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Bangaali Babu Reh Jaaye To Bada Mazaa Hoy

Posted on: April 12, 2015

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

The Wonderful Sounds of 1930s – 4
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Imagine the treasures lost.  The true magnitude may never be measured correctly.  We have a definitive record, in the shape of Hindi Film Geet Kosh, which presents the most complete information available.  The sense of completeness and correctness can be gauged by the fact that the compiler, Shri Harmandir Singh ji ‘Hamraaz’, went back to dig out the past records of the censor board, and also searched and retrieved as many film information booklets as possible, in his effort to compile as complete and as accurate set of information, as possible.  Even with this momentous effort that he has put in, he still acknowledges that the information is not yet 100%.

Since the publication of the print version, more information has surfaced, in terms of information booklets and the actual gramophone records themselves, from various sources.  But the information is in no way complete as yet.

Mark my words from the lines above.  I am talking only about the information. The actual films and the gramophone records of the songs – well their availability is many orders of magnitude lesser.  From the earlier years, most film songs were not released on physical gramophone records, and most films have not survived.  Yes, imagine the treasures lost.

Let us take the year of 1933.  As per the information that is currently available in the print version of volume 1, 75 films were released in that year.  Details of some of these films is not yet available.  Based on the available details, approximately 975 songs were created, actual number of course, will be higher.

Of this number, out of 75, maybe 2 or 3 films are available – two that I am certain about are ‘Laal e Yaman’ and ‘Karma’.  As far as the songs themselves, they are available for maybe just 8 or 9 films.  And the songs. Of the 975 songs for which the information is available – how many you may guess are available? Based on the information from various sources and collector friends, the number of available film songs of this year may just be around 40 or so.  40 – out of a known 975 songs.  Imagine the treasures lost.

The films of 1933 for which the songs are available – seven of such films are already represented on our blog.  Today, I present this song from an as yet unrepresented film from this year – ‘Saubhagya Sundari’.

Almost no information is available for this film, other than what we see in the Geet Kosh.  The films is produced under the banner of Imperial Film Company, Bombay and is directed by Homi Master.  The cast of actors includes Sulochana, D Bilimoria, Zillo Bai, Lakshmi, Jamshed Ji, Ghulam Muhammad, Sayyad Ahmed, Khaleel, and Haadi.

Geet Kosh lists 15 songs for this film.  Of these, based on information available thus far, only one song has been traced and is available.  It is possible that a second song of this film may also become available, if the other side of the gramophone records also carries a song from this film.  That still needs to be checked.

Music for this film is created by Pransukh Nayak.  The lyricist is not identified. Available information indicates that the dialogues of this film are written by Munshi ‘Zameer’.  At least one online reference also attributes the lyrics to him, but in absence of other corroboration, I will desist.  The name of the singer is also not known.  Considering that the concept of playback singing was then still a good two years hence, the singing voice of this song must be one of the ladies in the cast of actors.  So it could be Sulochana, Zillo Bai, or Lakshmi, or even another actress who may not have been named in the credits.  So I will not hazard a guess.  I request other knowledgeable readers to add more information about the film and the song.

The song carries some resemblance to the folk sounds of Uttar Pradesh in North India.  One can hear an echo of the words in some later songs, notably “Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Waali. . .” is the one that comes up readily in the memory.  The lady is inviting her beau, with a promise of food, drink and relaxation.  Probably one of the earliest songs of its genre, the playful words have been rendered with a measured naughtiness.  The words and thoughts behind them, sound simple and innocuous. But of course, the meaning and intent lurking beneath the surface is far from innocence.

Another interesting and enjoyable rarity.  Listen and enjoy.

Song – Bangaali Babu Reh Jaaye To Bada Mazaa Hoy (Saubhagya Sundari) (1933) Singer – [Unattributed], Lyrics – [Unattributed], MD – Pransukh Nayak


bangaali babu
reh jaaye to bada mazaa hoye. . .
bangaali babu
reh jaaye to bada mazaa hoye
bangaali babu

sone ki thaliya mein. . .
bhojan parosun
haan bhojan parosun
sone ki thaliya mein. . .
bhojan parosun. . .
bangaali babu khaa jaaye
bangaali babu khaa jaaye
bangaali babu
khaa jaaye to bada mazaa hoye

nimbuwa pakey morey. . .
ras ke bharey
haan haan ras ke bharey
nimbuwa pakey morey
ras ke bharey haaye
bangaali babu pee jaaye
bangaali babu
bangaali babu
pee jaaye to bada maza hoye

akeli sej pe haan. . .
mohey darr laagey
haan mohey darr laagey
akeli sej pe
mohey darr laagey
bangaali babu
so jaaye to bada mazaa hoye
bangaali babu
haan haan bangaali babu
haan haan bangaali babu
so jaaye to bada maza hoye

bangaali babu
reh jaa to bada maza hoye

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

बंगाली बाबू
रह जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय॰ ॰ ॰
बंगाली बाबू
रह जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय
बंगाली बाबू

सोने की थलिया में॰ ॰ ॰
भोजन परोसूँ
हाँ भोजन परोसूँ
सोने की थलिया में॰ ॰ ॰
भोजन परोसूँ
बंगाली बाबू खा जाये
बंगाली बाबू खा जाये
बंगाली बाबू
खा जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय

नींबुवा पके मोरे॰ ॰ ॰
रस के भरे
हाँ हाँ रस के भरे
नींबुवा पके मोरे
रस के भरे
बंगाली बाबू पी जाये
बंगाली बाबू
बंगाली बाबू
पी जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय

अकेली सेज पे हाँ॰ ॰ ॰
मोहे डर लागे
हाँ मोहे डर लागे
अकेली सेज पे
मोहे डर लागे
बंगाली बाबू
सो जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय
बंगाली बाबू
हाँ हाँ बंगाली बाबू
हाँ हाँ बंगाली बाबू
सो जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय

बंगाली बाबू
रह जाये तो बड़ा मज़ा होय

6 Responses to "Bangaali Babu Reh Jaaye To Bada Mazaa Hoy"

You are doing a wonderful work by putting up this lost legacy. The process of discovering these songs must have been quite adventurous. I suggest you may write something about that, too.


Certainly AK ji,
I will write about the search and selection in one of the posts of this series.



Thanks for this rare song.

Congratulations on completing 500 Devanagari Script Lyrics !!


Thanks Avinash ji,

Wow, I had not even realized having reached this new milestone.

Thanks again


What a voice. She could be aclassical singer.
The song is a classical example of shringar ras. She seems to be enamoured with Bangali babus with their flowing dhotis and paan

Pransukh Nayak Gadgil gave music in
Deccan Queen-1936
Bambai Ki Billi-1936
Al Hilal-1935
Dr. Madhurika-1935
Silver King-1935
Gul Sanobar-1934
Gul Sanobar-1934
Indira M. A.-1934
Piya Pyare-1934
Rukmani Haran-1934
Samaj Ki Bhool-1934
Daku Ki Ladki-1933
Sati Anusuya-1933
Saubhagya Sundari-1933
Bhakta Prahlad-1932
Bharati Mata-1932
Sati Sone-1932


Harish Raghuvansiji has added few more
1932 Dorangi Duniya
1936 Do Deewane
1936 Jeevan Lata
1936 Lagna Bandhan
1937 Kulvadhu
1937 Saagar Ka Sher
Thanks Harishji


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