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Aji o zara apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo

Posted on: October 7, 2014

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today (the 7th of October) is Ava’s birthday. Here is a post celebrating it. I’ve already introduced Ava on this blog at the 10K celebrations. So I can’t add much to what I have already said in that post. Ava frequents this blog as a contributor as well as commentator. Songs are but not her only interest.She is an avid reader, a passionate blogger on themes of Hindi films and she also likes to revel in nostalgia.

Ava is a big fan of Madan Mohan and I’ve always enjoyed my discussions with her on Madan Mohan songs. She also introduced me to Madan Mohan’s film role in Munimji. She also helped me to rediscover Roshan’s songs. She pointed out to me that the music score of Vallah Kya Baat Hai (1962) was by Roshan and not O. P. Nayyar, which I presumed to be for years, without ever checking my facts. Ava also knows juicy tidbits of film stars lives, which she often shares. One topic, which is a theme of our conversation, is also cooking and we often share recipes.

Ava is not only a big fan of Madan Mohan but also of Asha Bhonsle, here is a song which brings them both together. Bank Manager (1959) is supposedly a murder-mystery film, where the hero is in a Hitchcockian manner on the run and has to clean his tarnished reputation by finding the villain. Although the music is scored by Madan Mohan, Lata Mangeshkar gets only one solo in contrast to Asha Bhonsle’s four solos, which includes the famous saba se ye keh do.

The song is filmed on Meena Fernandez, whom we also know from her dance in tum jeeyo hazaaron saal from Sujata (1959). The main villain seems to be K. N. Singh, the primo uomo among villains in the 50s. Somehow the character played by Radhakrishan, who looks to be entertaining some girls, seems to be intent on seeing K. N. Singh leave and is very relieved to see it happen in the end. The song structure is also very interesting, particularly in the antaras, where it sounds to be following different metres. Particularly the repetition of the first lines of the antaras is remarkable in their absence. This gives the song a certain sense of urgency.

I’ve talked enough, enjoy the song! Ava, wish you a happy birthday and wish you also many happy returns of the day!



Song-Aji o zaraa apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo (Bank Manager) (1959) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Jalal Malihabadi, MD-Madan Mohan


aji o
zaraa apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo
cheen leti hain
dil meraa aa
aji o o
zaraa apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo
cheen leti hain
dil meraa aa
aji o o

pyaar se toone jo dekhaa
ye adaa aa
le gayi ee
seene se dil meraa
sholaa kahin lehraa na jaaye
dil se dil takraa na jaaye
aji o
zaraa apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo
cheen leti hain
dil meraa aa
aji o o

honthon pe jaam gulaabi
haaye ae ae
dekh zaraa
dekh zamaana hai sharaabi
ek nazar hai
ek paimaanaa aa
jhoom rahaa hai dil deewaanaa
aji o o

ae sanam
a haa
dekh zaraa muskuraa de
haaye ae
meri jaan
pyaar ki ee
dil me shamme jalaa de
jaan-e-wafaa tu kitnaa haseen hai
dekh meraa dil bas mein nahin hai
aji o o
zaraa apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo
cheen leti hain
dil meraa aa
aji o o
zaraa apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo
cheen leti hain
dil meraa aa
aji o o

25 Responses to "Aji o zara apni nigaahon ko sambhaalo"

Ava ji
Many Many happy returns of the day.



Here’s wishing a very very happy Birthday to a very dear member of ASAD fraternity, Ava, from all of us here & many many happy returns of the same.
Enjoy your Special Day with family & friends with fun, frolic, food, and favourite flings.
Avadh Lal


Happy Birthday to Ava,
Many may not know that ooo mujhe kisi se pyar ho gaya from Barsat-49 was penned by Jalal Mahilabadi.
He also inked lyrics for Road to Sikkim-69(which was appreciated for the lyrics in our blog) Ek Raat-68>ae sham ke hawaao(again superb rendition by Lata) and Dolti Naiya-50. Few but very special.


Jalal Mahilabadi: Not to forget the two superb solos of Mukesh in Bebus 1950.


I must appreciate your memory. You depend on your memory. We depend on Net aur jaal(Net) me faske, bebus ho jaate hai!
The third solo is do dil ho do dilo ka ulfat >not available on YT


Nitin ji and mahesh ji,

The correct name of the poet is JALAL MALIHABADI (not Mahilabadi).
Also add films like Bank manager and Bombay Mail.


Nitin ji,

I have the song from ‘Bebus’ that you have mentioned. It is not a Mukesh song. I have confirmed with Harish Raghuvanshi ji also, many months ago when I was compiling the list of 1950 Mukesh songs for posting.



Thanks, can you upload on the UTube. Lets hear it.
Thanks for the silly mistake.


Arun Sir,

Thanks for the spelling correction of lyric writer Jalal Malihabadi’s name. I just happened to copy paste what Nitin ji had written. 🙂



Happy birthday, Ava. A well chosen song


Happy b’day to you. Hope you had a melodious and rocking one 🙂 Thanks Pamir ji for the post.


Thank you Khyatiji!
umeed hai ki aap ko gaana achha laga.


Oh Harveyji! Of course, I liked the song and I am sure Ava will love it too. 🙂


Just read Ava’s comment.


Just information
This film had Hitchcockian end! KN Singh turned out to be a good man & RadhaKisan a murderer!!


Ye kya Nayanbhai aapne to “Khul ja seem seem” kar diya. 😦 Now if I do get to watch this movie (very doubtful), I will pretend I haven’t read your this comment. 😉


Ohhh… I was so busy in the office all day – I did not notice this post being put up. 🙂

Harvoo, thanks a million. I love this song. Yes, Madan Mohan is my favorite composer. There is something about his songs that touch the emotional core of my heart.

Thank you for the kind words, dear Harvey.

Thank you all for the sweet wishes. This really makes my wonderful day complete.

Hugs to all.


Ava ji,

Super happy happy many returns of this day.

Each one happier than before. 🙂

Cheers and regards


@ Ava ji – Happy Birthday …!!!
@ Harvey ji – thanks for this beautiful post !


I’m glad you liked it!


Happy Birthday, Ava Ji.

Love the song. Thanks Pamir Ji. 👏👌👍

Satyajit Rajurkar


Nice to see that wishing Ava a happy Birthday, made so many mpeople enjoy the song as well. Thank you Satjyajitji!

Liked by 1 person

Have a very merry unbirthday! (yes, 2 you, Ava ji)…I hate to say belated birthday!!



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