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Kar bhala hoga bhala ant bhale ka bhala

Posted on: June 28, 2015

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mukesh and his Composers – 1
Naushad, Madan Mohan and SD Burman were some of the many music directors who composed songs for Mukesh. So why am I singling out these three great composers only? Read on.

I personally like to club these composers in one category as they have Mukesh songs in their initial films, but later on had huge gaps in terms of years before they accommodated him again albeit for a few songs. I would like to write three short posts on each of the combos.

Taking Naushad-Mukesh first, the association of which started in 1948, when both were at their peaks.

The first two films of the combo were Anokhi Ada and Mela both in 1948. Mukesh sang about a dozen songs in these two films alone. It was followed by 5 solo in 1949 (including the unreleased) in Andaz. So in just two years we have whopping 16-17 songs of the combo in three films. The immense popularity of these songs is now established history and so is the fact that about 10 of them were picturised on Dilip Kumar in Mela and Andaz.

After this phase, the combo did not cross path for nearly two decades until Saathi in 1968. The reason for this hiatus does not seem to be clear and it appears there was no reason also. Unlike the Talat Mahmood episode in Babul, nothing happened between Mukesh and Naushad, even though Naushad had warned Mukesh not to follow the footsteps of Saigal as far as drinking is concerned.

It was just happenstance that Naushad worked with Mohd Rafi practicallyin every film thereafter and Mukesh tried his hand in acting till he gave up his dream of becoming a actor-singer in 1958.

On hindsight, it was Mukesh who introduced Lata to Naushad while Andaz was being made. And one notices that there was only one Lata-Mukesh duet for Naushad in almost three decades.

Saathi 1968 had 3 solos and 2 duets for Mukesh. it was almost curtains-down for both of them apart from a couple of songs here and there. So the magic was sustained only in 1948-49.

In all Mukesh sang about 26-28 songs for Naushad considering unreleased films and songs recorded but not included in films etc. It is difficult to pin-point the exact figure as there will be version songs, unreleased songs etc. In spite of this gap of two decades without a song it seems that, numerically Mukesh was the male-singer with second highest figures for Naushad after Rafi saab.

Of the remaining couple of songs of the combo yet to feature on the blog, I have selected the present song from a film called Tangewala released in 1972. It had Rajendra Kumar, Mumtaz, Sujit, Kamini Kaushal, I S Johar, Jagdish Raaj, Bhagwan, Mohan Choti, Kumud Chhugani, Kanhaiya Lal, Jr Mehmood, Leela Mishra, Paintal etc. The film was produced and directed by Naresh Kumar.

The whole film seems to be a flashback as this song is sung while the titles are being shown at the beginning with scenes of Rajendra Kumar in his younger days inserted in between. The video link shows Rajendra Kumar as an old beggar seeking alms in a train.

Incidentally, when I began to write my first post for the blog about 2 years back, this was the song which I had selected with a write up on my observations of a cat and its kitten with no relevance to the song. For some reason, the song was not posted and I am really happy for I got to include it in this series where I have very little choice of selecting songs that are not represented on the blog. Taking a verse from the song, all works done with good intention have good endings only. So I think this song was destined to appear today only. 🙂

This highly philosophical song has been composed by Naushad Ali, sung by Mukesh and written by Majrooh Sultanpuri (The trio had successfully worked in Andaz 1949 as well as Saathi 1968). In the next part, we will take up the association of Mukesh with Madan Mohan.



Song-Kar bhala hoga bhala ant bhale ka bhala(Taangewaala)(1972) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Naushad


jinke kaaran galiyon galiyon
bhatke thhak kar choor huye
beech dagar mein chod ke dekho o
wo bhi hamse door huye ae ae

kar bhala
hoga bhala
ant bhale ka bhala
kar bhala
hoga bhala
ant bhale ka bhala
aaj sab kuchh hai tera aa
kal ka hai kisko pata
aaj sab kuchh hai tera aa
kal ka hai kisko pata
kar bhala
hoga bhala
ant bhale ka bhala

jaisa koi beej hai bota
waisi chadhti bela yahaan
kaisa raaja kaun bhikhaari
sab karmon ka khel yahaan
saath kisi ke mela aa
koi bhatke akela aa aa
kar bhala
hoga bhala
ant bhale ka bhala

ghar baste hain roz jahan mein
bas ke ujadne ke liye
milta hai har ek yahaan par
mil ke bichhadne ke liye
chalti dagar hai duniya
ek aaya ek chala aa
kar bhala
hoga bhala
ant bhale ka bhala
kar bhala
hoga bhala
ant bhale ka bhala

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longer audio link ?


Must be Rajendra Kumar`s Home Production , Am I right ??


Mera matlab ye hai ke Naresh Kumar ,Rajendra Kumar ke relative hai kya ???


PC ji,
Yes. They were brothers. Please refer his biography on IMDB.

(pura khandaan ka details hai.) 🙂

The story of the movie which I found on amazon web site.

Rai Bahadur Kishandas, due to his weakness for alcohol and women drives his wife and children out of the house. Suddenly, his fortune takes a turn and he is reduced to the state of a beggar. While his wife Laxmi raises their two kids against all odds, the two children being Gauri and Rajoo. Rajoo, who later becomes a tangewala. Oneday, Laxmi feels a sudden urge to see her husband, so the of a pretext of a pilgrimage goes to meet him. But, to her despair, she doesn’t find him there. On the other hand Rajoo and Gauri gives an old beggar refuge in their house, not knowing that he is their father in real life. By the time Laxmi returns, the old man has left the house. Paro is in love with Rajoo and refuses the marriage proposal of a Zamindar. He wants to take revenge on her and so tries to woo Gauri, but Rajoo has already arranged for Gauri’s marriage with someone else. Rajoo, is disappointed to know that Gauri is pregnant with the Zamindar’ baby. Rajoo goes to the Zamindar and demands justice, but the cruel Zamindar does not listen to him. Rajoo decides to leave the village with his family. In the meanwhile Rai Bahadur comes to know that Rajoo and Gauri are his kids. But unfortunately by the time he reaches their house they have all left for their new destination. Rajoo rearranges Gauri’s marriage, but on the eve of marriage Gauri leaves with her child, leaving Rajoo to face humiliation once again. Does Rai Bahadur find his family again? Does Gauri return back to her house? Watch the family drama in Tangewala!


Thanks Mahesh ji for this much of information about movie story and about Naresh Kumar



Mukesh was the seniormost singer as his contemporaries and colleagues debuted much later.

Naushad composed approximately 23 songs for Mukesh, out of which 15 were solos and 8 were duets. Naushad used Mukesh’s voice in 2 phases. The first was late 40′s phase (1948-1949), when Naushad created some of the best gems for Mukesh including Kabhi dil dil sai takrata to hoga, Main bhanwara tou hai phool and Tu kahe agar. After 1949, Naushad started to patronize Mohammad Rafi as his main singer and Mukesh got sidelined. Naushad didn’t use Mukesh voice for the next 19 years until Saathi (1968) was released.
Mukesh’s main co-singer under Naushad’s baton was Shamshad Begum, Naushad utilized the nasalish tinge in their voices to full extent and they sang 4 duets together for Naushad, all of which are considered classics today – Bhol gaye kiyoun de ke sahara, Aai sawan rut aai, Mein Bhanwara tu hai phool and Mera dil todne wale.
Naushad on Mukesh
I used to call him Mukesh Babu. He was a singer who belonged to Kundan Lal Saigal’s school. Mukesh was excellent in low tones. There was a certain sadness in his voice but the moment he was taken to the high notes, he used to get shaken. Many music directors, including me, were guilty of asking him to sing in a higher pitch.
One particular trait Mukesh Babu had was that he could never sing without a harmonium. This was because he thought that he would go out of tune. In fact, many times I had to pad up the harmonium and whenever we did that the result was much better.
I used Mukesh Babu’s voice for my songs in two phases. First spell was during late forties when films like “Mela”, “Anokhi Ada”, and “Andaz” were made and the second phase started with “Saathi” and so on, which continued intermittently till his sad demise in 1976. The last song I recorded on him was for the film “Pukar” which Producer/Director Sohrab Modi was making in late seventies. I very clearly remember an incident that took place at the time of the song session. After recording the song everyone was being paid. Even Mukesh Babu was given his packet. Everybody was knowing that Modi Saab was passing through a very difficult financial condition. As soon as the packet was received by Mukesh babu, he returned it to Modi Saab with the words, “Take this back, make your film. When it becomes a jubilee hit, pay me double this amount”.
Mukesh-Naushad Collaboration
Mukesh sang approximately 23 songs for Naushad. Details are provided below :-
Song Year Film Co-Singers
Bhol gaye kyon de ke sahara 1948 Anokhi Ada Shamshad Begum
Bhulne wale yaad na aa 1948 Anokhi Ada
Kabhi dil dil se takrata to hoga 1948 Anokhi Ada
Manzil ki dhun mein jhumte 1948 Anokhi Ada
Ye pyar ke bante ye safar bhool 1948 Anokhi Ada
Aai savan ritu aai sajan mora 1948 Mela Shamshad Begum
Dharti ko aakash pukare 1948 Mela
Gaye ja geet milan ke 1948 Mela
Main bhanwara to hai phool 1948 Mela Shamshad Begum
Mera dil todne wale mere dil ki 1948 Mela Shamshad Begum
Hum aaj kahen dil kho bathe 1949 Andaz
Jhoom jhoom ke nacho aaj gaao khusi 1949 Andaz
Kyun pheri nazar (unreleased) 1949 Andaz
Toote na dil toote na 1949 Andaz
Tu kahe agar, tu kahe agar 1949 Andaz
Aankhe khuli thi aayen the wohi 1968 Saathi
Bhool ja,jo chala gaya use bhool ja 1968 Saathi
Husn-e-jaana idhar aa aaina hun 1968 Saathi
Mera pyar bhi tu hai ye bahar i 1968 Saathi Suman Kulyanpur
Mera pyar bhi tu hai ye bahar ii 1968 Saathi Suman Kulyanpur
Jinke karan…kar bhala hoga bhala 1972 Tange Wala
Kahi saawan…bheegi bheegi hawa 1975 Sunehra Sansar Lata Mangeshkar
Rahega jahan mein tera naam 1986 Love And God Mohammad Rafi, Talat Mahmood, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey


Nitin ji,

The above unreleased song is not in the list. Kabhi dil dil se takrata to hoga from Anokhi Ada has a small duet version also. Also, I have included 2 songs from Pukar (unreleased) to arrive at a tally of 26-28.



Rahega jahan mein tera naam 1986 Love And God Mohammad Rafi, Talat Mahmood, Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey

One cannot detect the voice of Mukesh in this song. So how one can describe this song as a Mukesh song is a mystery to me.


Atul ji,
Even I could not detect his voice in the song. If you look at the video clip of the song, half a dozen more singers could have been easily accommodated. 🙂
Lastly, if you look at the titles of this movie, Mukesh’s name is very much mentioned on screen. So he is there somewhere. 🙂


You are right. I do not want to contest your figures. I was searching for the reasons for the huge gap in their career and stumbled upon this item.
One must find out the reason. There has to be some valid reason I am sure. Thanks


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