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Aankhon mein tumhaare jalwe hain

Posted on: December 31, 2014

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Today is 31 december 2014, which is the last day of the year. I have no idea if people are on a reflective/ introspective mood on this day or not. Newspapers certainly seem to look back on the year and they tell us about the major events of the year. I have also noticed that people tend to look at the departing year as a forgettable year and hope that the new year would be better, only to express similar sentiments about that year when that year too draws to a close.

I feel that we need to be philosophical about our assessment of life in general and years in particular.

I was quite preoccupied with personal matters for the last week or so and that did not allow me to devote as much time to blogging as I would have liked to. In fact I was quite pre occupied this year as compared to the last year. This has reflected in less activity in in the blog as far as posts were concerned. 1389 writeups were posted in 2014 (an average of 3.8 writeups per day) as compared to 1916 (average of 5.2 writeups per day) during 2013. December 2014 has seen the least activity with only two writeups per day.

But these numbers tells only a small part of the story. The blog had grown and develoved a great deal during 2014. Some exciting things happened during this year that have helped enormously in helping us become a tightly knit family on online music lovers.

The blog reached the 10,000 post during 2014 on 20 july 2014. It was a great moment for the blog. This 10,000th post was preceded by special articles by contributors as well as articles where the contributors to the blog were introduced. Several of these introductions were written by contributors themselves. This idea, which was suggested by a regular, turned out to be a very popular and well received idea that spread feeling of goodness all around. And the wait for the 10,000th song to appear on the blog was a wait that many regulars still recall with great fondness.

The next big day for the blog was 5 october 2014 when as many as five blog regulars came face to face with each others in Bangalore, with three more joining them virtually. This day, which has gone down in our blog history as the “Bangalore Gangout” was a memorable experience for those who were involved in it as well as those who were not.

“Bangalore Gangout” motivated regulars to come up with a similar meet elsewhere as well. In just over two months time, we had a meeting of seven regulars meeting up at Mumbai on 21 december 2014. It was a meet where I was also present. That meeting was followed by three days of inactivity in the blog which made people wonder what was the reason. It was just that our best laid plan (coming up with special post on the occasion of the meet) could be be carried out for various reasons. In fact, even the report on this Mumbai meet has not yet been posted. I hope that we will soon see reports on this meet by the participants.

It can be noticed by regulars that the activities of the blog are becoming more varied and involved than simply posting articles and being done with it. More homework is now involved before posting articles. Here are some of the factors that involve time.

(1)Unlike in the past, now I consult HFGK quite extensively before deciding which songs to discuss. You can blame Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh and Sudhir Ji who gifted me HFGK on the occasion of the blog completing 10,000 songs. 🙂

(2)One of the blog targets is posting all songs of movies leading to YIPPEE moment. The last one or two remaining songs from the movies tend to be rare songs and locating them often takes considerable time.

(3) Another important target is to ensure that artists closing in to their centuries in the blog are helped towards their centuries by discussing their songs. Searching for their songs, especially if they are old and rare songs takes considerable amount of time and research.

(4) Having decided which songs to discuss, I need to search from hundreds upon hundreds of unused contributions to see if those songs have already been sent to me by our contributors.

(5) Topical songs, viz songs on the occasions of anniversaries, festivals, important days etc are also required to be discussed.

(6) Special articles, viz century songs etc obvously take more time and effort. Then our ambitious idea of combining two or more century songs also makes them time consuming exercises.

(7) I have to devote considerable time to background activities to make sure that the blog articles are made easily accessible through its various pages.

(8) with all the above taking time, I find that I am often left with very little time to actually write much in my articles. It is not that I have run out of things to say. I can reel off lots of topics where I want to write a lot but I am unable to find time for them.

(9) Some important topics that I am unable to discuss so far include my pets, my experiences of a train journey aka clamour for lower berth, My take on what ails the nation and how to set matters right :), etc etc.

Like most people, I too will make some new year resolutions. My resolutions will be mainly for the blog and so let us hope that I stick to them after a few days. 🙂

For now, here is a song from “Shirin Farhaad”(1956). Seven songs from this movie have been discussed and it is the eighth song to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Rafi. Saba Afghaani is the lyricist. Music is composed by S Mohinder.

The song can be called a devotional song as well as a qawwaali. The song is lip synced by several people and I can identify only Pradeep Kumar. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify others who are visible in the picturisation.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.



Song-Aankhon mein tumhaare jalwe hain (Shirin Farhad)(1956) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Saba Afghaani, MD-S Mohinder

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

aa aa aa aa aaa
aankhon mein tumhaare jalwe hain aen aen
aankhon mein tumhaare jalwe hain aen
honthon pe tumhaare afsaane ae
aankho mein tumhaare jalwe hain
honthon pe tumhaare afsaane ae

betaab e dil se tang aakar
pahunche hai yahaan takk deewane ae
betabi-e-dil se tang aakar
pahunche hain yahaa takk deewaane
aankho me tumhaare

sahaara beqason ka hai
yahi insaaf ka ghar hai
koi bhi ho yahaan par
martaba sabka baraabar hai
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
yahaa se maangnewaala
kabhi khaali nahin jaataa
jahaan bigdi hui taqdeer banti hai ae
ye wo o o dar hai ae ae
taqdeer ke kab takk zulm sahen
tumse na kahen to kis’se kahen
tumse na kahen to kis’se kahe
aaa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
ye dard-e-mohabbat kya shai hai ae
ye dard-e-mohabbat
kya shai hai ae
bedard zamaana kya jaane
ye dard-e-mohabbat kya shai hai
bedard zamaana kya jaane
aankhon mein tumhaare

tumhaare aastaane(?) se
na ham naaqaam jaayenge
guzarti hai jo iss dil par
wo ro-ro kar sunaayenge
tumhaare dar pe aa jaaye hain hum
ye faisla kar ke
yahin mar jaayenge hum
yaa muraaden apni paayenge
yaa dil ki kali ab khil jaaye
yaa khaaq mein hasti mil jaaye
yaa khaaq mein hasti mil jaaye

ae shama tere jalwon ki qasam
ae shama tere jalwon ki qasam
jal kar hi rahenge parwaane
ae shama tere jalwon ki qasam
jal kar hi rahenge parwaane
ae shama tere jalawon ki qasam
(aa aa aa aa aa)
jalakar hi rahenge parwaane
ae shama tere jalwon ki qasam
jal kar hi rahenge parwane
ae shama tere

7 Responses to "Aankhon mein tumhaare jalwe hain"

@ Atul ji – Congratulations 🙂 that you could finally write about your ‘man ki baat’ and sharing it with us.
For the blog and for us Thanks for this post, since we eagerly await new posts all the time ( selfish we are… Or I can say I am more selfish 🙂 )
All the best to you from all of us for the coming year ahead …
Looking forward for posts and posts ..
And I am eagerly waiting for your write ups on ‘what ails the nation and how to set matters right’ ….
With lots of Love, Lots of Best Wishes, and lots of Farmaishes …!!!
Thank you very much….


Atul ji,

I agree with your assessment of the year 2O14 as we cross over to New Year 2O15. In the coming year, it is to be recognised that with over 1OOOO songs already covered in the Blog, the time required for ‘serving’ these posts by way of updation on account of new information, corrections of omission and commission,and statistical data etc would increase at your end.

It is perfectly understandable that the pace of posting write ups in the coming years may decrease as more time is required to maintain the qualitative aspects of the Blog for which it is known for.

And forget not. You also require more space at personal level now than before as the official and family responsibilities increase with the age.

Seasons greetings and a happy & prosperous New Year 2O15 to all Atulites.


I can Identify Madhubala, Ameeta with P.Kailash(guy with turban-evil looking guy)



While bidding alvida to the year 2014, I was searching the alvida song (sad version of Ye zindagi usi ki hai) from Anarkali in the blog. I could not find it even if Anarkali comes under the title All songs covered. It is available on You-tube but I would like to have it on our blog more for the text and the comments
Can something be done to get it on the blog?

D Samant


Thanks for pointing it out. I have now included this version too in the writeup.


Devotional Qawwalis are called Naats or Naatiya Qawwalis.
Qawwali is a devotional form of music, prevalent among the sufis. The lyrics are in praise of Allah, Prophet Mohammad, members of Prophet’s family or renowned Sufi saints. It is written in Persian, Urdu and Hindi and is composed in a specific raga. Qawwali is usually sung in a group, with one or two lead singers. Originally it was sung to the beat of the daff. However, now the Qawwali singing is accompanied by the dholak, tabla, manjira, bulbul tarang and the harmonium. Traditionally, qawwali is performed outside the shrines of Sufi saints on their birth or death anniversaries.
Several theories exist for the evolution of Qawwalis in India. According to one, qawwali evolved from qaul, a form of vocal music similar to the tarana. Amir Khusro (1254-1325) is believed to have incorporated meaningful words into the qaul, which over a period of time developed into qawwali. According to another belief, qawwali originated in Persia in the 10th century AD with the emergence of the Chisti order of Sufism. It was brought to India in the 12th century. The Sabri brothers, Aziz Nazaan, Aziz Mian, Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Late Aziz Warisi are important names in qawwali singing in the Indian sub-continent.

Saba Afghani>>Jahazi Lutera-57, Black Tiger-60, Noor Mahal-65, Khandan-79, Desires(Jagjit Singh)-89, Kasam Teri Kasam-93




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