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Shirdi ke Sai baaba teri duhaai baaba

Posted on: July 16, 2015

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mukesh and his Composers – 4
This beautiful Thursday morning let us listen to a bhajan by Mukesh in praise of Shirdi Sai Baba.

The philanthropic and humanitarian deeds of Mukesh are well known and documented. No article on Mukesh is complete without a mention of these activities during his life time. Distribution of blankets to the poor in winter, insistence to share the same boarding as that of his music arrangers during out-station concerts, performing shows for children and neighbours without charging any fees etc are few of the many examples. Also, being the senior-most among many of his contemporaries, he was often a peace maker amongst various disputes that arose in the film fraternity amongst artists. He was often called a noble soul for all these reasons.

His visit to the temple town of Shirdi in Nashik district is well known where he helped his fan who was a poor auto driver. This incident was about an auto driver who recognised Mukesh and refused to take any money for the travel that Mukesh performed in his vehicle. The driver also insisted on escorting Mukesh in and around Shirdi to take him to other places of interest. During conversations Mukesh learnt that the auto driver did not own the vehicle and had to surrender his earnings for the day to the actual owner on whose payroll he was. This left very little for the driver to support his family and to send his children to school. Mukesh on learning this went to Mumbai and came back to Shirdi with enough money to help buy a brand new auto for his new found fan. He also made it a point to support the cause of the auto-driver’s children education for many years.

The personal life of Mukesh is full of many such incidents and humanitarian works.

To continue with the series on “Mukesh and his composers” we shall today deal with his association with C. Ramchandra. Actually, there is not much to discuss as there are only three film songs that C Ramchandra composed for Mukesh. One is an outstanding duet on Motilal which Sudhir ji discussed recently. The other two are solo songs from Sharda and Wahan ke Log pictured on Raj Kapoor and Pradeep Kumar respectively. C Ramchandra who was an accomplished singer himself, never felt the need for Mukesh. And, even when Mukesh was sought for the odd occasion, it must have been on the demand of the hero himself.

All the three film songs sung by Mukesh for C Ramchandra are already posted on the blog. So what am I doing with this post on the combo ?
Well, it so happens that Mukesh also sang a solitary NFS, a non film bhajan to be precise, for C Ramchandra. And, incidently this beautiful bhajan happens to be on Sai Baba and hence the incident at Shirdi was referred above in the post.

Before we listen to the bhajan itself, here is the table of the short collaboration of the combo.


S No Name of song Name of the movie (Year of Release) Co Singer if any Lyricist
1 Tum ham pe hanso na Mera Munna
Lalita Deolkar Qamar Jalalabadi
2 Jap jap jap re Sharda
Rajinder Krishna
3 Hum tujse mohabat karke sanam Wahan ke Log
Shakeel Badayuni
4 Shirde ke sai baba NF Bhajan Bharat Vyas

In the next post we shall discuss the songs of Mukesh for Khaiyyam.

Song-Shirdi ke sai baba teri duhaai baaba (Mukesh NFS)(1960) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-C Ramchandra


o o o
o o o
Shirdi ke Sai baba,
teri duhaai baaba
Teri sharan hum aa gaye
O sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye
Shirdi ke Sai baaba
teri duhaai baaba
Teri sharan hum aa gaye
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye

Na koi ooncha
na koi neecha
tere iss darbaar mein
na koi ooncha na koi neecha
tere iss darbaar mein
jo bhi aaye
sab kuchh paaye
tere nirmal pyaar mein
Ho manmohak moorat waale
Ho manmohak moorat waale
Tum sabse ho niraale ae
Deendayaalu humen bhaa gaye
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye

Na maangen hum heere moti
na chaandi na sona
Na maangen hum heere moti
na chaandi na sona
Humen tumhaari kripa chaahiye
aur hriday ka kona
Hum ko haath daya ka dena
Hum ko haath daya ka dena
Apni chhaaya mein lena aa
Leela tumhaari hum ga gaye
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye.
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye

O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye
O Sai hum to
janm janm ka phal pa gaye

5 Responses to "Shirdi ke Sai baaba teri duhaai baaba"


Thanks for this rare bhajan sung by Mukesh.


@ Mahesh ji – thanks for the post, the information about Mukesh ji regarding his visit to Shirdi and thanks for this rare bhajan.


Many thanks for this wonderful bhajan, received on a Thursday!


Heard after long long time. In fact I had forgotten it. Only He can sing it in his inimitable style. I will hear it oftener. Thanks


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