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Ek abr e siyaah chhaaya

Posted on: September 10, 2014

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Honest and reliable domestic help is a novelty and blessing in our times for someone like me who has interest in everything but household chores. As a young girl, I was for a time conscientious about house keeping. I was always rearranging the furniture and trying to change the decor and look of the house, with the limited scope for doing such things and no monetary expenditure. This fad lasted for a few years till I started working. Even now I sometimes feel an urge to change things in the house, to create new spaces within the limits of the small, spacious flat, which is normal and happens to every one.

Living in south Mumbai those days, we used to call such flats ‘murgi ka darba’. Now living in such ‘darba’ with mesh on the french windows , I feel the description was not so far off the mark 🙂 . This is where the important domestic servant comes in. I call my regular domestic help ‘ Rehmat ka farishta ‘ . Because she is irregular but reliable, a contradiction but a fact. She may not have always come up to my expectations(who does ? ) but in times of trouble or ill health or house hold crisis, she is there like a good neighbor or a friend. She comes in handy in keeping the house cleaner than an actual ‘murgi ka darba ‘ . For the first time in my life I briefly considered keeping a pet, a cat. Fortunately, better sense prevailed and the idea was scrapped.

I few years ago, I had a temporary servant named ‘Rehnuma’. What a poetic name, I thought when I heard it first time. In the short period that she worked for me, she disproved the concept of name having effect on the personality. I was glad to see the back of her.

What else could be Rehnuma if not a poets pen name ? It is the name of a hindi movie released in 1948. A few songs are posted in the blog. I found this duet by Shamshad Begum and Mohammed Rafi. All sources are giving the name of Dhumi Khan as the lyricist as well and music director. The other songs are written by Habeeb Sarhadi. So this could be a mistake, once made carried on by the rest( .

This is a poem of sorts containing three liners, with no mukhda as such. The tune is the same these songs listed below :

Dil le ke daga denge, Aa jaao tumhe dil ka afsaana sunaana hai, Le ja us ki duaayenand Kehke bhi na aaye tum

This appears to be a traditional folk tune, which is used to compose different songs of varied emotions.


Song-Ek abr e siyaah chhaaya aa jaa mere saathi (Rehnuma)(1948) Singers-Shamshad Begum, Rafi, Lyrics-Dhumi Khan, MD-Dhumi Khan


Ek abr e siyaah chhaaya aa
ek abr e siyaah chhaaya
aa jaa mere saathhi
teri yaad ne tadpaayaa aa

ik kaali ghataa chhhaayi ee
ik kaali ghataa chhhaayi
jaane kyun dil machlaa
aur yaad teri aayi ee

bulbul ne machaaya shor or
bulbul ne machaaya shor
nazron mein mere siwaa
janchtaa nahin koyi aur

ambuwaa pe koyal bole ae
seene mein dard utthhe
ambuwaa pe koyal bole ae
seene mein dard utthhe
aur meraa jiyaa dole ae

anjaan zamaana hai ae
anjaan zamaana hai ae
zaalim ne muhobbat ko
kya jaane kya jaana hai

khushiyon ka zamaana hai ae
khushiyon ka zamaana hai ae
ma’asoom nigaahon mein
ulfat ka fasaanaa hai ae

kyun ham se nigaah pheri ee
kyun ham se nigaah pheri
aankhon ke pardon mein
tasveer rakhi teri ee

5 Responses to "Ek abr e siyaah chhaaya"

Nahm ji – like this interesting post about housekeeping 🙂 and inhouse decoration 🙂
… and from ‘chaandni raatein’ to ‘abr e siyaah’ , ‘kaali ghataa’ ? 🙂 (poonam ke baad amaawas…)
thanks !!!


Thanks nahm ji

Enjoyed reading your post and thanks for the song.


Thank you very much, Ma’am. Indeed a very rare song from an obscure film, but quite nice.
Liked your use of oxymoron in ‘small, spacious flat’.
I would say that residents of South Mumbai like you were and still are usually considered to be lucky as their flats are much larger compared to those living in northern suburbs where flats are literally like ‘murgi ka darbas’. :-))
Avadh Lal


Habib Sarhadi offered music in Zevrat where Lata sang few beautiful songs; while Dhumi Khan was one-film-wonder


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