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Ek thhi maa punyakoti

Posted on: January 14, 2015

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

# Desh ki mitti ki khushboo # 1

# Best wishes on ‘Uttaraayana to all #

During ‘Doordarshan’ days, till ‘cable TV’ had not invaded our households, I used to watch all the movies that would be on Doordarshan on Sundays or on special occasions. (I also liked to watch the ‘award winning’ regional language films. Few names of such movies that immediately come to my mind are Mahanadi (Oriya, Kamal Hassan), Shwet Pathorer Thaala (Bangla), and ‘Kalaripayattu’ (Malayalam), ‘Kummati’etc etc.

‘Godhuli’ a Hindi film was one of the films that I remember to have watched sometime around 1991-1992. Thinking of sharing its songs to our blog I searched for songs of this film. (And I thought this movie must be of 1985 and after, but it turned out to be a movie of 1977)

Surprisingly the movie had 02 songs (, sung by Mohd Rafi, Dilraj Kaur and Usha Mangeshkar, composed by Bhaskar Chandavarkar. After reading these names I was sure that this must be some special song, because Bhaskar Chandavarkar is the name I am familiar with his compositions for Marathi films.
When I listened to the audio of this song I found that the song is narrating a story of ‘Maata Punyakoti’. As I had not heard about this story I was eager to know all about it.

Also as I do not remember the story this film ‘Godhuli’ and other details of this film, I widened my search on ‘Wikipedia’ and after going through this detail I thought that I have got all the material that would be helpful for a good post.

But the real excitement was still to unfold, when I found the video of this song under discussion today. (And now I can say that the details about this film on ‘Wikipedia’ needs to be corrected)

The song under discussion today is the title song of the movie and it is presented in an attractive art form. The story of this film was based on a novel by Shri.S.L.Bhyrappa. (Mentioned in the ‘trivia’ on, which I discovered later)

Shri S.L.Bhyrappa is a prominent writer in Kannada language and a novelist, Regarded as one of the India’s foremost ‘modern-day’ writers. Though the novel’s name that this film is based on is also mentioned on, I had to go through some interesting activity searching for it. (as normally I check with after going all details on other platforms)

When I first got this video of the song, and having titles in there, it is mentioned there that this film is based on a novel written by Shri. S.L.Bhyrappa. However the name of this novel is not mentioned.

So I searched the authors info on ‘wiki’, the list of books he authored, there year of publication and the year of the film, but it was only after I typed the name of this book ‘Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane-1977’, the page of the film by the same name in Kannada appeared and it matched with the poster of the Hindi film so I was finally confirmed that this film was based on this novel only.
The literary meaning of ‘Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane’ is ‘Son, you are orphaned!’

In short this is a story of a Truthful and honest Cow – Punya Koti. She offers her life as a sacrifice to the Lion – Arbuda, whose heart changes and instead of killing the Cow the Lion sacrifices his own life. Moral of the story is ‘triumph of honesty’.

The song under discussion today tells us this story.

This post was drafted around July-August 2014 and I thought it to be presented on the occasion of ‘Pola’ festival (which falls on ‘Pithori amaavsyaa in Shraavana’) and celebrated in Vidarbha region of Mahrashtra, mistakenly taking this song related with ‘bulls & cow’ worshipping.
However after reading this story of ‘Maata Punyakoti’ I came to know that this is related with ‘Makar Sankranti’.

So, wishing all once again a ‘happy maker sankranti’, let us enjoy this beautiful song.

Note :- Since I was away on tour for last 8/10 days I could not devote more time for a more detailed post, and I am sending this to Atul ji, as I wish to get posted it on ‘makar sankranti’.

Also, for a change the ‘preface’ and ‘introduction’ to this series ‘desh ki mitti ki khushboo’ will follow in next post.
Your feedback is most welcome. I shall also try to add the details about this movie later to this post.



Song-Ek thhi maa punyakoti (Godhuli)(1977) Singer-Dilraj Kaur, Rafi, Usha MangeshkarLyrics-Suryabhanu Gupt, MD-Bhaskar Chandawarkar
dilraj Kaur + Rafi


Is dharaa par ek sundar
desh Karnataka jahaan par
Ek thha Kaalingbaala
Hai usi ki ye katha
Ped neeche baith jaata
jhoom kar bansi bajaata
maam le le kar bulaata
Prem se har Gaay ko

Aa ri Ganga Gauri aaja
Tungabhadra tu bhi aaja
Punya Koti Maa aaja
Aa ri Shyama tu bhi aa
Bol sun gwaale ? sab
Aa khade hote nikat
Wo doodh dohne baithhta
To pal mein bhar jaate ghade

Ek thhi maa Punyakoti
Hai usi ki ye katha

Paas parbat ki gufa mein
Us ghane jungle mein koyi
Baagh rehta thha bhayaanak
aaj thha bhookha padaa
ghaat mein thha
Wo jhapat ke
Beech kooda jo garaj ke
dar gayi gaayen achaanak
aur bhaagi praan le

Laad bachhde ko ladaaun
Doodh jaate hi pilaaun
Laut kar ghar ja rahi thhi
Punya Koti sochti
Lo mila aahaar mujhko
Soch man mein baagh usko
gher aadhe raaste mein
Ho gaya giri sa khada

Ek thhi maa Punyakoti
hai usi ki ye katha

Bhookh se bola tadap ke
main padoonga toot tujh pe
aur tujhe neeche giraa ker
Phaad khaaunga abhi

Jodti hoon haath tere
Laal bhookha raah dekhe
Doodh phauran main pilaake
Laut aaungi yahaan
Praan doon na vachan jaayen
Satya hi Maa Baap bhai
Jo vachan todey us par
Prabhu nahin karte kripa
Ek thhi Maa Punyakoti
Hai usi ki ye katha

Laal baithha
Baagh bhookha
Main wachan de lautne ka
Isliye aayi ke tujhko
Aankh bhar ke dekh loon
Doodh main kiska piyungaa
Bolo kisko maa kahunga
Main anaathon sa jiyungaa
Kaun dega aasra

O mere bachpan ki sakhiyon
Ek vinti meri suniyo
Ye huaa be-maa ka
Isko laal apna jaaniyo
Seeng aage taaniyo na
Laat peechhe maariyo na
Is abhaage ko tum
Apne laal jaisa maaniyo
Ek thhi maa Punyakoti
Hai usi ki ye katha

Der na ho soche man mein
Gaay bachhde se bichhad ke
Jhat gufa ke dwaar pahunchi
Aur boli baagh se

Peshiyaan lo maans bhi lo
Lo jigar ka khoon pee lo
Lo mitaa lo bhookh apni
Aur bhaai khush raho
Bhookh bhula zindagi mein
baagh pehli baar roya
main adham maaroon ise
To mujhe dhhikkaar hai
Dhanya hai tu Behan meri
Main na loonga jaan teri
Ye kahaa upar se koodaa
Praan usne taj diye ae

Ek thhi maa Punyakoti
Hai usi ki ye katha

Naam hari har Krishna ka le
Har Makar Sankraanti ko
Vansh dhar pooje jo mujhko
Poorn ho har kaamna
Jo bhi sun le is katha ko
Poorn ho har kaamna

5 Responses to "Ek thhi maa punyakoti"

Kannada song, which was there in our Kannada langauage text book of 3rd or 4th standard
Naseeruddin shah performed a role of Brahmin priest with choti(shikhaa on the head) and all the required things for the role for “Tabbaliyu neenaade magane”
picturised video link

and the full movie video link


link to the wiki, where one can get the movie story plot, the movie was very slow but is very good in its content,acting and message


If you are referring to Kamal Hassan`s movie “Mahanadi”(1993), then it is a Tamil movie, (there is a possiblity of dubbed version)


Bhaskar Chandavarkar basically Sitarist gave music in more Marathi movies than Hindi>> Maya Darpan-72, Samasya-76, Thoda Romani Ho Jaaye-90,
Suryabhan Gupta also wrote for Barse Barse-2011 Album with Vishal Bhardwaj



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