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Paagal paagal ham sab paagal

Posted on: June 13, 2016

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“Paise Ki Gudiya”(1974), often confused with “Mom Ki Gudiya”(1972), was directed by Brij for S R Movies, Bombay. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Saira Bano, Navin Nischol, Padma Khanna, Asrani, Sulochana, Sapru, Naaz, Shetty, Murad, Radheshyam, B Perera, Nazir Kashmiri etc in it.

One song from this movie was discussed in the past by Raja, who had also discussed the story of the movie. Here is the story of the movie as given by Raja:

The story of the film goes something like this. Ashok Kumar is a rich Bombay city man who on one of his business trips to Banaras, meets a Saira Banu (daughter of a prostitute) by chance. She is running away from Sapru, a rich man who has “bought” her and is trying to rape her.

Ashok Kumar feels sorry for her and brings her home, not revealing her true identity to his wife Sulochana Latkar. Saira begins to serve the family and wins the confidence and love of both Ashok Kumar and Sulochana.

Enter the hero, Navin Nischol, son of Ashok Kumar. Returning from abroad, after the usual initial comic misunderstanding, he falls head over heels in love with Saira Banu. After some initial hesitation, she too falls in love with him. He doesn’t know her identity of course initially but she confides in him later. And he’s perfectly fine with it.

Navin also has a sister, Padma Khanna, who is totally spoilt and very prone to waywardness. Asrani, a very close friend, loves her and tries to make her see sense but she is in her own world. She cannot stand Saira Banu’s goody-goody nature and the fact that her brother loves Saira.

Ashok Kumar has a friend, Murad, who has a daughter Naaz. As is very common in Hindi movies, the fathers want want their children to marry each other. Navin is friends with Naaz but he flatly refuses to marry her, telling his father that he loves Saira Banu.

All hell then breaks loose, of course. Only Ashok Kumar knows Saira’s true identity – and there is no way he’s going to allow the daughter of a prostitute to marry his son. Giving her shelter in his house is one thing, making her his daughter-in-law, a totally different proposition.

But Navin is adamant. Ashok Kumar then plays the age-old game of talking to Saira and giving her a guilt trip. He wants her to leave the house immediately and stay away from his son.

Meanwhile, Sapru lands up at her doorstep. Apparently he is also one of Ashok Kumar’s friends and Asrani’s father. And he still has an eye for Saira Banu.

Anyway, the movie then moves towards its conclusion where the message is that Saira Banu isn’t really “fallen”, she is just a victim of circumstances. In other words, a Paise Ki Gudiya. The real culprits are those in society, usually rich men like Sapru, who take advantage of the helplessness of women like Saira.

That’s more or less it.

Here is the second son from “Paise Ki Gudiya”(1974) to appear in the blog. This song is a cabarat song which is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is picturised on the “bad” girl Padma Khanna. Navin Nischol and others are also visible in the picturisation of this song.

If one is not aware beforehand, one can easily mistake this song for an R D Burman composition. This song is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal in R D Burman style.

Verma Malik is the lyricist.

Song-Paagal paagal ham sab paagal (Paise Ki Gudiya)(1974) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Verma Malik, Md-Laxmikant Pyarelal


paagal paagal paagal
hum sab paagal
mehfil mehfil mehfil
mehfil kya hai
mehfil kya hai
hum sab kya hain
duniya kya hai
paagal paagal paagal

aa aa
aa aa
aa aa
aa aa

khushiyaan manaana
aish udaana
khushiyaan manaana
aish udaana
jo jalte hain unhen jalaana
taan ke peena
itna peena
yaad rahe na marna jeena
jeena jeena jeena
jeena kya hai
hum sab kya hain
paagal paagal paagal

tu ru
ru ru ru ru

tu ru ru ru
tu ru
ru ru ru ru
tu ru
ru ru ru ru
tu ru
ru ru ru ru

ismein dhokha aa
usmein dhokha
ismein dhokha aa
usmein dhokha
tujh mein dhokha
mujh mein dhokha
kaun begaana
kaun hai apna
kaun haqeekat
kaun hai sapna
sapna sapna sapna
sapna kya hai
hum sab kya hain
paagal paagal paagal
hum sab paagal
duniya paagal
mehfil paagal
paagal paagal


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