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Aansoo Bhi De Sakey Na Sahaare Kabhi Kabhi

Posted on: March 15, 2016

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Songs to Tickle Your Memory – 31
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Memories may be of joy, or they may be of melancholy. But memories are always very dear to the heart. Always. For the memories carry segments of our own past, our experiences, and the times that we have traveled through. If we could control time, life would have no place for memories. If we could navigate the time, as we navigate the space, then we could, at will, return to the past moments and relive them, as we desired. But no, the time is not in our control. We are, in turn, tied to an ever forward-progressing passage of time, where the moments once passed, can never be revisited. And so, the Designer of this universe, invented the artifact of memory, placed it in our brains, and linked it to our hearts and minds. And so, we remember.

We remember the joys with glee; we remember the fearful with respect or disdain; we remember the successes with exhilaration; we remember pleasant encounters with warmth and love. And we also remember – the losses and the longings, with a helplessness that is tinged with sadness. The emotions are many, but the heart and mind treasures them equally well. And why not. These memories are an inseparable part of our own self, our own existence. What we are today, is a sum total of all the experiences and emotions that we have lived through. We love them all – the happinesses and the sadnesses are equally dear to me, for they both are mine; they both are me.

This sound of melancholia is another dear memory from the radio listening days. As with many other such wonderful experiences, this memory also faded away from the center stage of the mind. But the tickler remained buried somewhere in the gray matter. All it needed was a reminder to enliven it once again. And the reminder this time came from dear Girdharilal ji Vishwakarma (of Jodhpur), a name that does not need an introduction here in these pages. His standing as an aficionado of Hindi film music of the golden era is quite well known amongst the lovers of HFM within and outside the country.

I got a message from him last week, checking whether I had this song with me. In fact, his message did not contain the song title. His message was a crisp enquiry for “song no. 5” of the film Labela (1966). I checked up the Geet Kosh, and was still not startled – the song is listed with a leading verse, and the abbreviated ’mukhda’ is relegated the latter part the title. I still missed connecting to the song.

Next I checked in my collection, and yes, “song no. 5” is sitting there. I copied it to the hard disk, and played it. When the strains of music came up after the leading verse, I felt the goosebumps coming up on my skin. Suddenly the abbreviated ‘mukhda’ line exploded into my mind, just as the song recording was primed to start the song ‘mukhda’. And I remembered. This sound of melancholy that was forgotten for many years. Thanks Girdharilal ji.

‘Labela’ has six songs listed in the Geet Kosh, of which this today is the second song to find its place on our blog. There is a couple of more gems in the remaining songs, waiting to come on board. The songs are all written by Anand Bakshi. Music direction is by C Ramchandra. Goodness, how much had changed in just a decade. A decade earlier than this film, a film with C Ram’s music would be all songs in Lata’s voice. In 1966, all the songs carry Asha’s voice. And the fortunes of this once much celebtrated music director were very much on the downswing.

The film is in the stunt genre, produced under the banner of Young India Entertainers, Bombay, and is directed by Bhagwan. The lead pair is Sujit Kumar and Kum Kum. The rest of the cast list includes Bhagwan himself, Om Prakash, Helen, Bela Bose, Ratanmala, Maruti, Anwar Husain, and a long list of more names that are not familiar.

Back in 1819, the poet Percy Shelley penned the immortal lines as part of the iconic poem ‘To A Skylark‘, the lines that bore the destiny of immortalizing the anthropic insight into the human mind’s love for the despondent gloom as the source of a charming appeal to sadness itself. He wrote,

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought

And this theme, picked up by Shailendra, is eteched into the minds of the lovers of Hindi film music, when he wrote

Hain Sabse Madhur Wo Geet Jinhen Hum Dard Ke Sur Mein Gaate Hain” – film ‘Patita’ (1953).

It is the human mind’s preference for the melancholia that is the source of sweetness and true love. The sentiment plays itself out as this song progresses. Listen to this long faded gem, and relive the ecstasy of sadness.


Song – Aansoo Bhi De Sakey Na Sahaare Kabhi Kabhi (Labela) (1966) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – Anand Bakshi, MD – C Ramchandra


kabhi taqdeer ne itna hamen majboor kar daala
ke hamne aap apnon ko nazar se door kar daala

aanso bhi de sakey na sahaare kabhi kabhi
sahaare kabhi kabhi
roney lagey jo ranj ke maare kabhi kabhi
aanso bhi de sakey na sahaare kabhi kabhi
sahaare kabhi kabhi

baadal kahin baras ke jo roya to kya huaa
toofaan ne safina duboya to kya hua
kashti dubo gaye hain kinaare kabhi kabhi
kinaare kabhi kabhi

rootha jahaan hum se
khafaa aasmaan hua
apne hi aashiyaan pe kafas ka gumaan hua
aise bhi din chaman mein guzaare kabhi kabhi
guzaare kabhi kabhi
roney lagey jo ranj ke maare kabhi kabhi
aanso bhi de sakey na sahaare kabhi kabhi
sahaare kabhi kabhi

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

कभी तक़दीर ने इतना हमें मजबूर कर डाला
के हमने आप अपनों को नज़र से दूर कर डाला

आँसू भी दे सके ना सहारे कभी कभी
सहारे कभी कभी
रोने लगे जो रंज के मारे कभी कभी
आँसू भी दे सके ना सहारे कभी कभी
सहारे कभी कभी

बादल कहीं बरस के जो रोया तो क्या हुआ
तूफान ने सफ़ीना डुबोया तो क्या हुआ
कश्ती डुबो गए हैं किनारे कभी कभी
किनारे कभी कभी

रूठा जहान हमसे
खफा आसमां हुआ
अपने ही आशियाँ पे कफ़स का गुमाँ हुआ
ऐसे भी दिन चमन में गुज़ारे कभी कभी
गुज़ारे कभी कभी
रोने लगे जो रंज के मारे कभी कभी
आँसू भी दे सके ना सहारे कभी कभी
सहारे कभी कभी


1 Response to "Aansoo Bhi De Sakey Na Sahaare Kabhi Kabhi"

Sudhir ji,

Excellent write-up. A beautiful gradual build-up to the highly sentimental gem by Asha ji.
Unable to believe its a CR composition.
“relive the ecstasy of sadness”….was a very classic way to end the post.

Many Thanks.

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