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Ae phool bata kaisa hoga mera piyaa saajan pyaara

Posted on: April 14, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 29

As the readers of the Blog may have noticed, these days I have been selecting some rare songs of old Hindi films especially of the 1940s for posting in the Blog. Some of them have not yet found place in YT. In this process, I became aware of the names of some films for the first time. I also had the occasion to go through the star cast of many films released in the 1930s and 1940s.

Husn Bano was one of those actors whose name I came across quite often in the star cast. Other than her name, I had little idea about her background until I found an old photograph of her in a copy of the film magazine of 1935 with some cryptic information. One thing led to other and I could get some more information about her family background and filmography which I share below:

Husn Bano (real name: Roshan Ara) was born sometime in 1920 in Singapore when her parents, Sharifa and Minoo Cooper were on a magic show tour. Her mother, Sharifa was the heroine of the first talkie film of Madan Theatre viz. ‘Shankutala’ (1932). Minoo Cooper, who started as a magician, later seems to have change his profession to acting as I find his name in a few films made under the banners of Wadia Movietone and Bombay Talkies.

From the filmography of Husn Bano, it appears that she started her filmy career from Calcutta (Kolkata) in New Theatres’ ‘Daaku Mansoor’ (1934) directed by Nitin Bose in which she got her new name ‘Husn Bano’. Her mother, Sharifa was already working with Wadia Movietone. So it did not take much efforts on her part before Husn Bano got acting assignments in films made under the banners of Wadia Movietone. She worked in films like ‘Kala Gulab’ (1934), ‘Noor-E-Yaman’ (1935), ‘Hind Kesari’ (1935), ‘Desh Deepak’ (1935), ‘Jai Bharat’ (1936), ‘Naujawaan’ (1937), ‘Hurricane Hansa’ (1937), ‘Flying Ranee’ (1939) etc – all under Wadia Movietone banner, probably all belonging to the action genre.

In the 1940s, Husn Banu worked in films made under different banners. ‘Prem Nagar’ (1940) was one of her important landmark films after which she mainly worked infilms of social genre like National Studios’ ‘Nai Roshni’ (1941), ‘Aasra’ (1941), ‘Bahen’ (1941) and ‘Jawani’ (1942), Ranjit Movietone’s ‘Dhandora’ (1941) and ‘Pardesi Mehmaan’ (1948). Some other prominent films featuring her were ‘Amaanat’ (1943), ‘Dost’ (1944), ‘Dard’ (1947), ‘Samrat Ashok’ (1947), ‘Sipahiya’ (1949), ‘Amar’ (1954), ‘Paisa Hi Paisa’ (1959), and ‘Ganga Jamuna’ (1961) etc. In all, she worked in about 50 films – from lead actor in some films of the late 1930s and early 1940s, shifting to side actor’s role in the late 1940s and doing character roles in the 1950s and 1960s.

Husn Bano married producer-director Aspi Irani of Super Pictures, probably sometime in the mid 1940s. Incidentally, Aspi Irani also started his filmy career as a director under Wadia Movietone. I could not locate much information about Husn Bano’s family except that film star Nazima was her niece (her brother’s daughter) and as per IMDb, Aspi Irani went missing since 23/11/1986. I could not get information about Husn Bano’s post retirement period also.

Husn Bano was a singing actor. From the song listings, my guess is that she sang for herself in almost all her films at least in the 1930s and for most of 1940s. Another highlight of her filmy career was that she was the co-star with her mother, Sharifa in three films, viz. ‘Kala Gulaab’ (1934) ‘Noor-e-Yaman’ (1935) and ‘Desh Deepak’ (1935). In ‘Naujawaan’ (1937), her father (Minoo Cooper) was her co-star.

I am presenting one of Husn Bano’s songs ‘ae phool bata kaisa hoga mera piya saajan pyaara’ from an obscure movie, ROYAL MAIL (1946) which she sang with Yashwant Bhatt. The film was made under the banner of Ajit Pictures and it was directed by Nari Ghadiali. The star cast included Husn Bano, Yashwant Dave, Chandrika, Habib, Roopa etc.

There were 12 songs in the film all penned by Mustafa Nisar Usmani whose name I heard for the first time. Probably, he was a ‘one film’ lyricist. The songs were composed by K Narayana Rao who seems to be mostly associated with action and costume genres of films made in the 1940s and early 1950s.

Since I could not locate the song in YT, I have made a video from the mp3 clip of the song and have uploaded the same.

With this, ‘Royal Mail’ (1946) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Ae phool bata kaisa hoga mera piyaa saajan pyaara (Royal Mail)(1946) Singers-Husn Bano, Yashwant Bhatt, Lyrics-Mustafa Nisar Usmani, MD-K Narayana Rao


o o
o o o
aa aa aaa
aa aa aaa
aa aa aa
ae phool bata
kaisa hoga
mera piya saajan pyaara
ae phool bata
kaisa hoga
mera piya saajan pyaara
kyaa kaha
hmm hmm
tu kyaa jaane
kaisa hoga
aa aa aa aa
mera piya saajan pyaara
ae phool bata aa
kaisa hoga
mera piya saajan pyaara

mera piya hoga
rang ka matwaara aa
uske chhaude seene per main
jaise aakash pe taara
ae phool bata
kaisa hoga
mera piya saajan pyaara

kyun (?) goonje(?) ee ee
haazir hai ye tera saajan pyaara
shoorveer bahaadur bhi aisa ke
kabhi na kisi ne maara
haazir hai ye tera saajan pyaara
haazir hai ye tera saajan pyaara

kyaa kehne
kyaa kehne tumhaari himmat ke
machchar bhi na tumse haara
dekho sajni tumhaari
tum jaisi
kahin charti hogi chaara
ghar bhool gaye tum
jaao dekho aur kisi ka dwaara

haay haay
chali gayi
haay chali gayi
haay chali gayi
pyaari sajaniya
maar ke baan karaara
afsos koi iss heere kaa
nahin jag mein ??haara
ae phool bata
?? se ab
karoon main kisko ishaara
ae phool bataa aa


9 Responses to "Ae phool bata kaisa hoga mera piyaa saajan pyaara"

Sadanand ji,

As per the book, ‘Swaron ki yatra” by Anil Bhargava ji, Husn bano was born on 8-2-1919 at Singapore.
However, as per a comment by Isak Mujawar, journalist and film historian, in one of his books, Sharifa and Minoo went to Singapore, along with their troupe, in 1922. Shareefa was already pregnant and she gave birth to Roshan Ara there. They stayed in Singapore for 8 months in all.

Very sweet voice of Husn Bano, The co-singer Yeshwant bhai was a close relative of our Khyatiben for all Atilites information.

Bharat ji,

I have already done an article on Yeshwant Bhatt, mentioning this fact to readers. He was a cousin of Dr. Jagdish bhai.
While commenting on my article on Abhram Bhagat ( haath chakra trishul…), Jagdish ji had himself mentioned this fact. Then I collected all information on him and had done one full article on Yeshwant Bhatt ji.

I remember that article.
I JUST wanted to REMIND Atulites.

I wonder why Shamshad Begum had to give playback for Husn Bano in Dard 1947 when she herself was a good singer.

You have a point. May be she was not available or indisposed at that point of time.

Husn Bano also crooned in
Bahen (1941)
Aasra (1941)
Nai Roshni (1941)
Dhandora (1941)
Jawani (1942)
Amanat (1943)
Koshish (1943)
Aaina (1944)
Samrat Ashok (1947)
Pardesi Mehman (1948)

Yashwant Bhatt also sang in
Khooni Laash (1943)
Qatil (1944)
Dhokebaaz (1946)
Namak (1947)
Kismatwali (1947)
White Face (1948)
Veer Ghatotkach (1949)
Jagriti (1949)
Jiyo Raja (1949)
Billi (1949)
Actor (1951)

K Narayana Rao also scored in
Duniya Diwani (1943)
Khazanchi Ka Beta (1943)
Khooni Laash (1943)
Laheri Cameraman (1944)
Qatil (1944)
Pistolwali (1943)
Maaf Kijiyega (1946)
Bahadur Naresh (1948)
Chabuk Sawar (1947)
Dhokebaaz (1946)
Khooni (1946)
The Darling Detective (1948)
Jungle Goddess (1948)
Billi (1949)
White Face (1948)
Jagriti (1949)
Nakli Baap (1949)
Meri Asha (1950)
Princess Saaba (1958)
Hazar Pariyan (1959)

For it seems Mustafa Nisar Usmani this was the first and the last movie

Excellent baritone voice both of Hushn Banoo and Yashvant Bhatt. Thanks Atulbhai for the treat!

… and Deshmukhji and Bharatmama for the valuable details….Thanks a lot. I appreciate.

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