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Nainan jal bhar aaye preet kiye pachhtaaye

Posted on: April 10, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 26

Historical events and dramas have been one of the favourite genres of Hindi film makers ever since talkies came into being in 1931. There have been Hindi films made in the 1930s that were based on historical events. Films like ‘Noor Jahan’ (1931), ‘Veer Kunal’ (1932), ‘Prithviraj Samyukta’ (1933), ‘Chandragupta’ (1934), ‘Sultana Chand Bibi’ (1936) and some more were made during this period. I am not aware whether these films were successful at the box office or not. However, I am aware that ‘Pukar’ (1939) and ‘Sikandar’ (1941) were box office hit films belonging to the genre of historical events. I guess that the success of these two films set the tone to produce more films of this genre in the 1940s like ‘Taj Mahal’ (1941), ‘Prithvi Vallabh’(1943), ‘Shahenshah Akbar’ (1943), ‘Mumtaz Mahal’ (1944), ‘Veer Kunal’ (1945) ‘Humayun’ (1945) , Shahjehan’(1946), ‘Padmini’ (1948) and many more.

SAMRAT ASHOK (1947) was one such movie based on the historical events of the Kalinga War, Samrat Ashok’s remorse after the destruction of Kalinga with thousands of death and his subsequent patronisation and propagation of Buddhism across India and abroad. The film was produced under the banner of Bombay Cinetone Ltd. and it was directed by K B Lall. The star cast included Sapru (Samrat Ashok), Veena (Buddhist monk), Shamim (Daughter of the King of Kalinga), Ulhas, Husn Bano, Shakir, Himalayawala etc.

It appears that K B Lall had planned this film as early as in 1945 if I go by a full page advertisement that appeared in one of the 1945 issues of ‘Filmindia’ magazine. The advertisement mentioned the star cast of Chandramohan, Suraiya, Jagirdar and Ulhas. My guess is that over a period of time, the original starcast was replaced with new one except Ulhas. So one can guess that originally Chandramohan was to don the role of Samrat Ashok and Suraiya in the role of a Buddhist monk. It is not known as to what made the producer-director to change the star cast. It is interesting to read Baburao Patel’s comments in one of 1948 issues of ‘Filmindia’ about the role of Samrat Ashok played by Sapru:

Sapru, despite his cat eyes, is no Chandramohan…..He has neither the hypnotic and dramatic power of Chandramohan of ‘Wahan’ (1937) nor the kingly manliness of Prithviraj Kapoor in ‘Sikandar’ (1941).

The film had 6 songs, all penned by Shams Lakhnawi and were composed by Gyan Dutt. I am presenting first of the 6 songs ‘nainan jal bhar aaye preet kiye pachhtaaye’ sung by Binapani Mukherji. The song has only one antara. The reason could be that there is another song ‘nainan jal bhar aaye preet hi sukh laaye’ of the same genre with a different tune and lyrics, sung by Amirbai Karnataki. And this song has also got only one antara. My wild guess is that these two songs may have been sung one after another giving two opoosite view points of ‘preet’. Anyway, I will present the song sung by Amirbai Karnataki separately.

The composition of the song under discussion reminds me of panchhi baawra chaand se preet lagaaye, also composed by Gyan Dutt. But I am not complaining as mood of both these songs are more or less the same and the compositions, as I understand, are based raag Kedar. The rendition by Binapani Mukherji gives an impression that she was a classically trained singer.

I could not locate any songs of ‘Samrat Ashok’ (1947) on YT. So I have made a video based on the mp3 clip of the song and the same has been uploaded on YT.

With this song, ‘Samrat Ashok’ (1947) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Nainan jal bhar aaye (Samrat Ashok)(1947) Singer-Binapani Mukherji, Lyrics-Shams Lucknowi, MD-Gyan Dutt


nainan jal bhar aaaye ae
nainan jal bhar aaaye
preet kiye pachhtaaaaye
preet kiye pachhtaaaaye
nainan jal bhar aaaye ae
nainan jal bhar aaaye ae

ek papeeha dekha baawra
preet kiye jal jaaaye
ek papeeha dekha baawra
preet kiye jal jaaaye
dooje chakora rota dekha
ro ro jaan ganwaaye
dooje chakora rota dekha
ro ro jaan ganwaaye
ye to aisa rog baawree eee
ye to aisa rog sakhi
jo ang ang bas jaaye

3 Responses to "Nainan jal bhar aaye preet kiye pachhtaaye"

So much it is similar to Panchhi bawara .It gives pleasure to the ears early in the morning. Makes wait for the other part by Ameerbai.
One little thing Kamatji, The movie Padmini-1948 you have mentioned had no connection with history (i.e. Padmini of Chitor).It was a social one starring Ashokkumar,Mumtaj Shanti. I did not see the movie but read in the review that those who might go to see it with expectation of history would be disappointed.
This is not to point out a mistake ,but to help to make the posting perfect.
Please confirm.

D Samant


Samant ji,
You are correct. ‘Padmini’ (1948) was a social film. Despite reading the review of the film sometime back, it was unfortunate on my part that the film got included in ‘historical films’ while compiling the list.

Thanks for pointing out.


Very interesting information about historical & filmi background of this beautiful song.Heard for first time but instantly liked.Glad to listen to Binapani & composer Gyan Dutt’s offering.
Ty Sadanandji.


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