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Pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakhaa

Posted on: April 2, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from a popular film Shiv Parvati-1962. Recently, a song from film “Shankar Parvati” was posted here. It is a coincidence. The stories of both the films are more or less the same, with little changes here and there to suit the changed tastes of audience.

After the 1950 film, “Har har Mahadev”, the pair of Trilok Kapoor (as Bhagwan Shankar) and Nirupa Roy (as Maa Parvati) became so popular that they acted together in another 18 Mythological films in the next few years ! Though Nirupa Roy shifted to Social films ( 11 films with Balraj Sahni and a record 21 films with Ashok Kumar), Trilok kapoor continued his career with other actresses. In today’s film-Shiv Parvati-62, he was Lord Shiv and the role of Maa Parvati was done by ….PadminiRaagini.

Mythological/religious films have been popular ever since films started- first the silent and later the Talkie films. This was also because the heart touching traditional stories of gods and Goddesses were available in plenty to film makers from our epics like The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Geeta and the 18 Puranas-each with a God’s name, like Shiv Puran, Vishnu puran etc etc.

The decade of 1950’s was the prime decade for such films. In the 10 years’ period, a total of 124 Religious films were made ( not counting unreleased or incomplete films). This worked out to an average of One such film every month for the next 10 years ! After 1960 the rate of making religious films slowed down, in the 70s the speed was went down further. There were hardly one or two movies in the 80s. Beyond this period, this genre of movies became rarity and wonder !!.

Does it mean that people have become Atheists, after 1970 ? Certainly Not ! The advent of Television brought them home delivered entertainment and the elderly and the older people preferred to enjoy such movies at the comforts of their homes- thus reducing the captive audience of religious films at theatres. Mega serials like The Ramayan, the Maha Bharat and later many other long-running serials in Hindi and regional languages quenched their thirst of seeing Gods and Goddesses at the click of a button- at home. Even today, there is a sizable audience for Mythologicals, but they watch them at Homes and not at Theatres. Interestingly, many younger people too see such serials with interest along with their elders.

What is the difference between Mythological / Religious movies and Bhakti pradhan films ? Mythological / religious films are based on stories from Ramayan, Mahabharat or the Puranas. Bhakti pradhan films are based on the stories of Saints or Godmen. Mythological/Religious/ Pouranik are one genre. Thus a film on ‘Lav- kush’ is a Mythological film and a film depicting life and incidents of Sant Tukaram, Sant Kabir or Jagdguru Shankracharya is a Bhakti pradhan film.

Bhakti and Religion are two different things. Bhakti is a way to remember, to submit, to appease or dedicate oneself to his God or Deity. Holy books like Vishnu Puran and Bhagwadgeeta classify Bhakti in 9 forms….

1.Shravan…श्रवण…(Hearing) like Raja Parikshit

2.Keertan…कीर्तन…(Discourse) Like Thyagaraja

3.Smaran…स्मरण…( Remembering) Like Bhakta Prahlad

4.Paad sevan…पाद सेवन…( Remaining at Feet)..Like Lakshmi

5.Archan…अर्चना…( Worship)…Pooja

6.Vandana…वंदना…(Obeisance)…Sashtang Namaskar or Prostation.

7.Dasya…दास्य…( Service)…Like Hanuman

8.Sakhya…सख्य…( Friendship)…Like Arjuna and

9.Atmanivedan…आत्मनिवेदन…(Self Dedication) Like Meerabai

Presenting and listening to Bhajans on this Blogspot is a type of Shravan Bhakti,in a keener sense,but let us keep it out of this,here.

I am not going into the details of what is a Religion etc, because I feel that it is a highly personal matter and it should be limited to one’s personal space. In today’s climate, it is best to limit Religion to one’s home. However Bhakti is a part of every religion-may be in different forms, and may be called by other names.

A legend in Mythological films, Trilok Kapoor was born at Multan on 3-3-1912. At the age of 16 yrs., he followed elder brother at Calcutta. He started getting small roles in films. His first film was “Char Darvesh”-1933. Along with brother Prithviraj Kapoor,he too was a part of History making early films, like in the film Seeta-1934, which was the first Indian film to win an International Film Festival award. He was also in the film ‘Dhoop chhaon’-1935, in which Playback singing was tried in Indian Talkie films for the first time.

When Prithviraj Kapoor returned to Bombay, Trilok Kapoor followed suit and started acting in films there . He has done almost 250 films, most of them in smaller roles. He excelled in Mythological films, but it also deprived him from being considered for social films-unlike his illustrious brother. Nevertheless, he did act in some good social films, like Achhoot-40,Aankh ki sharm-43, “Mirza Sahibaan”-47, (he was Noorjehan’s Hero in it), Anand Bhawan-53, Raj Ratan-53, Kachhe dhage-73, Nehle pe dehla-76, Ram teri Ganga maili-85 etc etc. In spite of these movies, his name is mainly associated with Mythological films.

An occasional composer like Pratap Mukherjee tried to make Trilok Kapoor sing a duet with Rajkumari in his film ‘Aaj ki duniya’-40. later another composer Khan Mastana gave him 5 duets with Vanmala in the film “Raja Rani- 42. Either he himself or other composers soon realised that he was no singing material, and he stopped singing. However, due to his adventurous sojourn into the singing field, a “same name confusion’ occured when another singer named Trilok Kapoor appeared in Hindi films. The actor Trilok Kapoor and the singer Trilok Kapoor were two different persons. It has been proved and accepted now.

Today’s song, penned by Prem Dhawan and tuned by S.N.Tripathi is sung by Rafi and chorus. Incidentally. S.N.Tripathi was also the film’s Director and one of the actors in its star cast ! Though the mukhda and first few lines are common with the Mukesh song-posted earlier in the Blog, as an NFS, the lyrics are different mostly. Let us enjoy this bhajan….

Song-Pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakha (Shiv Parvati)(1962) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-S N Tripathi


om namah shivaay
om namah shivaay

pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakha
tum hi sab ke rakhwaare ho
pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakha
tum hi sab ke rakhwaare ho
jiska koi aadhar nahin
uske tum ek sahaare ho
pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakha
tum hi sab ke rakhwaare ho

aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aa a aa aa
aa aa aaa aaa aa
aa aa aa aa

teri leela aprampaar prabhu
teri mahima sabse nyaari hai
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

jab jab dharti par paap badha
toone hi vipda taari hai
is jeewan ke andhiyaare mein
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

is jeewan ke andhiyaare mein
bas ek tumhi ujiyaare ho
pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakha
tum hi sab ke rakhwaare ho
(aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
jiska koi aadhar nahin
uske tum ek sahaare ho


11 Responses to "Pitu maat sahaayak swaami sakhaa"

Deshmukh Saheb has given a great upload on navda bhakti. Thanks and kudos

Mohan ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.

Maa parvathi is padmini’s younger sister Ragini. It is not padmini. I have the booklet of that film.

Yep she is Ragini alright. Thanks

afsal ji,
You are right. It is Ragini. Regret the error.

I feel Mukesh NFS is far better.

“Though Nirupa Roy shifted to Social films ( 11 films with Balraj Sahni and a record 21 films with Ashok Kumar)”

–Whats the record here?

Sam ji,

Atleast I am not aware that any other lead pair has worked together in 21 films, in a span of 33 year period. If you know some other lead pair acting together for more number of times, we will be enlightened to know.


Dharmendra and Hema Malini has appeared together in 43 movies. Excluding cameos and movies where they were not paired opposite each other, movies where they were lead pair, come down to about 35. As far as i know, thats a record.

Similarly, Jeetendra and Rekha has worked together in 39 movies and as lead pair, in roughly 32 movies.


Sam ji,

There are few things one must consider about ANY record…

1. No record-generally- is permanent. Like Asha Bhosle’s record certified by Guinness for maximum recordings was recently broken by P .Susheela’s certificate by Guinness. Many such examples are available.
2. A record is for events upto that period, unless it is labelled ‘All time record” .
3. The so called records of Dharmendra-Hema and Jeetendra-Rekha were comparatively easier because of the rate at which the number of films are produced in later period. Ashok-Nirupa’s record was for 33 years for just 21 films ! I do not know how many years these 4 actors’ careers lasted !!

However a record is a record and I accept your information with thanks. I am not fully equipped with knowledge of films after the 70s, in any case.


Fully agree with ur sentiments regarding records. Was just casually asking when saw u mentioning record in your write up. Kadar Khan and Shakti kapoor have worked together in 110 or so movies, that probably might be an all-time record, male or female, just fyi…

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