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Khuda kare o jaaneman

Posted on: October 14, 2015

This article is written by Aparna H M, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

How nice it would be to be pampered as soon as you get up-with scores of attendants waiting upon you? Ah, indulgence. Mumtaz I envy you ?

Well, I am not crazy. But just crazy about a song from “Samson” in which Mumtaz is the lady who is the privileged one. The picturization shows a princess getting from her bed. A princess whose bed is made up of light and soft feathers, with satin sheets and all ……. A horde of lady attendants waiting on her before she even opens her eyes! The attendants runs up and down fetching her an overcoat, soft/comfy slippers etc. On top of it, there is a lady, Ameeta, singing to her a kind of suprabhaat. Our princess gets praised for her beauty and her youth early in the morning just like the Gods get praised for their magnanimity and benevolence. There is a tinge of sadness in the singer’s expressions which is ever so slight. Does she have dreams of her own pleading with God and is she like a worshipper whose entreaties are shoved to a corner by the Almighty?? May be so ?

Is Ameeta envying the princess? She is also a beauty. Is she jealous because she is of a lower social status? Does she have a lover who does not pamper her as she pampers the princess? Only those who have seen the movie can give the right answers. I will stop conjecturing here. Otherwise, my fertile brain can go on and on ……

“pal bhar ke liye koi hame pyaar kar le, jhoota hi sahi”. Why this song? There is similarity between this song and the song under discussion I feel. The “pal bhar” song has the singer getting desperate and hoping that somebody falls in love with him even if it is under falsehood. And I want to be indulged in the same way as Mumtaz is even though I am pretty sure it will not happen. It doesn’t happen even in dreams for me, badnaseebwaali na ?

Getting on to the song … It is sung by my great favourite Lata ji. Her voice sounds different in this song to me, anybody concurring with me? Sweet, sugared, honeyed voice, as always of the songs from this period. The way she prolongs Khuda in the second line, ah!!! I have nothing to describe it. Music is by that unfortunate Music Director Chitragupt. What a melody he has made, waah waah. I fell head over heels in love with the tune the first time I heard it. The lyrics are by Majrooh Sultanpuri whose has used a few heavy duty Urdu words. Avinash ji helped me with those. Thank you so much for Avinash ji ….

The song is from a B grade movie called Samson. Dara Singh is the hero and Mumtaz is the heroine. Ameeta and Feroz Khan are the second rung heroine and hero. It is one of those uncommon songs where Lata ji has sung for a less fortunate member in a movie.

Listen and enjoy as I did…

PS: ok ok, there are a few who don’t like Lata ji’s voice as her fans do. Those who don’t like her thin voice can stay away (this is directed at a particular person and he will know if he reads the article) 🙂


Song-Khuda kare o jaaneman (Samson)(1964) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Chitragupta


Khuda kare o jaaneman
Khuda kare o jaaneman
ke tu kali gulaab ki
mehek tere shabaab ki
Khili rahe chaman chaman
Khuda kare o jaaneman
Khuda kare o jaaneman
Ke tu kali gulaab ki
Mehek tere shabaab ki
Khili rahe chaman chaman
Khuda kare o jaaneman

Yeh tu hai khwaab-e-naaz mein
Ke nagmaa jaise saaz mein
Yeh tu hai khwaab-e-naaz mein
Ke nagmaa jaise saaz mein
Hatheliyon se aankh mal
Khila de laaj ke kanwal
Yeh subah gulfishaan rahe ae
Yeh subah gulfishaan rahe
Haseen rahe jawaan rahe
Teri adaa ka baankpan
Khuda kare o jaaneman
Khuda kare o jaaneman

Ghula hai rang lehar mein
Machi hai dhoom sheher mein
Ghula hai rang leher mein
Machi hai dhoom sheher mein
Ke tu nahin hai kaamini
Nahaa rahi hai daamini
Yoon hi fizaa suhaani mein ae
Yoon hi fizaa suhaani mein
Lagaaye aag paani mein
Yeh aaftaab sa badan
Khuda kare o jaaneman
Khuda kar o jaaneman

Yeh rang hai singaar ka
Ke roop hai bahaar ka
Yeh rang hai singaar ka
Ke roop hai bahaar ka
Idhar bhi dekh jaan-e-jaan
Ke main hoon tera aainaa
Kabhi toh raah bhool ke ae
Kabhi toh raah bhool ke
Dilon pe aaye jhool ke
Teri yeh zulf ki shikan
Khuda kare o jaaneman
Khuda kare o jaaneman
Ke tu kali gulaab ki
Mehek tere shabaab ki
Khili rahe chaman chaman
Khuda kare o jaaneman

18 Responses to "Khuda kare o jaaneman"

Nice tune, Aparnaji. As I hear it,
‘mal’ is correct,
“aankh daab’ should be ‘aaftaab’.


Its Ameeta not Mumtaz.


I mean Ameeta singing for Mumtaz.


Lata has sung differently dipped in sogh(cannot translate). She has sung many a times for C films. Remember Usha Khanna and her tribe’s song. The beauty of old films is that whether the films were A B C but the songs were always A!!!
I hope you are not referring to OPN who is long dead who considered her voice patli. Must be somebody else.
Thanks for the treat.


Please send that person to me for a day and If I cannot convert him to an ardent fan of Lataji, I will change my name.
(By the way, can you send me some good names, suitable for me, in case ….)


I am searching for a person who can make you an ardent fan of Mahendra Kapoor!!!

Now I am running for a cover in case……….. 🙂


Good one!!!


That person is not born yet. By the time, he gains puberty, he will have to meet me in heaven to convince me.


Let me clarify…I am not that person.
I love Lata’s voice !


Curious to know,who that person is……about whom was Aparna ji talking ?


Aparna ji
Thank you for a nice Lata(Please read “my all time favourite LATA”) song, I like it, ………..


My … My…
I am really intrigued.
The identity of the person, indicated but not revealed by Aparna ji, has assumed the dimensions of being a mystery bigger than the Sheena Bora Murder case; certainly not less than “Kotappa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara?”.
Lest it be construed otherwise, I clarify: It is certainly not me.
Avadh Lal


I don’t know why but the singing style, lilt in voice and melody at a few places reminded me of the immortal non-filmi ghazal of Hafeez Jalandhari, “Abhi to main jawan hoon”, by the inimitable Mallika Pukhraj.
By the way, who had composed that?
Request our learned seniors to enlighten me.
Thanks & regards,
Avadh Lal


Lata’s voice sounds different in this song and yes, after reading your comment, I also feel that, there is resemblance to the NFS.


Thank you all for liking the song. I was not in station for the last 5-6 days, so the acknowledgement is coming late.
The identity of the person has to remain under wraps unless the targeted person wishes to reveal himself. But I don’t have much hopes of him reading the article and disclosing himself. So, there is remains, overtaking Sheen Bora’s murder case. Enjoyed the comments very much and I also LOL.


Pratap ji, thank you very much for the correction in the lyrics.


you are most welcome Aparnaji.


Aparna ji,
Thanks for the post ( I opened it only today).
Very lilting song. A grade song from B grade movie!
K S Shenoy


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