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Ye dard e mohabbat hai kaise wo bhala jaane

Posted on: May 30, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s -39
BETI (1941) was produced under the banner of Ranjit Moveitone and it was directed by Jayant Desai. The star cast included Khursheed Bano, Aroon Ahuja, Vasanti, E. Billimoria, Ghory, Khatoon, Kesri, Bhagwandas, Rewashankar etc. A gist of the story of the film which has been culled out from the review of the film published in the March 1942 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine is given below:

Rai Bahadur Vidyapati has a small daughter Kiran who has been closely looked after by a group of servants and nurses. However, the child dislikes the style of her upbringing as she has no freedom that a child would normally like to get. One day, she moves out of her house without the knowledge of her servants and watches the juggler (E Billimoria) giving the usual monkey games in the street. After feeling free from the watchful eyes of her nurses and servants, she follows the juggler to his home and insists on staying with him. Juggler’s wife (Khatoon) is not happy in feeding one more child as she already has 11 children to feed. But juggler’s musician brother, Jeevan (Aroon Ahuja) takes Kiran in his charge.

Years pass by which time Jeevan has met a girl Jyoti (Khursheed Bano) who has a good voice for singing. Both Jeevan and Jyoti becomes partner in the musical bandwagon. When everything was going smooth, Jyoti’s uncle who is a strong man, wants Jyoti to get married to Nandu, a rich old fool in consideration of some money. But Jyoti is already in love with Jeevan. With ups and downs in their romance due to the wicked uncle, Kiran (Vasanti) who has already been restored to her father’s home, becomes the guardian angel and through devious ways, she gets Jeewan and Jyoti married.

The film had 14 songs penned by Butaram Sharma (8) and D N Madhok (6). Four songs from this movie songs have been covered in the Blog in the past. Here is the 5th song from the film to appear in the Blog. The song is ‘ye dard-e-mohabbat hai’ sung by Khursheed Bano. The song is penned by D N Madhok which is set to music by Gyan Dutt. From the story of the film enumerated above, I guess that this song is sung at a time when there are ups and downs in the romance of Jyoti (Khursheed) with Jeevan (Aroon Ahuja).


Song-Ye dard e mohabbat hai kaise wo bhala jaane (Beti)(1941) Singer-Khursheed Bano, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Gyan Dutt


ye dard-e- mohabbat hai aa aa aa
ye dard-e- mohabbat hai
kaise wo bhala jaane
ye dard-e- mohabbat hai
kaise wo bhala jaane
kya dil pe guzarti hai
ye unki bala jaane
kya dil pe guzarti hai
ye unki balaa jaane
ye dard-e-mohabbat hai

ik teri mohabbat ne
kya zulm kiye ham pe ae ae ae ae
ik teri mohabbat ne ae
kya zulm kiye ham pe ae ae
ya mera jigar jaane
ya mera jigar jaane
ya mera jiya jaane
ya mera jigar jaane
ya mera jiya jaane
kya dil pe gujarti hai
ye unki bala jaane
ye dard-e- mohabbat hai
kaise wo bhala jaane

ab ek hi hasrat hai
mere dil-e-bismil ki
ab ek hi hasrat hai ae
mere dil-e-bismil ki ee ee ee ee
main tera kiya bhooloon
haay ae
main tera kiya bhooloon
tu mera kiya jaane
main tera kiya bhooloon
tu mera kiya jaane
kya dil pe guzarti hai
ye unki bala jaane
kya dil pe guzarti hai
ye unki bala jaane
ye dard-e-mohabbat hai
kaise wo bhala jaane

3 Responses to "Ye dard e mohabbat hai kaise wo bhala jaane"

Wah, subhe subhe Khursheed ki makhmali awaz se, dil ko garden garden kar diya. Aap bhi kyun na ek artist ko le kar usi ke sab gaane Blog per post karte nahin? aapki posting ki speed se woh artist bhi dhanya ho jayega.



You may have observed that in my postings, I like to cover different artists to break the monotony of listening to the same voice even though the voice is silky as you have mentioned. As it is, most of the second and current generations of Hindi film music admirers may not find it interesting to listen to the songs especially of 1930s and 40s.

Probably, it was for this reason that Atul ji, in his leisure days, generally used to cover 4-5 songs a day in the Blog of different decades.




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