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Apna kya hai ham to anjaane

Posted on: August 23, 2015

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mukesh and his Composers – 7

Boarding a ST bus in a depot is quite an exercise and we all may have not-so-fond memories of such pursuits. It’s a herculean task involving strength, luck and technique with which you push through the door entrance to get in. Peak hours pose tougher challenge with dozens trying to enter the rather narrow entrance of the bus at the same time. On some occasions a comic situation arises when two people get struck at the door entrance when the sum total of their waistlines is slightly more than the entrance width. For a moment (which to others behind seems like several minutes) there is some sort of air-lock or more appropriately a waistline-lock.

This impasse is however short-lived as the people behind give a jagged push with all their might to the struck up pounds of futile waistline fat. 🙂 After one successfully enters the bus, finding a seat to sit becomes the new and different kind of challenge requiring altogether different kinds of skill sets.

A short distance away from the door and on both sides of the bus some other interesting scenes will be unfolding. Some extra-intelligent people will be trying their luck by other means which I call the “Handkerchief Technology (HT)”. Though the name looks hi-fi, it just involves tossing your handkerchief through any of the open windows which you come across and then try to enter the bus at a rather leisure pace and hoping against hope that the seat on which the handkerchief has landed is unoccupied and is waiting for you. This is a very safe technique, but more often than not is simply not effective. Arguments with co-passengers are inevitable. Forget the seat, getting back your own piece of cloth is sometimes a reward in itself. 🙂 With the process of advance booking etc, such practises may have reduced, but I bet they must be in vogue in many remote areas even today.

I successfully managed to pull off an online version of HT in this post. 🙂 Here is how it happened.

On 27th June when I checked mail inbox in my cell phone, there was this song Karm kaho kismat kaho (Karm) lying there. The four words were enough for me to know that it was a Mukesh number. There was nothing unusual about it as songs of all artists do feature regularly. However, when I opened the mail to read the post, I was in for some sort of anxious moments.

Atul ji had done a neat job of enlisting all the songs that Mukesh had sung for RD Burman. There was an elaborate table also with all the details. I was sort-of-anxious because I was planning a similar excerise for the last few days and had Naushad, Madan Mohan and S D Burman in mind for the initial three posts. However the writeups were very sketchy and obviously not ready.

Now the problem was hardly one Mukesh song each for these composers were left for me to use. And as I explained in the first three posts of this series there was something similar in their patterns, which is engaging Mukesh in late forties and forgetting him for 1-2 decades before using him again to sing for them. Now if Atul ji posted any of these remaing songs my whole best laid plans would have gone waste. Sending three songs with the write-ups and tables would definitely take time.

I thought of executing the HT and sent a mail to Atul ji and Sudhir ji requesting to please reserve these songs for me. This was my online version of HT, learnt the hard way during my ST bus days. 🙂

To impress and also to convey my seriousness of the series, I detailed in the mail how only one song each of the composers were remaining etc.

Fortunately the HT did work and Atul ji sent me a return mail-gram (a short email) 🙂 asking me to go ahead with the series. And that’s how the first post of this series was posted the very next day on 28th June with Mukesh singing the philosophical song Kar bhala hoga bhala ant bhale ka bhala (Taangewaala) for Naushad.

Coming to today’s post. We are well aware that Mukesh sang about 26 songs for R D Burman. This is against only 12 that he sang for his father S D Burman. How ironic.

Even before I started writing this post, I received a mail from Shri Harish ji, detailing once again the films of R D Burman featuring Mukesh songs. I thank him for his kind and pro-active help.

I also took the liberty of copying the table prepared by Atul ji (without permission) and to have some sort of value-addition, I have included a column of all the actors on whom the songs were featured in the films.

S.No Movie (Year of release) Song Singer(s) Lyricist Picturised on
1 Teesra Kaun(1965) Pyaar Ka fasaana Mukesh, Lata Anand Bakshi Feroz Khan
2 Kati Patang(1970) Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalma Mukesh Anand Bakshi Rajesh Khanna
3 Puraskaar(1970) Ae meri jaan chaand sa gora mukhda Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle S H Bihari Mahendra
4 Puraskaar(1970) Nateeja hamaari muhabbat ka Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle S H Bihari Joy Mukherjee
5 Hangaama(1971) Sooraj se jo kiran ka naata Mukesh, Lata Anjaan Vinod Khanna
6 Chhaliya(1973) Zindagi mein aap aaye Mukesh, Vani Jairam Rajinder Krishan Naveen Nischol
7 Raja Rani(1973) Haan to main kya keh raha thha Lata, Mukesh, Rajesh Khanna Anand Bakshi Rajesh Khanna
8 Phir Kab Milogi(1974) Kahin karti hogi wo mera intezaar Mukesh, Lata Majrooh Sultanpuri Biswajeet
9 Dharam Karam(1975) Ik din bik jaayega part (i) Mukesh, chorus,
part (ii)Mukesh, Sushma Shreshtha,
part (iii)Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Sushma Shreshtha, chorus
Majrooh Sultanpuri Raj Kapoor
10 Dharam Karam(1975) Tere hamsafar geet hain tere Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, chorus Majrooh Sultanpuri Raj Kapoor
11 Chaandi Sona(1977) Tujhe bhool ke maati ki putli par Mukesh Majrooh Sultanpuri Raj Kapoor
12 Karm(1977) Karm kaho kismat kaho Mukesh Bharat Vyas Background song during titles display
13 Mukti(1977) Lalla lalla lorie Mukesh Anand Bakshi Shashi Kapoor
14 Mukti(1977) suhaani chaandni raaten hamen sone nahin detin Mukesh Anand Bakshi Shashi Kapoor
15 Naukri(1978) Ooper jaake yaad aayi neeche ki baaten Mukesh, Chorus Anand Bakshi Raj Kapoor

Coming to the songs itself, it’s so amazing that almost all of them are well known. (Mukesh maintains the 90+ popularity strike rate). Starting with 2, Mukesh does not fail to deliver in spite of the fact that there were three very prominent Kishore Kumar solos in Kati Patang. 3 and 4 are very good duets to listen to. 6 is an out-standing duet with Vani Jairam, best enjoyed by listening with the volume kept high. 🙂

8 is so popular, that it was also re-mixed several times with disastrous results by present generation manipulators.
No profile of Majrooh saab is complete without this song number 9 from Dharam Karam. In the next song Mukesh joins with Kishore and Asha for a melodious triad. 13 is a very well known and a relatively rare male-lullaby. 14 features an unshaved Shashi Kapoor singing his heart-out at a piano.

11 and 15 are songs sung by Mukesh to his best friend Raj Kapoor and are the only songs yet to be posted.

In the last post on Jaidev, I wished I could include two songs in the same post. To grab the opportunity now, I have selected the song from Chaandi Sona which is sung by Mukesh in gusto in three parts of more than 5:40 minutes. The video link is however less than three minutes.

Very interestingly the refrain from one of my recently posted songs Sab thhaath pada rah jaawega (Sankalp) is reflected in this song also in part III of the audio link.

With this song being posted, only the last song in the table from Naukri(1978) remains to be discussed in the blog as far as Mukesh’s songs for RD Burman are concerned.

The next post (HT again 🙂 ) will be on Mukesh’s death anniversary on 27th August with a special composer. Keep guessing.

Audio (Part I,II and III)

Video (Part I,II and III)

Song-Apna kya hai ham to anjaane (Chaandi Sona)(1977) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


Part I
tujhe bhool ke maati ki putli par
koyi man ki khidki khol raha
jismein tera naam aa aa tule
usme jag chaandi sona aa tol raha
apna kya hai
hum toh anjaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane
apna kya hai
hum toh anjaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane
jeevan path pe nikle do pal ko
hum toh apne jee ko behlaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane,
yaara duniya kaisi tu jaane

toone jab duniya yeh banaayi
dharti ki chaadar phailaayi
chanda sooraj ki jyot jagaayee
toone jab duniya yeh banaayi
dharti ki chaadar phailaayi
chanda sooraj ki jyot jagaayeee
o yaara
o yaara
par jiske liye jag toone racha
woh karke ise veeraan raha
dharti ki chaadar chheen chuka
abb chaand aur sooraj maang raha
yeh tere bandon ke afsaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane
jeevan path pe nikle do pal ko
hum toh apne jee ko behlaane
apna kya hai hum toh anjaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane

Part II
ulti ganga jo bahe
jogi chup kaise rahe
abb devta kuchh bhi nahin
maanwta kuchh bhi nahi
yaaron se yaari gayi
wo dildaari gayi
aisi chhaaya tale
hum deewaane bhale
kaisa pyaar
kahaan ki dosti
kaisa rishta naata
tere hote insaan aan tera
shaitaan huaa o daata
par yeh kyun keh rahe hum deewaane
teri duniya kaisi tu jaane
jeevan path pe nikle do pal ko
hum toh apne jee ko behlaane
apna kya hai hum toh anjaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane

Part III
jab dil mein paraaya dard uthhe
dooje ke tu kaam aaye yaara
tab jaan mila jeevan tujhko
chaandi sone se bhi pyaara
warna dhan daulat cheej hai kya
kahe miya nazeer ka ektara
sab thhaat pada raha jaayega
jab laad chalega banjaara
kaam aayenge yahi pyaar ke najraane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane
jeevan path pe nikle do pal ko
hum toh apne ji ko behlaane
apna kya hai hum toh anjaane
ho teri duniya kaisi tu jaane

3 Responses to "Apna kya hai ham to anjaane"

i thought i had hit bulls eye when i heard this song some time back with the intention of sending it to be posted today. and i took up the next step before writing out the post ad lyrics. i just saw that our Mukesh fan has already done a very good job with the write up and post. Thank you ji
today on Raj Kapoor’s 92nd birth anniversary i saw a part of Awara this morning Ram Teri ganga Maili is lined up on another channel.
Remembering the original showman of Bollywood today here is a working link


Peevesie’s Mom ji,

Thanks for the working link.
Song no 15 in the list above is also featured on RK. It’s the last yet to be posted of the trio. (Mukesh, RK and RDB)



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