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It jaaye ut jaaye najariya doley ree

Posted on: January 14, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


Today’s song is from film Sharda-42. This was the first film made by A R Kardar under the banner of Kardar Productions, after its establishment.

Abdul Rashid Kardar was a very dashing and enterprising personality. Born on 2-10-1904 at Lahore, he was an educated young man who joined films. He not only acted in 2 silent movies, but also directed some silent films. He,along with a friend established the First film production studio in Lahore, thus making Lahore one of the film production centres in India. After directing the first talkie film ” Heer Ranjha”,made in Lahore in 1932, he went to Calcutta. Joining East India Film Co., he directed few films there, like Aurat ka Pyar-33, Chandragupta-34, Sultana-34, Baghi Sipahi-36 etc. Then he came to Bombay and directed Baghbaan-38. He worked for Ranjit directing films like Thokar, Paagal and Holi. In 1942, he bought the CIRCO company and started his own Kardar Productions with its own studio. Kardar studio soon became the best equipped studio in Bombay.

Kardar made 22 films under his banner. In all he directed 40 films in his career. After the failure of ‘Dil diya dard liya’-66 he was devastated and left films. He spent the last 25 years of his life as a recluse in his Marine Lines flat in Bombay. After his wife-Bahar’s death, he was left alone and he died on 22-11-1989. He had no issues.

Kardar’s marriage episode is very interesting. Sardar Akhtar(known as Daari) and Bahar Akhtar (known as Bahaaro) were sisters and lived like Tawayafs, on the Heeramandi area of Lahore. Kardar fell in love with Bahar and they eloped and got married. Sardar Akhtar was furious and compalined to Police about Bahar’s abduction by Kardar. The Police arrested Kardar and his family and locked them up in jail. It was only after Bahar deposed that she married Kardar on her own that Kardar and others were released. Sardar Akhtar became an actress and later married Producer/Director Mehboob Khan.

It was D N Madhok who was responsible for recommending Naushad to Manibhai Vyas and that is how Naushad got his first film Kanchan as a Music Director. He started work and composed one song also. But the orchestra players rebelled against Naushad. They could not tolerate the fact that one of them became a composer and started ordering them. Due to their constant non cooperation, Naushad left the film and it went to Gyan Dutt,who not only retained Naushad’s composition but also gave him the credit as Music Director for that song. The song was ‘ bata do koi kaun gali gaye shyam’ by Leela Chitnis in the film Kanchan which was released only in 1941. After this Madhok took Naushad to Mohan Bhavnani and he got his first film ‘Premnagar-40′ as a Music Director.

The role of Madhok in the early success of Naushad was vital. Apart from helping Naushad to get established, he worked with Naushad in 11 films out of Naushad’s first 14 films, till Rattan 44. D N Madhok was born in 1902. he wrote songs, stories, screenplays and dialogues from 1937 to 1969 -a span of 32 years. His famous films were, Bhakta Surdas, Tansen and Rattan. Madhok wrote 850 songs in 116 films. He died in 1982 in Hyderabad.

Though madhok was prolific and influential, his reputation in the industry was not good. Besides having all types of bad habits, he was often accused of stealing composers’ tunes and selling them to others. In fact he provided Lyrics and tunes as a package, hence he was popular among some composers. In fact Khwaja Khursheed Anwar a highly respected composer of those days is on record, in an interview ( available on Dr. Surjit Singh ji’s website) to prove how Madhok stole his tunes and sold to others.

There is an anecdote about how Sajjad Hussain snubbed Madhok in this connection. Sajjad was officially the only composer originally for the film ‘Gaali-44’. Madhok was one of the many lyricists of this film. One day Madhok came to Sajjad with a readymade tune and Lyrics for the song ‘ ab aa jaa dil na lagey ‘. Self respecting Sajjad was so enraged that he told Madhok, ” Miyan hum Naushad nahin hai. Humen Tarzen banaani aati hai “. The final result was that Sajjad lost the film and it went to Hanuman Pprasad. Madhok was vindictive too.

Today’s song is from the film Sharda-42,which heralded the beginning of Naushad success marathon. The music direction of this film wasfilm was orinally given to Khursheed Anwar. Kardar had told Anwar that his friend J.K.Nanda was to direct the film. Anwar started composing and composed one song’ Ghir aayi badariya’. Then he learnt that the film will be directed by Kardar himself and he left the film. Kardar gave the film to Naushad. Madhok,however passed on the tune to Naushad who accepted it and used it to record the song by Nirmala Devi.

The cast of Sharda-42 was Mehtab, Ulhas, Wasti, Nirmala, Badri Prasad, Pratima Devi,Shyam Kumar etc. Wasti’s name may not be familiar to many. He was a popular hero in those days. Riyasat Ali Wasti was born in 1912, at Naagao in U.P. His father was a City magistrate, a judge and dewan of the state. The family was known well in Bundelkhand area. After graduating from Ambala, Wasti did service for 7 years in the PWD of Punjab. He wanted to join films and he became a Hero in New oriental Films, Lahore’s ” Premyatra”-37. His Heroine was Umarazia begum,later on the wife of Ghulam Haider. He acted in Bombay’s films like Baghban, Industrial India, Pati patni, Rikshawala, Thokar, Qaidi, Nartaki, Kudmai(Punjabi),Awaz, Nai Duniya, Sharda, Namaste etc. He was a constant fixture in Kardar films. As a Hero he did many films.

In the 50s he acted in 11 films. In 60s and 70s he did 20 films. His roles in “jab pyar kisi se hota hai” and “Phir wohi dil laya hoon” may be known to many. His last film was kasam-76. Two films produced by him in 1952 and 56 flopped. The last 20 years of his life were spent in penury and anonimity. In his last years, he was often seen begging near Liberty cinema in Bombay. He died in April 1996. ( adapted profile from ‘Inhe na bhulana’ by shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji’s Gujrati book,with thanks.)

There were 10 songs in this film. Suraiya’s ‘ Panchhi jaa,peechhe raha bachpan mera ‘ was very famous. The film celebrated Silver Jubilee. Here is a song by G M Durrani from this film…..


Song-It jaaye ut jaaye najariya doley ree (Sharda)(1942) Singer-G M Durrani, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Naushad


It jaaye ut jaaye najariya
doley ri
It jaaye ut jaaye najariya
doley ri
ghadi ghadi chanchal man se kuchh
ghadi ghadi chanchal man se kuchh
dhheere dheere boley ree
boley ree ee ee
It jaaye ut jaaye najariya
doley ri

man ka mandir soonaa paaya aaa
bhaagya(?) ne baazaar lagaaya aa aa
man ka mandir soonaa paaya aaa
bhaagya(?) ne baazaar lagaaya
rang birange Thakur hain sab
rang birange Thakur hain sab
jo lena hai wo le ri ee
jo lena hai wo le ri ee
It jaaye ut jaaye najariya
doley ri

ek taraf maaya uskaaye
dooji oar man jaaye
ek taraf maaya uskaaye
dooji oar man jaaye
man ki dori man ko dekar ar ar ar
man ki dori man ko dekar ar ar ar
chal de hauley hauley ree ee
chal de hauley hauley ree ee
It jaaye ut jaaye najariya
doley ri
It jaaye ut jaaye najariya
doley ri ee ee

4 Responses to "It jaaye ut jaaye najariya doley ree"

Two comments with your permission.
1. The cinema where late Wasti was seen begging was ‘Regal’ and not ‘Liberty’.
2. Sajjad for his known temper accused Madan Mohan for his tune ‘Tujhe kya bataaun main dilruba’ as a stealing of his tune ‘Yeh hawa yeh raat yeh chandani’ at a meeting of then friendly music directors.
Madanji diplomatically replied and pleased Sajjad by saying “Maine koi aire gaire ke gaane ki copy nahin ki hai, maine to sajjad saab ke gaane ki tune li hai”


1975 Mere Sartaj
1966 Dil Diya Dard Liya (as A.R. Kardar)
1958 Do Phool (as A.R. Kardar)
1955 Baap Re Baap (as A.R. Kardar)
1955 Yasmin
1953 Dil-E-Nadan
1952 Deewana
1951 Jadoo
1950 Dastan (as A.R. Kardar)
1949 Dillagi (as A.R. Kardar)
1949 Dulari
1947 Dard
1946 Shahjehan
1945 Sanyasi
1944 Pehle Aap
1943 Kanoon
1943 Sanjog
1942 Nai Duniya
1942 Sharda
1941 Swami
1940 Holi
1940 Pagal
1940 Pooja
1939 Thokar
1938 Baghban
1937 Mandir
1937 Milaap
1936 Baghi Sipahi
1934 Chandragupta
1934 Sultana
1933 Aurat Ka Pyaar
1932/II Heer Ranjha
1932/I Heer Ranjha
1931 Bhatakta Joban
1931 Farebi Daku
1931 Khooni Katar
1930 Farebi Shahzada
1930 Safdar Jung
1930 Sarfarosh
1929 Husn Ka Daku
As story Writer:
1940 Pagal (story)
1938 Baghban (dialogue) / (screenplay)
As Actor
1929 Heer Ranjha
1928 Daughters of Today
As Producer
1947 Dard
1944 Geet
1928 Daughters of Today (assistant director)
Wasti was very handsome even when he was character actor. His face had character.
1971 Patanga as Ghasiram
1971 Woh Din Yaad Karo
1970 Deedar
1969 Pyar Ka Mausam as Hamid
1968 Shrimanji
1967 Pind De Kuri
1966 Do Badan
1963 Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon
1961 Guddi
1961 Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai as Shanti
1961 Sasural
1960 Duniya Jhukti Hai
1959 Dil Deke Dekho
1954 Shabab
1953 Laila Majnu
1952 Parchhaiyan
1950 Gauna
1949 Balam
1949 Naach
1947 Chittor Vijay
1947 Dak Bangla
1947 Khubsoorat Duniya
1947 Mere Bhagwan
1946 1857
1946 Dev Kanya
1946 Omar Khaiyyam
1944 Ratan
1943 Sanjog as Jugal Kishore
1942 Sharda
1942 Awaaz
1940/II Nartaki as Gyananand
1939 Thokar
1938 Baghban
1938 Nirala Hindustan


Thank you very much to the veteran trinity: AKD, BU & NS.
You are all great. Hats off to you.
Wasti in 60s & 70s was a regular feature in Nasir Husain’s films. As Shah saheb has said, he had an impressive personality and an expressive face.
Profound regards,
Avadh Lal


Thanks for the compliments. That will surely spur me furnsh more detailed info.


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