas of film making as well. who can forget his roles as an actor and also his movies as a producer. As an actor, he has mainly worked in light hearted fun movies. When it came to producing movies, he produced a couple of fun movies before starting to make sensitive labour of love movies on serious matters.

Kishore Kumar’s career was going nowhere in the second half of 1960s and he was in trouble on various fronts (viz in his career as well as at the hands of income tax department etc) and the situation was looking quite bleak for him when all of a sudden dark clouds gave way to bright sunshine. First “Padosan” (1968) happened followed by “Aradhana” (1968) and the rules of the games were suddenly transformed and Kishore Kumar’s career scaled unprecedented heights.

In fact, Kishore Kumar’s career has some lessons for us. Even when you appear to be stagnating for as long as two decades, you must never give up trying. For all you know, the breakthrough may be just round the corner. His career graph as a playback singer reminds me of the Chinese Bamboo. Chinese bamboo, when fully grown shoots up to 60 feet high. But if you bring its young shoot home and try to grow it, the plant remains small for as long as five years. But just as you may be despairing, the plant begins to grow up and it the next three months, it reaches a magnificent height of 60 feet. So, the lesson is clear, keep doing your work sincelyly and keep adding to your skills (the Chinese Bamboo keeps developing its roots all the time for first five years when it is seemingly comatose to naked eyes).

On this occasion, here is a song from “Jaanwar Aur Insaan” (1972). This song is a duet which is sung by Lata and Kishore Kumar. Indeewar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Aanndji.

“Jaanwar aur Insaan” (1972) was produced by MMA Chinappa Devar and directed by Chanakya. The movie had Shashi Kapoor, Rakhee, Nirupa Roy, Madan Puri, Sujit Kumar, Jagdeep, Devar, Shabnam, Master Alankar Joshi, Bihari , J.N.Anand, Gemini Balu, Raghaviah, Rajoo, Prakash, Vijaya Bharti etc in it.

The song is picturised as a car song on Shashi Kapoor and Rakhi. Old timers will recall that the dream car for Film personalities those days used to be a Red Impala car. And big car, irrespective of the fact whether it was a Chevorlet Impala or not was colloquially called an Impala. So we can say that Shashi Kapoor and Rakhi lip sync this song while driving an Impala.

The lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Jeewan ik pathh hai (Jaanwar Aur Insaan)(1972) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

aaa aaa aaa aaa…
aaa aaa aaaa aaa

jeevan ik path hai
pyaar ik rath hai
jeevanik path hai….ooo..pyaar ik rath hai
rath ke hum do pahiye
rath ke hum do pahiye

safar akele katt na sakegaa
sang sang chalte rahiye ae ae
jeevan ik path hai
pyaar ik rath hai

mujh bin hai tu adhooraa
tujh bin hoon main adhoori ee
mujh bin hai tu adhooraa
tujh bin hoon main adhoori
ik doosre se mil ke
hogi kamee ye poorie

sukh bhi akele sahaa nahin jaaye
dukh bhi akele sahaa nahin jaaye
mil ke sukh dukh sahiye ae ae
jeevan ik path hai
pyaar ik rath hai

ho o o o
o o o o
bandhan ye do dilon kaa
do dilon ki ye kahaani ee
bandhan ye do dilon kaa
do dilon ki ye kahaani
kudrat ne dee hai hamko
ik pyaar ki nishaani

apnaa yehi sansaar hai saaraa
apnaa yehi sansaar hai saaraa
swarg isee ko kahiye ae ae
jeevan ik path hai
pyaar ik rath hai
jeevan ik path hai
pyaar ik rath hai

4 Responses to "Jeewan ik pathh hai"

Thanks Atul ji for the post remebering Kishore Kumar on his birth anniversary. Yesterday on music channel there was this intimation for today’s specials on Kishore Kumar. And since today morning they hv started playing all the Kishore songs.
Thanks Prakash ji for sharing this one.


Atul ji

Corrections please
The lyricist of this song is INDIWAR/INDEEWAR(your “tag credit” is right)But in the post you have mentioned the lyricist`s name wrongly as “Gulshan Bawra”

All the songs of movie were credited to Indeewar ji
1)Jeevan ek path hai->Indiwar-Kishore,lata
2)Mere sapnon mein->Indiwar-Lata
3)Aisi mili mujhe haseena-Indiwar-Kishore Kumar

(4)Lata,Kishore->”Jaane mujhe kyaa huaa rey” was credited to Gulshan bawra(already posted in the blog)
5)Sushma Shrestha:”Aao Milke saathi Banke Khelein”-Lyricist:Gulshan Bawra
as per vinyl records of the movie Jaanwar aur insan
link to the vinyl records of the movie:

Hindi geetmala & myswar sites are wrongly attributing Indiwar`s name to Sushma Shreshtha`s song also(i.e.,”Aao Milke saathi banke khelein”
link to the vinyl records of the movie


a nice philosophical song



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