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Aa meri jaan main khadi hoon yahaan

Posted on: December 2, 2014

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Rahul Dev Burman – Forgotten Songs – 4

When I started this series, I thought it would be an easy task to pick up these forgotten songs one by one for posting. However, after three posts I now realise that, with so many of the Pancham gems not posted here, it is quite a difficult task. After pondering on the task for some time, the solution, which was always logical, was staring at me right in the face. Go alphabetically!!

So, I have now resolved to post the forgotten songs as they appear in my R D Burman – All Songs Ever” excel sheet. Having said that, I hope to have some liberty to break my own decision, if I come across an absolute gem!!!

The fourth song of the series is recorded in a double track. Double tracking or vocal doubling is an audio recording technique in which a performer sings or plays along with their own pre-recorded performance. The first cited use of the process was pioneered by Walt Disney in 1950’s Cinderella.

Rahul Dev Burman started using this effect starting with the ethereal Lata beauty “Kya Jaano Sajan” from Baharon Ke Sapne (1967). He then used this effect in many other songs, such as, Saajan Kahaan Jaaongi Main – by Lata from Jaise Ko Taisa (1973); Aa Meri Jaan Main Khadi Hoon Yahaan – by Lata from Goonj – (1974); Isi Sheher Ki Kisi Gali Mein (only last antara) – by Asha from Mr. Romeo (1974); Ek Baar Jaan-E-Jaana – by Asha from Kaala Sona – (1975); Bindiya Tarse Kajara Barse – by Lata from Phir Wohi Raat (1980); Choti Si Kahani Se and Katra Katra Milti Hai – both by Asha from Ijaazat (1987). I must have missed some others, and request the readers of this blog to add any song that they feel is recorded in dual track. I had always thought that parts of the song “Tu main ban gaya, main tu ban gaya” by Kishore Kumar from the Mithun starrer “Aamne Saamne” (1982) was recorded in double track. However, I have recently found out that that was not the case. It was recorded using a delayed echo process, which gave the double track effect.

When we hear about the different kinds of instruments and gadgets and the sounds created out of them, we often just marvel at the creative genius of this “out of the world” composer, who, according to Asha Bhosle, was years ahead of his time in creating music. Just remember the “flanger” used to great effect in songs such as “Pyar Karnewale” from Shaan (1980) and “Dhanno Ki Aankhon Mein” from “Kitaab” (1977).

In his book “Behind The Curtain – Making Music in Mumbai’s Film Studios” (OUP – 2008; ISBN 978–0–19–532763–2 – HB; ISBN 978–0–19–532764–9 – PBK), Prof. Gregory D Booth, says this about Pancham – “the technological adventures of the Burman workshop deserve comment here for the extent to which Burman challenged and sometimes broke through the boundaries generally imposed by technology on the sound of film music.”

Well, coming to today’s song, this Lata beauty which is recorded in dual track is from the movie “Goonj” (1974). This movie starred Rakesh Roshan, Reena Roy, Mahendra Sandhu, Hiralal, Bindu, Lalita Pawar, Kader Khan, etc and was directed by S U Syed. The songs were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri, composed by R D Burman and sung by Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi.

As Subhash K Jha writes “this one is a haunting bewitchingly beautifully crafted number from a long-forgotten 1974 film Goonj that gnaws at our soul and penetrates into our hearts” in his article “10 favourite undiscovered songs of Lata Mangeshkar on her 85th birthday”

As per Wikipedia, Goonj (echo) starts with the killing of a woman by a man who thrusts her from a cliff. The victim turns out to be Meena (Reena Roy) who was a painter and married to Rakesh (Rakesh Roshan), a rich businessman and a painter like her. Rakesh’s friend Raj Kumar aka Raju (Mahendra Sandhu) arrives at the place (a hilly estate away from the city in which Rakesh has his old-fashioned mansion and he lives there only). Raju is received at the railway station by a stranger (Shetty) who has already arranged a horse for him to reach Rakesh’s residence. When Raju reaches there, it is shown that Meena is already there in a spirit like appearance. Thereafter, the story starts in the real sense in flash back with the narrator speaking about the bygone period of the lives of the characters of this story.

Meena is the granddaughter of a deceased rich man who had made a will that Reena would have to marry within a month of attaining the age of 20 years, else the wealth would go the charitable institutions. Meena has been fostered by her uncle – Ratanlaal (Karan Dewan) after the death of her parents who is in financial troubles and awaiting her marriage so that she is able to support him after getting the wealth. In this regard, he gets caveats and consultation from a crooked lawyer (Rajan Haksar) who is thinking of usurping Meena’s wealth by arranging her marriage with his licentious nephew – Roopesh (Rajesh Behl). Rakesh too has a greedy aunt (Lalita Pawar). However Meena is actually in love with Raju and they have decided to marry.

Before Meena and Raju could marry, Raju is called by his ailing father who wants to see him married. In his absence, Meena is wrongly informed that he has married some other girl in the city. A disheartened Meena agrees for marrying Rakesh whose greedy aunt had initiated this matrimonial alliance proposal (after knowing about the will of Meena’s grandfather). When Raju whose father has died, comes to know of Meena’s marriage, he starts burning in rage, considering Meena as infidel to him. Rakesh’s aunt is also unhappy with Rakesh and Meena as she is not allowed to interfere with Meena’s wealth after this marriage.

On the other hand, Meena and Rakesh are invited by Roopesh and his female friend Sonia (Komila Wirk) to a party thrown on the occasion of Sonia’s birthday. Rakesh being out of station, they reach the venue separately and not together (reaching at different points of time). Thereafter Meena is shown as being murdered by someone who thrusts her from the cliff situated in the estate. Her uncle disappears thereafter. Investigating police officer – Khan (Kader Khan) suspects many people in this regard. A lunatic (Hiralaal) also crosses paths with the people involved. Even the servant in Rakesh’s home (Viju Khote) appears to be mysterious by his gestures.

Now as shown in the beginning of this movie, Raju comes back and reaches Rakesh’s house. However it is Meena who opens the gate of the mansion for him, ushers him to the guest room of the mansion and entertains him. When Raju tells Rakesh about it and comes to know from him that Meena is dead, both are taken aback and scared like anything. Is Meena alive or it’s her spirit who wants to seek revenge from her killer ? The same question appears before Roopesh also whom ‘Meena’ meets. The biggest surprise for the males come when a stranger approaches Rakesh’s home and starts asking for his ‘wife’. When Rakesh expresses ignorance of his wife, he starts accusing him to be in collusion with his in-laws. What’s the solution of this mystery ? The climax of this brilliant suspense-thriller reveals it.

One song from this movie has been posted here. This is the second of the four songs.



Song-Aa Meri Jaan Main Khadi Hoon Yahaan (Goonj)(1974) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


Aa meri jaan

Aa meri jaan
main khadi hoon yahaan
Haaye teri nazar
Bhatakti hai kahaan aan aan
aa meri jaan
main khadi hoon yahan
o o o
Haye teri nazar
bhatakti hai kahaan
aan aan aan
Aa meri jaan

rut judaai ki
aankhon mein chhaayi hai
Milan ka mausam
O o kahaan kho gaya aa aa
Abhi to jee bhar ke
o o o
dil bhi nahin dhadke
aa aa aa
aur bichad gaye hum
ye kya ho gaya aa
reh gayi ee ee
pyaar ki
adhoori ee ee
daastaan aa aa aa
aa meri jaan
main khadi hoon yahaan
o o o
haaye teri nazar
bhatakti hai kahaan aa aa
aa meri jaan

kabhi behakti hoon
kabhi sambhalti hoon
maathe se bindiya bhi
O o o
giree ee chhoot ke
toot gaya sapna oo oo oo
koi nahin apna
aa aa aa
chal diya saathi
aa aa aa
mujhe loot ke
gayi bahaar
reh gaya
sulagta aashiyaan
aa aa aa
aa meri jaan
main khadi hoon yahaan
o o o
haaye teri nazar
bhatakti hai kahaan aa aa aa
aa meri jaan

mujhe lage aise
koi nayan jaise
chhupe andhere mein aa aa
nihaare mujhe ae ae
jaise koi dushman
o o oo o
jaise koi qaatil
o o o
baahon ke ghere mein
o o o
pukaare mujhe
raat hai
main hoon aur
Ye sooni waadiyaan
aa aa aa
aa meri jaan
main khadi hoon yahaan
o o o
haaye teri nazar
bhatakti hai kahaan aa aa
aa meri jaan
aa meri jaan
aa meri jaan
aa meri jaan

2 Responses to "Aa meri jaan main khadi hoon yahaan"

What a lovely composition from Pancham Da’s baton.

The shades of his greatness were revealed very early in his life when he composed and played songs on his harmonica (mouth-organ) starting from “Funtoosh”.
But he was not only a prodigy.
He was truly a maverick and a genius.
Avadh Lal



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