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O my dear o my sanam

Posted on: December 31, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This is a fun video dance-cum-song from film Labela-66, featuring Master Bhagwan and Kumkum in the scene.

I am discussing a song from the 1960s after a long time. Even the last song of 1960s discussed by me had come after a long gap. Songs from the 1960s, especially from the latter half of the decade were not to my taste as much as I relish songs from the earlier years. I have selected today’s song for the purpose of discussing the life and career events of Master Bhagwan showing his other less known side.

Bhagwan Abaaji Palav, son of a lower middle class mill worker was born in Bombay on 1-8-1913. He was not much interested in studies but was keen to get a muscular body-just like Master Vithal, his Idol till the end. Bhagwan was successful in gaining a very muscular physique and on the strength of this alone, he got entry in films. He joined films in 1931. Though the First Talkie film came in 1931, silent films were still being made till 1934. Bhagwan worked in many silent films till 1933. His films were mostly stunt and action films.

Those days most of the popular silent films were stunt or action films. Social films were very few. There were plenty of Mythological films too. There was a good demand for Bhagwan. Like Bhagwan, some other actors of the silent era were Bilimoria brothers-Dinshaw and Eddie,Jal Khambata,Ganapat Bakre, Kadam Brothers-Chandrarao and Harishchandra Kadam, Baburao Pahilwan, Nandram Pahilwan, Vasantram Pahilwan, Marutirao Pahilwan, Yeshwant Dave, Boman Shroff, Sayani, Master Siraj, Navinchandra, Madhav Kale, Manohar Ghatwai, Khalil, Raja Sandow etc etc. There was a crop of stunt actors calling themselves “Pahilwan” because it was synonymous with strength and power.

When the Talkie films started, Bhagwan had no problems unlike some other actors of silent era, because he was fluent in Hindi/Urdu. He rarely spoke in Marathi. In his initial films, he would even sing his own songs. He dreamt of becoming a Director and finally he got an opportunity of directing a film-Bahadur Kisan-38, though as a co-director with Chandrarao Kadam, who was the owner of the production company. Bhagwan was also acting in the film and he had some songs to sing in the film. The film had music by Meer Sahib, and C. Ramchandra was his assistant. During rehearsals and recordings, C Ramchandra and Bhagwan became friends.

When Bhagwan was offered a Tamil film to direct in 1941, he offered the music direction of this film to C Ramchandra. The film was being made in Bombay itself. After this film, Bhagwan was invited to direct yet another Tamil film, “Van Mohini”-41 in Madras. Here too Bhagwan called C Ramchandra as its Music Director. Luckily, the music of this film became very popular in Madras region.

In 1942, Bhagwan was directing a film, “Sukhi Jeevan”. He decided to give a break to C. Ramchandra in a Hindi film and offered him this film. Thus C Ramchandra made an entry in Hindi films as a music director. When C Ramchandra became very popular as a Music Director he repaid this gesture from Bhagwan by working for free and composing iconic music in Bhagwan’s first social film, “Albela”-51.

Though different sources differ about the exact number of films Bhagwan acted in,it is certain that he acted in more than 300 films. From 1942 to 1966 he directed 34 films, most of which were stunt and action films. Contrary to what people thought, Bhagwan never acted as a Hero in his stunt/action films. In most of these films, the Hero would be Baburao Pahilwan. Another funny thing was, for all his films , the story and the plot would be the same with just minor variations here and there.

The standard story of his movies used to be :

Two vagabond young friends from a village come to Bombay to do something spectacular, so that their villagers would know that they were not just”good for nothing” fellows but great achievers. Baburao pehelwan and Bhagwan used to be these two friends. In Bombay, they would meet a rich Seth ji ( role reserved for Azimbhai-who later on became a famous fight master in Hindi films).

The Seth ji is harassed by a villain ( Vasantrao Pehelwan-always). Seth ji wants protection from him and appoints these two friends for this purpose. Seth ji has a young daughter who has a Maid ( these roles were done by Shanta Patel,Chanchal,Leela Gupte,Usha Shukla,Vitha Lohkare etc by turns ). Hero Baburao loved Seth ji’s daughter and Bhagwan loved the Maid.

Now, the same story plot would be in all his stunt films like Badala, Jalan, Laalach, Bhedi Bungala, Madadgaar or some such title. Whatever the title, story would be more or less same. Bhagwan and his team had a captive audience who came to the theatres to see there fights and were least bothered about the story, histrionics etc. His films would be made in a budget of about 60 to 70 thousand rupees only.

Actor Shyam was Bhagwan’s good friend. Once Shyam said, “I want to work in your films.” Bhagwan said,”First you see the shooting of our films and then we will talk.”

It was decided that Shyam would visit Jagriti studios of Bhagwan to see the shooting of film Laalach-48. Next day Shyam and Munawar Sultana came to see the shooting. A fight scene was being shot. Baburao Pehelwan was single handedly fighting with 3-4 gundaas. During the shooting Baburao got a forceful hit fro a fighter and he fell down from the First floor gallery on a glass table below. The table was shattered into pieces. Seeing this, Shyam and M.Sultana shouted in horror,thinking that Baburao would die from this fall. They hurriedly left.

Luckily, Baburao was safe with some scratches. He tied a hankerchief on his wound and started the fight again. When Shyam returned, he was astonished to see Baburao doing the shoot. Bhagwan asked Shyam, “so Shyam, do you still want to work in my films ? ” Shyam shuddered and said, “No Baba, who wants to die doing stunts ? ” Ironically Shyam actually died while doing a Horse riding stunt in the film Shabistan-51 !

Master Bhagwan made “Albela-51” and became famous all over India, as the film and its music became very popular. However, after “Albela”, Bhagwan could never repeat this success in any of his subsequent films. Not only that, he lost heavily in his productions. He had to sell his 25 rooms, sea facing bungalow at Juhu, sell all his 7 cars ( which he would use one per day of the week), sold his studio and stayed in a two room tenement in a Chawl at Dadar. All his friends left him except C Ramchandra, Omprakash and Rajinder krishna, who used to visit him in his chawl also till they died. When Bhagwan died, all his friends had died before him.

Bhagwan is a case of “Rags to Riches” as well as “Riches to Rags”. His first film-silent- was “Ashiq bewafa”-31 and his last released film was Maahir-96.

Today’s song is from film Labela-66, which happened to be his last attempt at direction. The Music Director of this movie was his friend C Ramchandra. Both C Ramchandra and Bhagwan were in their twilight zone, where they were pale shadows of their glorious past and their pathetic attempts at reviving their old magic was proving futile.

Labela-66 was a story of double role and a mistaken identity. Kumkum did the double role.

As far as Double roles are concerned, here are some interesting Trivias about Double Roles in Hindi films.

1. The first ever Double role was in silent film, “Lanka Dahan”-1917,in which actor Anna Salunkhe did the roles of both Ram and Seeta !

2. The first double role in a Talkie was done by Shahu Modak in film,”Awara Shehzada”-33. The film was based on Hollywood film,”The prince and the Pauper”.-1929

3. From 1931 to 2014, there were 318 films having double or multiple roles.

4. From 1957 to 2014 there was at least one film every year, having double role.

5. In the decade of the 90s. maximum-81 films had double roles.

6. In 1974 , maximum films-12 came with double roles.

7. maximum double role films are done by Amitabh bachhan- 15
Kader Khan-14 ( from 1988 to 1995, one double role film every year)
Rajesh Khanna-11
Mithun Chakravarty-11

8. In film Trikaal-85, 5 actors had double roles.

( Double role information are collected from Internet)

Today’s song from Labela-66 does not sound like a C Ramchnadra song at all. It sounds like a copy of Shankar-Jaikishen song, with an use of heavy orchestra and loud music. There is no melody, which was a hallmark of C Ramchandra music in early days. In the late 1960s he was not getting films and he busied himself with stage shows all over the world. Bhagwan was almost 54 year old at that and even after a heavy make up his age was showing on the screen. What suited him when he was in his 30s ( Albela) no longer suited him when he was advancing towards his 60s.

Nevertheless, he was still Bhagwan dada…and seeing him on the screen, with his heavy body, very large eyes and the winning smile was still a treat. So, enjoy this video song and Rock n Roll music.
(Information in this article is based on the books of Isak Mujawar)


Song-O my dear O my sanam (Laabelaa)(1966) Singers-C Ramchandra, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-C Ramchandra



yes yes
arre waah

o my dear
arri o my sanam
teri yes no mein
maare gaye ham
o my dear
o my sanam

o shahar ke baabu
main shahri haseena
tujhse pyaar kiya to
mushqil ho gaya jeena

arre beeta aahen bharte poora ek maheena
teri dillagi mein
nikal gaya dam
o my dear
o my sanam

hamne wo sab seekhaa
toone jo sikhaaya
phir bhi apna waada
toone na nibhaaya
?aashiq ban baithhe
ishq na karna aaya
kaisa anaadi hai tu balam dear

arri o my sanam

dil mein sau thhin baaten
toone ik na jaani
ham tere ho baithhe
kar baithhe naadaani

arri main hoon seedha saada
aashiq hindustaani
lekin main pyaar mein tujhse nahin kam
o my dear
o my dear
teri yes no mein maare gaye ham
o my dear
o my sanam
teri yes no mein maare gaye ham


yes yes yes
no no
no no no
ho yes
arre yes
no no no no no
what no
I say yes
kehta hoon yes

o yes
o no

2 Responses to "O my dear o my sanam"

In 1942, as a part of a scene in the movie Jung-E-Azadi, Bhagwan was to slap her hard. Being a new actor, he accidentally slapped her very hard, which resulted in facial paralysis and a burst left eye vein. Three years of treatment later, she was left with a defective left eye; thus she had to abandon lead roles and switch to character roles, which won her much of her fame later in life.
I think Bhagwan was instrumental in giving break to Anand Bakshi in a Brij Mohan’s film titled, “Bhala Aadmi”, 1958, acted by Bhagwan. He wrote 4 songs in this film. His first song in the film was “Dharti Ke Laal Na Kar Itna Malaal”


I was referring to Lalita Pawar.


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