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Ae dil mere na ro

Posted on: March 15, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

I often gets confused in recognising the voice of Meena Kapoor while listening to mp3 clips of her rare songs and the reason is that I find her voice closely resembling that of Geeta Dutt. I feel that, in a way, Meena Kapoor is to Geeta Dutt what Suman Kalyanpur is to Lata Mangeshkar. I can understand as to why Suman Kalyanpur lagged behind Lata Mangeshkar in terms of playback singing assignments as, among other reasons, the latter had already established her footprint in Bollywood when Suman Kalyanpur entered some time in 1954. But why did Meena Kapoor not get as many assignments as a playback singer as Geeta Dutt got when both started their playback singing at the same time?

Both Meena Kapoor and Geeta Dutt started their playback singing careers in 1946 – Meena Kapoor with ‘Aath Din’ (1946) while Geeta Dutt with ‘Bhakt Prahlad’ (1946). While the first released song sung by Meena Kapoor, kisi se meri preet lagi main kyaa karoon from ‘Aath Din’ (1946) became a hit, Geeta Dutt had to wait for another year to get a hit song mera sundar sapna beet gaya from ‘Do Bhai’ (1947). But it was Geeta Dutt who stole a clear march over Meena Kapoor during 1946-1949, the period before Lata Mangeshkar established herself as a force to reckon with. During this period, Geeta Dutt sang close to 180 songs as against 63 songs rendered by Meena Kapoor.

In an interview sometime in 2004, Meena Kapoor had said that when she started her playback singing career, she was in school and her father Bikram Kapoor did not want her schooling to be affected by playback singing. Probably this condition may have limited the number of playback singing assignments she could accept in the initial stage of her career. But more importantly, she had also said in the interview that ‘I was not ambitious’ in pursuing the playback singing career. Her active years of playback singing career was during 1946-54 and in her entire career, she sang around 160 songs in 77 Hindi films. Her playback singing virtually came to an end when she and Anil Biswas decided to shift to New Delhi sometime in early 1960s.

During her entire playback singing career, Meena Kapoor had sung just three duets (one each) with the 3 top male playback singers of her time in the 50s – Mukesh ( ab yaad na kar bhool jaa), Mohammed Rafi (tumko dil de baithe hain) and Talat Mehmood ( ae dil mere na ro, which is yet to be posted on the Blog). So, I am presenting the song ‘ae dil mere na ro’ from the film MAJBOORI (CHHOTI BAHEN, 1954).

The film was produced under the banner of Murli Movietone and was directed by Ram Daryani. The star cast included Balraj Sahani, Shyama, Gope, Kumar, Jeevan, Gulab, Pramila etc. There were 8 songs in the film written by D N Madhok (7) and Pandit Gaafil (1) which were set to music by Robin Chatterjee. The song under discussion was penned by D N Madhok.

With this song, ‘Majboori’ (Chhoti Bahen, 1954) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Ae dil mere na ro (Majboori)(1954) Singers-Talat Mehmood, Meena Kapoor, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Robin Chatterji


aankhen bhari huyi hain
aur dil bhara huaa hai
in baadalon ke peechhe ae
maaloom nahin kyaa hai
ae dil mere na ro o

ae dil mere na ro o
thham jaao aasuon
ae dil mere na ro o
thham jaao aasuon
kis haal mein hoon main
unko khabar na ho o
ae dil mere na ro o

kyun chaand baadalon mein aen
rooposh ho gaya hai
kyun chaand baadalon mein aen
rooposh ho gaya hai
taara meri kismat kaa aa
kyun haay so gaya hai
o aasmaan waale ae
ab to daya karo o
kis haal mein hoon main aen
unko khabar na ho o
ae dil mere na ro o

o kaali ghataaon tum
ye unse jaa ke kehna
o kaali ghataaon tum
ye unse jaa ke kehna
wo waqt jab nahin hai ae
ye waqt nahin rehna
chalti huyi chakki(?) hum
kehte hai tere jag ko
kis haal mein hoon main aen
unko khabar na ho o
ae dil mere na ro o

2 Responses to "Ae dil mere na ro"

Meenaji has sung a delightful duet with Kishore Kumar in Mashooqa [1953]: Yeh sama hum tum jawan ! May be, Kishore Kumar was not reckoned among the top then!


P. Gaafil>>first 2 songs are superb
Yaad Rakhna Sanam Pyar Ki Dastaa
Mubarak Begum Krishna Kamal Daku Mansoor (1961)
Khoya Hua Dil Mil Gaya >>>>My fav. song. What a tune!!!!
Asha Krishna Kamal Daku Mansoor (1961)
Aansu Na Baha Kar Yaad Use, Jo Is Sansar Ka Naata Hai
Mohammed Rafi Lachchhi Ram Guru Ghantal (1956)
Yeh Kaise Yog Liya Sarkar Maine Sarkar
Mohammed Rafi, Geeta Dutt Lachchhi Ram Guru Ghantal (1956)
Ek Din Radha Ne Li Ghanshyam Ki Murali Churay
Meena Kapoor Robin Chatterjee Majboori (1954)


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