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Sharbati teri aankhon ki jheel si gehraaiyon mein

Posted on: September 24, 2014

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1970s, especially the earlier years of the decade was the time when I was at my precocious best as a music lover. I tended to remember the details of all popular songs of those days.

But when I look at things with the benefit of hindsight, I realise that there were some great songs those days that I enjoyed without being aware of the details of the song. And with time, these great songs would stop playing on radi and loudspeakers etc and they would get buried under the sands of time. These songs then began to get excavated and shared after internet came into existence and internet speed began to rise. It was then that I began to get reacquainted with many of these great songs that I had last heard nearly four decades ago, and in many cases without knowing the details of the song.

The song under discussion was one such song. It was an extremely popular song as was the case with songs sung by Kishore Kumar those days. But that is all I knew about the song.

I heard this song again after four decades while looking for songs penned by Rajinder Krishan. It was then that I came to know that this song was written by Rajinder Krishan. The movie is “Blackmail” (1973). The name of this movie is indelibly associated with the song Pal pal dil ke paas tum rahti ho.

When I watched the picturisation of this song, I gathered another information that I had never imagined. I came to know that this song was picturised on Shatrughan Sinha ! The picturisation shows Shatrughan Sinha lip syncing this song while wooing Raakhi in a boat. The song ends with Shatrughan Sinha becomimg unbalanced on the boat and after struggling to regain balance throughout the penultimate line of the song, he finally loses balance and tips over and falls into water, with Raakhi anxiously looking on. Shatrughan Sinha finally reappears from the other side of the boat and completes the unfinished line of the song. 🙂

This song, the fifth song from “Blackmail”(1975) happens to be the final song of the movie. With this song, “Blackmail” (1973) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Sharbati teri aankhon ki jheel si gehraaiyon mein (Blackmail)(1973) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


main doob dooooob jaata hoon

sharbati teri aankhon ki
jheel si gahraai mein
sharbati teri aankhon ki
jheel si gahraai mein
main doob
doooob jaata hoon

phoolon ko toone
rangat de di
sooraj ko ujaala
sooraj ko ujaala
zulfon se toone paani jhatka
taaron ki ban gayi maala
dekho taaron ki ban gayi maala
honth hain tere do paimaane
honth hain tere do paimaane
paimaanon ki masti mein doob doob jaata hoon
sharbati teri aankhon ki
jheel si gahraai mein
sharbati teri aankhon ki
jheel si gahraai mein
main doob
doooob jaata hoon

bhoole se tu jo baagh mein jaaye
patta pattaa doley
re doley
patta pattaa doley
tirchhi nazren jidhar bhi phenke
bhhadke sau sau shole
re shole
bhhadke sau sau shole
gaal hain tere
haa haa
do angaare
gaal hain tere do angaare’
angaaron ki garmi mein doob
doob jaata hoon
sharbati teri aankhon ki
jheel si gahraai mein
sharbati teri aankhon ki
jheel si gahraai mein
main doob
jaata hoon

4 Responses to "Sharbati teri aankhon ki jheel si gehraaiyon mein"

Congratulations Atul ji on covering all songs of ‘Blackmail-1973’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies – all songs covered’ 🙂


If my memory serves me right,
Shatrughan Sinha play(he plays fiancee of Rakhee at the beginning of the movie) a role full of grey shades in this movie, coming in between Rakhee and Dharmendra who play lovers or they are husband and wife ?(Dharmendra always tries to run from Rakhee`s love->during the song “Naina mere rang bhare sapne toh sajaane lagey”,
at last they will unite while the song “Miley,miley do badan” plays)


Dharmendra and Iftekhar are rivals, manufacturing batteries. Shatrughan Sinha, a close friend of Dharmendra, is working for Iftekhar and is in love with his daughter, Rakhee, who also loves him. Madan Puri (Dr Khurana!), a scientist working for Dharmendra, invents a better solution which runs on Solar power. So now all foreign sources are after this invention and comes to India at the pretense of playing in a golf tournament. And their point man in India is of course, Shatru, who convinces Iftekhar that in order to survive its in his best interests to get married Rakhee to Dharmendra instead. Shatru also convinces Rakhee that he cant marry her and has to go away. And he is gone! Rakhee who had declined Dharmendra’s love (after reading his love letters during Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas song) starts meeting him again and they get married. Dharmendra is not aware of her past. On the wedding night itself, Shatru shows up in her bedroom saying how sorry he was to go away, etc. Of course his intention is to make sure that Dharmendra listens to this conversation and gets tortured mentally and somehow that would help Shatru get his formula. So now Dharmendra stops interacting with his wife and all that, until the climax when everything is sorted out…

None of the Vijay Anand movies worked after Johnny Mera Naam, be it Tere Mere Sapne, Blackmail, Chhupa Rustam, Bullet, Ram Balram, Rajput, and Main Tere Liye… all of them had good music though…many reasons for decline i guess…He wasnt that old either, but had started working at a very early age…One factor was that people started saying he was responsible for his brother Dev’s success and that prompted Dev to become a film maker himself….Other might be Vijay Anand’s marriage with his own niece, sister’s daughter and all that social stigma that came with it…Was a brilliant creative mind at once upon a time though with Guide, Teesri Manzil, Jewel Thief and Johnny Mera Naam…all of them were path breaking in their respective genres….


Bluefire ji

Thanks a lot for the detailed comments,information about the story of the movie and of course information about my favourite director Vijay anand.
Thanks again



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