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Bhulaane waale hamen yoon na yaad aaya karo

Posted on: April 8, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 25

The box office success of the first muslim social film ‘Qaidi’ (1940) produced under the banner of Film Corporation of India (Calcutta), led to the production of a spate of muslim social films like ‘Najma’ (1943), ‘Ismat’ (1944), ‘Phool’ (1945), ‘Pehli Nazar’ (1945), ‘Zeenat’ (1945), ‘Nek Parvin’ (1946) and many more. GHAZAL (1945) was a muslim social film with a light comedy touch, produced and directed by Zahoor Raja under the banner of Raja Movietone. The star cast included N Charlie, Leela Chitnis, Zahoor Raja, Radha Rani, Nagendra Majumdar, Razia Bano, Ram Piyari, Shakir, Jahangir, Noor jahan etc. It appears that Leela Chitnis was paired with N Charlie and Zahoor Raja with Radha Rani in this movie.

I had heard of Zahoor Raja as an actor and director. But when I came to know that he had occasionally sang for himself in a couple of films, I checked in under the category of ‘artist’. I found that apart from producing films, he was an actor, director, singer, lyricist and a music director as well. His interview by Sushila Rani Patel which was published in April 1942 issue of FILMINDIA magazine, throws some more light as to how he graduated from handling behind the screen aspects of films like editing and story writing to become a producer-director in 1943. From his photographs appearing in Filmindia magazines, I can say that he was one of the most handsome actors of the 1940s.

Zahoor Raja ( 07/07/1918 – 1992) was born in Abbottabad (now in Pakistan). His father was a police inspector. The family owned 25 villages as a result of which the then Government had conferred on the family the title of ‘Raja’ which became the family name. After completing his matriculation examination from Abbottabad, Zahoor was admitted in a college in Rawalpindi for BA. However, despite spending 6 years in the college, he could not complete his graduation as he was more interested in sports than in studies.

Zahoor’s father was contemplating admitting his son in Dehradun for a career in the army. However, Zahoor had different ideas about his career. He ran away from home and landed in Bombay with an introduction letter addressed to A R Kardar. Zahoor met Kardar who at once liked this handsome and well built man and helped him in getting absorbed in the film industry. At that time, Ranjit Movietone had engaged Kardar for directing the film ‘Mirza Sahiban’ (1939). Kardar took Zahoor Raja in the film. The film was not a box office success. Within a year or so after the release of the film, V Shantaram called him to join Prabhat Films. He was taken on a contract of 3 years. However, due to some reasons, he was inactive for almost a year. Again, Kardar came to his rescue and got him employed in National Studios. He gave him a role in ‘Pooja’ (1940). Thereafter, he got a role in Minerva Moveitone’s ‘Sikandar’ (1941).

Soon, Zahoor Raja worked as a lead actor in ‘Sewa’ (1941). By this time, he was looking for a change in his filmy career from actor to director. He got a chance to direct the film ‘Badal’ (1942) produced under the banner of Eastern Pictures in which he also acted in a lead role. The film did not fare well at the box office but his direction was appreciated by the critics. In 1943, he floated his own film production company, Raja Movietone and he came up with its maiden film ‘Mazaq’ (1943) directed by him in which he acted in a negative role. He also composed music for the film. His banner produced ‘O Panchhi’ (1944), ‘Ghazal’ (1945) and , ‘Dhadkan’ (1946). In most of the films in which he acted, Zahoor Raja was paired with Radha Rani. [Based on an interview of Zahoor Raja published in April 1942 issue of FILMINDIA magazine].

After partition, Zahoor Raja returned to Pakistan in 1950. After lying low for sometime, he was active in Pakistani film industry until 1966.

During the making of the film ‘Sikandar’ (1941), he fell in love with his co-star Meena (later Meena Shourie) and married her.[based on Filmindia interview]. The marriage did not appear to have lasted long as it was reported that Meena later married another handsome actor, Al Nasir some time in mid 40s. As per some comments by the relatives of Zahoor Raja in a ‘Cineplot’ article, he migrated to England some time in the later half of 1960s and married an English lady. He died in 1992 in England.

‘Ghazal’ (1945) had 8 songs penned by four lyricists – D N Madhok, Shant Arora, Khawar Zaman and Abid Gulrez. However, distribution of songs among them is not known. The songs were composed by Gyan Dutt. I could lay my hand on only one mp3 clip of a song from the film. The song is ‘bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo’. The mp3 clip mentions the singers as Zahoor Raja and Naseem Akhtar. I have checked the voices of both these singers in songs from another film of the 40s and I am fairly convinced that the singers are Zahoor Raja and Naseem Akhtar. I would, however, request the knowledgeable readers to confirm the names of the singers.

Since I could not locate the song on YT, I have created a video clip from the mp3 clip of the song which I have uploaded on YT.

With this song, ‘Ghazal’ (1945), alongwith singer-actor Zahoor Raja make their debuts in the Blog.

Song-Bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo (Ghazal)(1945) Singers-Zahoor Raja, Naseem Akhtar, MD-Gyan Dutt


bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo
bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo
kisi ko baithhe bithhaaye na chhed jaaya karo
kisi ko baithhe bithhaaye na chhed jaaya karo

kisi ki yaad chhalakti hai meri aankhon mein
aen aen aen aen aen aen
kisi ki yaad chhalakti hai meri aankhon mein
(?)dard e hijr(?) in aankhon ko na pilaaaya karo
(?)dard e hijr(?) in aankhon ko na pilaaaya karo

mere hi dil pe sada bijliyaan giraati ho
ho o o
o o o
mere hi dil pe sada bijliyaan giraati ho
kabhi saawan ki ghataaon udhar bhi jaaya karo
kabhi saawan ki ghataaon udhar bhi jaaya karo

aa aa aa aa aa aa
aa jaaye maut
aa jaaye maut ke jeene se thhak gayi hoon main
aen aen aen aen aen aen
aa jaaye maut ke jeene se thhak gayi hoon main
na mere haal pe ro kar hansi udaaya karo
na mere haal pe ro kar hansi udaaya karo
bhulaane waale hamen bhi na yaad aaya karo

6 Responses to "Bhulaane waale hamen yoon na yaad aaya karo"

I suggest that,
saaghar(?) – should be ‘saawan’.


V interesting & well researched blog. Ty


Absolutely superb – both the number and the blog!


A very nice duet.


Superb ghazal
Zahoor Raja sang in Sewa (1942) MDs S N Tripathi, Biri Singh Dukha Ly G S Kapoor
Tu Pariyon Ki Rani
with Vimal
Aankho Me Aaye Piya
Hum Bhed Mita Denge
Mazdur Hai Shan Is Duniya Ki

In Badal (1942) Mushtaq Hussain;Tanveer Naqvi
Aao Chale Us Paar Sajni
with Amirbai Karnataki
Jeevan Dukh Ka Raag
Pagle O Pagle
Preetam Se Juda Rehna
Teri Manzil Dur Musafir


The singers are absolutely Naseem Akhtar and Zahoor Raja


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