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Hey Natwar Giridhaari mohe apne hi rang mein rang le

Posted on: June 10, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 47
ZAMEENDAAR (1942) was produced under the banner of Pancholi Arts owned by Dalsukh Pancholi and it was directed by Moti B Gidwani. The main actors included Shanta Apte, S D Narang, Manorama, Ghulam Mohammed, M Ismail, Baby Akhtari, Durga Mota, Azmal etc. According to ‘Filmindia’ magazine, the film was third in line of the successful films in the box office for Dalsukh Pancholi after his successes in ‘Khazaanchi’ (1941) and ‘Khandaan’ (1942).

‘Zameendaar’ (1942) was not a smooth sailing for Dalsukh Pancholi when it was under production. The film remained incomplete for a short time as the lead actress Shanta Apte kept herself away from its shooting. Pancholi filed a suit in a Lahore Court for recovery of Rs. One lakh as damage from Shanta Apte for breach of contract. On the other hand, Shanta Apte pleaded that since her shooting could not be completed in a stipulated period of three months, she had agreed for an extension of the period. Despite this, the shooting could not be completed. It appears that ‘an out of court’ settlement was reached and the film was completed without any hard feelings on both sides.

After the completion of the film, Pancholi faced the problem of releasing the film in Mumbai. When the film was ready for release, the main theatres were not available in Mumbai as some films including his own two films, ‘Khazaanchi’ (1941) and ‘Khandaan’ (1942) were already running successfully in those main theatres. It was only when ‘Khazaanchi’ (1941) was withdrawn from the theatre, that ‘Zameendar’ (1942) could be released in Mumbai. (The sources of all these tit bits are from ‘Filmindia’ magazines).

The story of the film was a familiar one in which a landlord exploits the farmers and poor persons for his own gain. However, there was a twist in the tale by way of suspense. The gist of the story as discussed in a review of the film which appeared in January 1943 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine is given below:

The property of Ganesh (Ghulam Mohammed), a landlord, has been faithfully looked after by his estate manager, Raghubir (M Ismail). Raghubir has a grown up daughter Rupa (Shanta Apte). Suddently, Ganesh comes back and take charge of the property by dismissing Raghubir, putting him back in the days of poverty.

Ganesh has a grown up son, Karan (S D Narang) and a daughter Tara (Manorama). They are kind persons and are favourably disposed towards poor persons. Ganesh tries to buy some more land from the farmers by coercion through Baini who is a crook and anxious to double cross Ganesh to make his own profit in land deals. Ganesh’s children vehemently oppose the way the land is grabbed from the poor farmers. Karan rebels against his father and leaves house in disgust.

The farmers of the village decide to end the tyranny of Ganesh. In a secret ballot, Raghubir is picked up to shoot Ganesh. On the eve of the planned shooting, Rambha (Akhtari), a blind girl who lives in the shadow of the palatial mansion of Ganesh, meets him and gives a sound advice. Ganesh repents for his past behaviour and decides to make amends to it. However, before he can do that, he is shot dead by an unidentified person. Raghubir is suspected of the murder of Ganesh. But it is Karan who is arrested and put behind bar as his gun was used in the murder of Ganesh. Now both Karan and Rupa jointly handle the situation and collect the evidences which point finger towards Baini, the crook. He is arrested and Karan is set free to marry Rupa.

The film had 10 songs. As many as 6 of these songs have been covered in the Blog. I am presenting the 7th song ‘mohe apne hi rang mein rang le’. The song was jointly penned by Qamar Jalalaabadi and Nazim Panipati and was set to music by Ghulam Haider. Most of the websites show this as a solo song sung by Shanta Apte. Even Sa Re Ga Ma whose video clip I have used as a link for the song, has given only Shanta Apte’s name as a singer. However, towards the end of the song, a male voice is heard with Shanta Apte. My guess is that the male voice is that of music director Ghulam Haider. After listening to his solo song, log mujhko khush samajhte hain from the same film, I am fairly convinced that the male voice is that of Ghulam Haider.

I have seen a photograph of Shanta Apte with Lord Krishna Statue in an advertisement of the film. So it looks like that she sings this bhajan in the puja room of her house.

What a beautiful rendition of the Krishna bhajan by Shanta Apte! Ghulam Haider’s early experience in composing Sikh devotional songs must have influence him in his style of composition of this bhajan. Incidentally, some of the words in lyrics like ‘dukh bhanjan’ (destroyer of sufferings), ‘sukhkaari’ ( giver of joy ) and ‘nihaal’ (fulfilment) are also used in Sikh Shabad Kirtan.

Song-Hey Natwar Girdhaari Mohe apne hi rang mein rang le (Zameendaar)(1942) Singer-Shanta Apte, Lyrics-Nazim Panipati MD-Ghulam Haider


Hey ae aeee Natwar
Giridhari ee ee
Murlidhar Banwaari
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
ae ae
hey Giridhar Gopal
swaami ae Giridhar Gopal
haan aan aan
apne rang mein aisa rang de
apne rang mein aisa rang de
jo mere ang ang ko rang de
rang diya so jo Raadha ko
mujh pe wo rang daal
hey prabhu
mujh pe wo rang daaaal
hey Giridhar Gopal
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
hey Giridhar Gopal

teri leela aa nyaari
teri leela aa nyaari ee
Shyaam Muraari
hey Banwaari
Shyaam Muraari
hey Banwaari
deejo daras Nandlaal
hey prabhu
deejo daras Nandlaal
hey Giridhar Gopal
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
hey Giridhar Gopal
swami ae Giridhar Gopal

aa aa aa
mujhe to manhar
jag se kya darr
mujhe to manhar
jag se kya darr
tu mere sang sang hai Natwar
hey dukh bhanjan
hey sukhkaari
kare jo ham ko nihaal
kare jo ham ko nihaal
Shyaam Muraari
he Banwaari
Shyaam Muraari
he Banwaari
deejo daras Nandlaal
hey prabhu
deejo daras Nandlaal
hey Giridhar Gopal
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
mohe apne hi rang mein rang le
hey Giridhar Gopal
swaami hey Giridhar Gopal


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