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Tu gaaye jaa

Posted on: August 31, 2014

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“Meenakshi” (1942) was directed by Madhu Bose for New Theatres, Calcutta. The movie had Sadhana Bose, Ahindra Chaudhary, Nazmul Hussain, K C Dey, Naresh Mittar, Devbala, Preeti Kumar, Panna Devi, Rajlaxmi, Pandit Shukla, Natwar, Sandhya Rani, Kapoor, Renuka Roy, Satya Mukherji etc in it.

The movie had six songs in it. Few details about the songs of this movie are available except that three of these six songs were sung by K C Dey. Two of these songs have already been discussed.

Here is the third song from “Meenakshi” (1942). It is sung by K C Dey. Pt Bhushan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

This is a six minutes long song, which means that the song was accomodated on the two sided of the record.

Only the audio of this song is available, but it is clear that the song was picturised on K C Dey himself.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Tu gaaye jaa (Meenakshi)(1942) Singer-K C Dey, Lyrics-Pt Bhushan, MD-Pankaj Mullick

Lyrics (Provided by Nitin Shah)

tu gaaye jaa
aaaaa aaaa aaa
aaaa aaaa aaaa

tu gaaye ja aa
aaa aaaa
koi tera geet sune na sune
tu apna
tu apna geet sunaaye ja
tu apna geet sunaaye ja

is baag mein kitne phool khile ae ae
aur ?? kitne ?? yahaan
is baag mein kitne phool khile ae
aur ?? kitne ?? yahaan
kitne premi ee
kitne premi ee
hanske miley
aur bichhde kitne meet yahaan
aan aan aan
tu gaaye ja aa
tu gaaye ja
koi tera geet sune na sune
tu apna
tu apna geet sunaaye ja
tu apna geet sunaaye ja

is preet nagaria mein
aa aa aasha
nit ki mujhe ae le aati hai
hans hanskar kabhi hansaati hai
ro ro kar kabhi rulaaati hai
phir mujhko ye samjhaati hai ae
tu gaaye ja aa
tu gaaye ja
koi tera geet sune na sune
tu apna
tu apna geet sunaaye ja aa
tu apna geet sunaaye ja
jab bichdat hai man ka saathi
aasha ki
aasha ki kali hai murjhaati
nainon ki
nainon ki
nainon ki
jyot hai bujh jaati
bujh jaaaaati

4 Responses to "Tu gaaye jaa"

“aur honge kitne geet yahan”


aur gunje kitne geet yahan
KC Dey has some facial similarity to Shailendra.


you are quite right sir, it is goonje.


shekhar vaishnav

KC Day’s … heard this song after such a long time , memorable song was
” teri gathari me laga chor , musafir jaag jara ” film Dhoop Chhav. Enjoyed this song . well done .Atulji ….


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