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Soja sanam

Posted on: December 25, 2014

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The 24th of December has always had a special meaning for lovers of Hindi film music.

And that is because it is fondly remembered as the date, when, in 1924, one of the greatest legends of Hindi film music was born. Today is therefore the 90th birth anniversary of this legend.

No prizes for guessing the name of the legend.

Yes, it is our beloved, Mohammad Rafi, who is lovingly and respectfully referred to by many around the world as Rafisaab.

Those who know me a bit on this blog know what a big Rafisaab fan I am. Not that I have any less respect for other singers – in fact I have a lot of respect for all singers and do listen to all of them – but there is something about Rafisaab that makes me always feel extra affectionate towards him (if “affectionate” is the right word to use for somebody you hold in such high regard).

I have often written about Rafi saab here. On his birth anniversaries, on his death anniversaries.

I have written about how I became a Rafisaab fan, especially considering I grew up in the 1970s when Kishore Kumar ruled the Hindi film industry. Like almost everybody else my age, I was a massive Kishore fan.

But then again, as people who know me a bit will vouch for, I am as pluralistic as they come. ? I strongly believe you can admire multiple entities, multiple personalities, multiple cultures for their different attributes – and admiring one, does not mean disrespect for another.

So, just as I was a Kishore fan in the 70s, I began developing respect for Rafisaab. It all started with listening to “o duniya ke rakhwaale” one afternoon on radio. Everything about the song touched me so deeply, it was like nothing I’d heard before. And above all, it was the voice and the rendition.

After that, there was no going back. I would often come across Rafisaab songs on the radio (yes, though Kishore ruled the “modern” songs, the older songs were often Rafisaab songs). And the more I listened to them, the more I appreciated his voice and his rendition of the song. Especially his slower and more classical songs which often went straight to your heart.

When Naushad saab, on Rafisaab’s death, said “duniya se mausikhi ka paigambar chala gaya”, I could totally relate to it. Rafisaab’s voice was like that. And who better than Naushad saab to know this – many of Rafisaab’s best songs were under the able guidance of Naushadsaab.

I have written often about how I feel Rafisaab was more than just a special singer. That, in itself, would have been a great achievement – but then to be the kind of person he is supposed to have been, makes him a great person. There are many accounts of his generosity, humility, affection towards others. All of these make him a very special person for me.

Anyway, being such a Rafisaab fan, I just could not let the 24th of December go without giving him some sort of “shraddhanjali”. And what better way than through our beloved blog.

I almost missed doing this write-up for him. I was aware of his birth anniversary first thing in the morning today (24th of December for me straightaway equates to Rafisaab’s birth anniversary) . But I was busy all day – a lot of social activity at this time of year.

So the whole day went in various activities – but nothing for Rafisaab. As evening approached, I felt a bit guilty and restless. I also got unhappy with myself for not doing a write-up earlier and leaving it for the last moment (something that I have specialized in all my life – doing stuff at the last moment only).

So I decided, I just HAD to do a write-up. Even if it is a few lines, I HAD to do it. For Rafisaab.

So here it is.

The song is one I have never heard before. I just searched youtube for rare Rafisaab songs – and came across this one which I quite liked. I find the tune a bit unusual – but it grows on you when you listen to it a second time. And Rafisaab’s voice – ah, it is divine as usual.

It’s a black-and-white video clip – and from a film Rocky Mera Naam. The year of release of this film, from info on the net, seems to be 1973. This surprised me because there is every indication this is a mid-1960s film. Maybe it was made at that time but got released only much later. Hopefully one of our more knowledgeable readers can throw some light on this.

The song is picturised on Sanjeev Kumar and Nivedita, the face that most people recognize from “tum apna ranjh-o-gham” of Shagoon (1964). I believe her original name was Libi Rana.

I have no idea about the film itself but the song itself is definitely worth listening to. Music is by Sapan Jagmohan (who I always remember for the very sweet“har janam mein hamara milan” from Kaagaz Ki Nao) . Lyrics here, as with that song, are by Naqsh Lyallpuri.

I hope you like this song too. In any case, this one is for you, Rafisaab. Thank you for enriching our lives the way you did. You will always remain in our hearts.



Song-Soja sanam (Rocky Mera Naam)(1973) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Naqsh Llayalpuri, MD-Sapan Jagmohan


hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm
hmm hmm

soja sanam
teri jawaan palkon taley
neenden sajaa doon main
soja sanam
teri jawaan palkon taley
neenden sajaa doon main
soja sanam
hmm hmm hmm hmm

chaandni mein nahaa ke ae ae
har kali ko sulaa ke
aa rahi hai hawaa aa
ek meethhi si lori
gaa rahi hai hawaa aa aa
dhoondhen tujhe
sapnon ki baahen gori gori
soja sanam
teri jawaan palkon taley
neenden sajaa doon main
soja sanam
hmm hmm hmm hmm

ped shaakhen jhuka ke ae ae
phool khushboo lutaa ke
so gaye hain sabhi ee ee
neend ki waadiyon mein
kho gaye hain sabhi ee
bechain hain
chanda ki baahon mein chakori
soja sanam
teri jawaan palkon taley
neenden sajaa doon main
soja sanam
teri jawaan palkon taley
neenden sajaa doon main
soja sanam
hmm hmm hmm hmm
soja sanam
hmm hmm hmm hmm
soja sanam

3 Responses to "Soja sanam"

With due respects to Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar -> Mohammad Rafi , for me will be the greatest of them all and will remain so for foreseeable time. Unlike you, Raja Ji, I grew up with Rafi and Kishore Kumar could not wean Rafi-JI away from me— K S Shenoy ,Bangalore


Straight …from the heart, that is what Raja ji’s posts are. And we all like, enjoy and love your posts Raja Saab.
In fact just on 21st when I had that brief conversation with you, this came to my mind ‘ bahot dinon we Raja Saab ka koi post nahin aaya..’.
Thanks for this post and thanks for the tribute to ‘the divine voice – Rafi Saab’ !!!


hullo Rajaji
heard this song on youtube just now as the link here is disabled and then remembered that there was one another song with the same tune “Pyaara Lage pyaara lage” when i visited that song which was posted on the blog in beginning of 2014 i found this; and i quote
{Praveen Sharma
January 31, 2014 at 6:39 pm
The same tune was used by Sapan-Jagmohan in the movie ‘Rocky Mera Naam’ in 1973…a song called ‘So jaa sanam teri jawan palkon tale’…this is the youtube link :
how the same tunes are recycled: always i have wondered. and i have heard quite a few recycled tunes


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