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Ab raat gayi hai beet re

Posted on: August 18, 2014

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The other day we discussed the fact that we had 400 songs of Madan Mohan in the blog and now only about 200 odd more songs composed by him are left to be discussed. At that time I could not help but remember that over 400 S D Burman songs were also discussed in the blog and in his case even lesser number of songs were left to be discussed. We in fact have 485 S D Burman compositions in the blog ! The total number of S D Burman compositions in Hindi movies is of the order of 650, and so only about 170 odd songs composed by the maestro remain to be covered in the blog.

We colour the movie title orange (in the list of songs) when all songs of a movie are covered in the blog. It was once suggested that we should give a number with the title of other movies where all songs are not covered to indicate how many more songs are still left. For instance, in case of “Kamal” (1949), the number would be 3/10 indicating that 3 songs out of a total of 10 songs from this movie have been discussed in the blog. It is a good idea and I will gradually start putting such numbers against movie titles in the list of songs.

Here is the fourth song from “Kamal” (1949). Listening to the song sung by Surendra, I was enthralled by the sheer poetic imagery of morning that the lyricist had penned. I was left in no doubt that this song is written not by a filmy lyricist but by a true blue Hindi poet. I was proved right when I checked the name of the lyricist. Gopal Singh Nepali has written the lyrics of this song who was a Hindi poet and whose poetry were taught in Hindi textbooks in schools. I recall having studied his Hindi poems in my school days in 1970s.

Here is this beautifully penned and composed song from “Kamal” (1949). Surendra is the singer. Seeing that he was also the lead actor of the movie, it is easy to guess that the song was picturised on himself.

I have got stuck at one place while noting down the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to point out the correct word/ words at the appropriate place(s) in the song.

It is a lovely “morning” song, which is an appropriate song to listen to first thing in the morning.

Song-Ab raat gayi hai beet re(Kamal)(1949) Singer-Surendra, Lyrics-G S Nepali, MD-S D Burman


ab raat gayi hai beet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re
aaya jo sawera
panchhi ko
o o o
o o o
aaya jo sawera
panchhi ko
mil gaya milan ka geet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re

andhiyaare ka jag per ??
gaye sitaare moti lutaa
reshami ko ?? uthha uthha
sooraj poorab se jhaank uthha
uttar chanchal dakkhin halchal
paschim ne suna sangeet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re

nadiya ke man mein uthhi lahar
jaage ban parbat gaaon nagar
bhanwre mandlaaye ud ud kar
kaliyon ne dekha mud mud kar
mud mud kar
soye kamalon ke paas kiran
aayi karne ko preet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re

jaati hai raat
din aata hai
soya jahaan jag jaata hai
ik husn naya lahraata hai
hanste hain nayan
man gaata hai
gaata hai
man gaata hai
hansna hai kabhi
gaana hai kabhi
jeene ki yahi hai reet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re
ab raat gayi hai beet re

6 Responses to "Ab raat gayi hai beet re"

I had suggested 3/10 idea long ago. If implemented it will help the contributors. Thanks
I think Surendra has sung this song quite normally unlike earlier ones when he would sound sleepy and slow.


andhiyaare ka jab per parda hatha
chhup gaye sitaare moti lutaa
reshami kohra uthha uthha


‘kuhasa’ in place of ‘kohra’?
Nice song.


Its quite enchanting and brings in a breath of fresh air in morning. One should hear it at dawn to appreciate and enjoy more. True blue blood poet.


Rona aur hasna are two sides of the same coin. Brilliant poetry


आपने दो जगह ?? रखा है | इसमे पहेली जगह मुझे यह सुनाई देता है: ” अँधियारे का जब परदा हटा, छिप गए सितारे मोती लूटा |” दूसरी जगह ठीक पकड़ नहीं पाया | मेरी हिंदी बहुत प्राथमिक कक्षा की है | आप के इस उमदा कार्य के लिए धन्यवाद | सचिन देव बर्मन साब के बंगाली गाने भी अदभुत हैं | जैसे कि :आलो-छाया दोला..” जिस की धून पर ही बाद में उन्होंने “पवन दिवानी..” [गायिका लता जी] रचा था | “धीरे से जाना बगियन में..” का मूल बंगाली है : “निशीथे जइयो फूलबने ..” ||


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