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Banni tera jhoola hai anmol

Posted on: December 27, 2015

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“Station Master”(1942) was directed by Chimanlal Luhar for Prakash Pictures. The story, screenplay and dialogues were written by P L Santoshi and V. Aundhkar. The movie had Prem Adeeb, Ratnamala, Jagdish Sethi, Kaushalya, Jeevan, Suraiyya, Gulab, Amirbai, Pratima devi, Shakir, Umakant Desai etc in it.

There were twelve songs in this movie. Nine songs from the movie have been discussed in the past. The song under discussion is the tenth song from “Station Master”(1942).

All songs of this movie are available. The story of this song available online did not make sense to me vis a vis the songs of the movie so I decided to watch the movie myself. Having just watched the movie, I find that the story of the movie doing the rounds online is misleading.

The actual story, in brief is

Arun (Prem Adib), a train guard, lives with his mother. Parmanand (Jagdish Sethi), a widower, is a station master who has a daughter called Usha (Ratnamala). A pointsman (name of the actor not known to me) is close to him and is his right hand man for him in his personal as well as professional life. Pointsman’s wife (played by Amirbai Karnataki) has taken care of motherless Usha for the last 16 years. Pointsman and his wife have a son and a daughter. Daughter is played by Suraiyya. Actor’s name playing the son is not known to me.

Niranjan (actor playing this role is not known to me) is Divisional Traffic Superintentent and is a big Railway official for other characters in the movie. He is a widower and his sister (name of actress not known) is dying to see him remarry. Cunning Manikbabu (Jeevan) puts in the word to Niranjan’s sister that Usha is a suitable girl for Niranjan. The two of them visit Parmanand’s residence, see Usha and approve her.

Usha herself has fallen in love with Arun, of course.

Manikbabu (Jeevan) would want Arun to marry his “paagal” daughter (played by Kaushalya). Arun’s mother visits Manikbabu to see his daughter and Manikbabu shows her Usha instead of showing his “paagal” daughter, and Arun’s mother naturally approves of the girl, thinking her to be Manikbabu’s daughter.

Usha, realising that she was being married off to Niranjan, a much older man, against her wishes loses her zest for life. Later, on repeated insistence by her father, she tells him that she is in love with Arun.

Parmanand is so distracted by this news that he is unable to concentrate on his job as a station master. His absent mindedness on job causes a railway accident in which an express train collides with a goods train.

An enquiry is held. All witnesses try to lie to protect him but Parmanand himself tells the truth and accepts his mistake. In filmy style, he is exonerated just because he tells the truth and accepts his guilt. In real life, he would be dismissed from service, no matter whether he spoke the truth or not.

Usha is advised to sacrifice her happiness and get married to Niranjan for the sake of her father who would otherwise lose his job.

Arun is made the guard of the baaraat special. When Manikbabu comes to know that Arun is the guard, he objects and when Niranjan asks the reason, he blurts out that Arun and Usha were in love with each other.

The movie ends on an illogical note when the bride and bridegroom are getting married and Niranjan enters the mandap, much to the surprise of baaraatis. If Niranjan is not the groom, then who is the groom ? It is Arun, of course. Niranjan, on getting to know about Arun and Usha had decided to get then married. He gives a sermon to the baaraatis on the ill effects of getting people married against their wishes etc. 🙂

So, a movie that was going along quite logically sees a couple of illogical twists, that lead to a rather artificial happy ending for the movie.

Here is the tenth song from the movie. This song is the final song of the movie, where Usha is set to be married off to Niranjan (that is what everyone thinks at that time, of course). The song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki and chorus. Pt Indra Chandra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

Audio (Full)

Video (Partial)

Song-Banni tera jhoola hai anmol (Station Master)(1942) Singer-Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Pt Indra Chandra, MD-Naushad


Banni tera jhoola hai anmol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol
Banni tere jhoole mein jeewan jhulaaye
Banni tere jhoole mein jeewan jhulaaye
banni tere jeewan mein aaj kaun aaye
banni tere jeewan mein aaj kaun aaye
banni zara ghoonghat ke pat khol
banni zara ghoonghat ke pat khol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol

banni tere peechhe rahe andhiyaare
banni tere peechhe rahe andhiyaare
banni teri pooja kare ujiyaare
banni teri pooja kare ujiyaare
banni tera banna hi jaane mol
banni tera banna hi jaane mol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol
Banni tera jhoola hai anmol


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