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Gori chali kar ke singaar zara dekhnaa

Posted on: June 9, 2016

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today, the 9th of June, happens to be the birthday of our beloved Arunkumar Deshmukhji. I realized this only a couple of hours ago, otherwise I would have prepared a post for him beforehand.

But better late than never – and it is still his birthday – so if Atul can post this in time, we are not late for the event. 🙂 Am used to doing things last-minute anyway – much to the frustration and annoyance of many who need to face the consequences of my delayed actions. 🙂

Anyway, this is about Arunji.

So how does one go about doing justice to Arunji in a blogpost?

The question is, can one even do justice to him in a blogpost?

I don’t think it’s possible. Trying to do justice to him is like “sooraj ko chirag dikhaana”. But I will try here to just share some of my thoughts about him, as a small tribute to him on his birthday.

Starting with this blog – and Arunji’s contribution to it.

Again I don’t know where to start. SUCH is Arunji’s contribution to this blog that it feels small to even try to quantify it. So I won’t.

Let’s just say that, while Atul started the blog in July 2008 and it was motoring along nicely, it really went to a totally different level of richness in content and a treasure-house of valuable information ever since Arunji started contributing to it. Initially it was in the form of comments, later on through posts. I don’t think anybody can deny this.

Not for nothing is Arunji called our encyclopaedia here. It is one thing to pick up info from the net and appear to be knowledgeable. There are many who do this. 🙂 It is quite another to know of facts from pre-internet times, to research from non-internet sources, from old articles, interviews, books, industry people (or their families and friends). Also, from one’s own notes maintained painstakingly for decades after watching films of over half a century ago.

All of this is what makes Arunji an encyclopaedia today. He can challenge “facts” as presented on the internet. (And let’s face it, much of what is out there is copied from one source to another without any cross-checking. If the original is wrong, you have wrong info all over the place).

Arunji can even challenge many of the so-called film experts out there, who have built a reputation no doubt (some of them have written books or appear on TV), but are hardly infallible with their “facts”.

All of this because of the effort he takes to ensure accuracy of every detail he comes up with. He tries as much as possible to go to the source, to corroborate his info – something not many do. And this because he is passionate about not publishing wrong “facts”.

This fits right into the philosophy of our blog here. Atul himself is very particular that we should not spread false info, so he makes a lot of effort himself to avoid wrong data being published on the blog. Even the lyrics of every song are painstakingly compiled from listening to the song instead of just copying (often incorrect) lyrics from another site. If we still don’t get the lyrics 100% right, it is never for want of effort. (Often the audio is unclear). And, if somebody points out the mistake, Atul is always ready to accept it and correct it.

So it is a perfect fit for Arunji and this blog. 🙂

I have myself chewed Arunji’s brains many times, asking him questions that I wouldn’t be able to get (and certainly not reliably) from any other source.

I’ve always been intrigued about not-so-obvious aspects of the industry – the “back-stories”, the impact of social and political change. For example, the impact of partition of India on the industry. Or, why did A not work with B? Or, why did C suddenly disappear from the scene when he seemed to have a bright future? Questions like that. Often about not-so-famous persons. (Let’s face it, even if one depends on the net, it mostly has (repeated) info on celebrities, very little on others). And it is often these less-known people (who also did their bit) that interest me.

Arunji has always patiently responded to my questions. Sometimes, he has embarked on research himself to try to answer my question as completely and accurately as possible, even if it means contacting his friends or other sources. Only a person with commitment and caring would go so far. He could easily just say “Sorry, I don’t know” – and I wouldn’t mind. But clearly he wants to help. And assemble information and share it. Like he himself says, we are losing our sources everyday. So he tries to grab whatever source he can get. A relative of an artiste here, a friend of an artiste there.

I will not talk more about his contribution to the blog – it is there for all to see.

Beyond the blog, there is Arunji the person. I cannot claim to know him better than many others but what I do know of him through the blog, his Facebook and whatsapp posts – and the one time I managed to meet him in person – I can say he is an inspiration.

For one, he fits in with all age groups. One moment, he can talk about films of the 1930s or his life in Nizam-time Hyderabad (one of my favourite topics with him, by the way :-)). The next moment, he can be cracking a joke with today’s youngsters. You don’t find him saying things like “aaj kal sab bakwaas hai, hamare zamaane mein sab achha tha”. 🙂 His posts on FB are usually full of humour or wisdom, that will appeal to different age groups.

The other thing I admire about Arunji is his discipline. When we met, he told me he has a daily routine – which he follows fairly strictly. This includes his morning walk and coffee (or was it tea?), reading the papers, surfing the net / blogs. Even his write-ups for the blog start off as hand-written.

I can go on but I think I will stop here for now. Let me just say I consider myself very lucky to have got to know Arunji through this blog (see, that’s ANOTHER reason to love this blog, you get to meet so many wonderful people. 🙂 ). And it was a massive highlight for me to be able to meet him in person when he happened to visit Bangalore this January. That was such a wonderful day for me, I will always cherish it.

So let me close this by wishing Arunji a very very happy birthday, not just from me but from all of us as ASAD.

Now for a song.

I searched the net today for a song composed by C.Ramchandra, as I know he is one of Arunji’s favourite composers, if not THE favourite. If the song is sung by him, that would be a bonus.

I came across this song from Sarhad (1960) I had never heard before – and which happens not to be posted yet. I quite liked the song when I heard it, so here it is. This is a film I haven’t seen, so I can’t talk about it. But seeing as it stars Dev Anand and Suchitra Sen (with Ragini in there too), it’s probably worth a watch for them alone.

I hope you like it too, Arunji. And thank you for being here for all of us at the blog. 🙂 Wishing you a lot of health and many more birthdays to come.

PS-It turns out that this song is the tenth and final song from “Sarhad”(1960) to appear in the blog. So this movie getted YIPPEED with this song.



Song-Gori chali kar ke singaar zara dekhna (Sarhad)(1960) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Chitalkar Ramchandra, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-C Ramchandra


Gori chali kar ke singaar
zara dekhna
shaahon se taaj liya
raajon se raaj liya
ghoonghat nikaal ke
Gayi ghunghat ki maar zara dekhna
Khaali gayi ghunghat ki maar zara dekhna
Aise nahin maanoongi haar zara dekhna
Dekhna ji dekhna
Gori chali kar ke singaar
zara dekhna
Dekhna ji dekhna

Shabnam ho aag bhari
Aankhon mein aaj meri aake na daalna
Kaatega pyaar hamen aen
Hovegi haar tumhen
Dekho sambhaalna
Ab ki kasam hoga sitam, dekh zaalma
O zaalma,
o zaalma
Aag bani paani si naar zara dekhna
Aag bani paani si naar zara dekhna
Aise nahin maanoongi haar zaraa dekhna
Dekhna ji dekhna
Gori chali kar ke singaar, zara dekhna
Dekhna ji dekhna

10 Responses to "Gori chali kar ke singaar zara dekhnaa"

Lovely and heartfelt post Raja ji. All us Atulite share your thoughts. Arun ji, is blog ko aapne chaar chaand laga diya. Happy Birthday Arun ji! Have music filled year ahead!


Raja ji,

To say that I am overwhelmed would be understatement of the year !
I am swept off my feet, seeing the love showered by my friends here and Raja ji, you have rather over rated me, I suspect.
It is this love from you all here that prompts me to continue doing my work. This Blog has given me a New Life and i must be thankful to Atul ji for that.
I rarely feel my age when I am doing this work. I love it.
Thanks once again for your affection.



I speak on behalf of everybody here on ASAD, Arunji. It is such an honour to have you in our midst. Khuda jaane kaisi suhaani ghadi thi, ASAD ki zindagi mein, huzoor aap aaye. 🙂

Indeed, we must thank Atul for giving us this platform to share and express our love for HFM. It is, without doubt, a huge boon to all of us.


Raja ji,

Many Thanks for the post and once again wishing Arunkumar Sir “A very Happy Birthday”.

Well, I just stopped short of copying your post and pasting in the comment section, for you have aptly described our views on him. 🙂


Hey Rajaji
i began the day by reading your post and here i am commenting on the last post of the day which is also yours. kya baat hain!!! do- do post ek hi din mein. and both so wonderful.
and you have descibed Arunji perfectly. i pray to god almighty for many more posts from Arunji and we will keep our eyes and ears open for the Gyan he will spread.
Once Again a very Happy birhday to Guruji (oh date change ho gaya? koi baat nahin. it is still 9th june in America 😉 )


I think around this movie the downfall started. The moment Lata left him high and dry CR became HL(Central Railway>Harbour Line)


Thanks Raja for this wonderful post, and many happy returns of the day Arunji.


Thanks, AK ji.


Raja Ji, Well written. Not a word of exaggeration.
I have separately wished Arun Ji , in another forum.




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