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Is dil mein reh chuke hain wo armaan ki tarah

Posted on: July 21, 2016

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Mohammed Rafi : The Incomparable (II) – Song No. 04
The last song posted in this series was Aaya hoon main dilbar teri anjuman mein le kar . It has been a while and I should be making tracks to complete the series as planned. That is what I am doing with Rafi Sahab’s 36th death anniversary which is just a few days away.

When I planned this revival with the song from “Zabak” I was expecting a placed humid summer with lots of posts in the blog. But that was not to be as things on the home front went sort of crazy after song no. 3. On the work front it was little less crazy but hectic nonetheless. The ‘ Umrah ‘ though was being contemplated for some years, which finally materialized this time. Once the plans and schedule was finalised, we needed to visit all the relatives.

Meanwhile my maternal uncle underwent a major operation, from which he never recovered. We visited him too in Belgaum after his operation, and found him in good spirits as ever. He being one of the few people in the world, who I believed understood me completely. He had a deeper affinity with all us four siblings as he has stayed with us for a number of years while he was working in Mumbai. He also approved of my involvement in the blog and had appreciated that I was doing something which really interested me and made use of whatever writing abilities I had. Over the last many months whenever we spoke and I asked after his health, he would counter with ” why ? what is wrong with me ? I am perfectly fine “. He told me that he was in bad shape some days prior to this operation when I called. I managed to hide my shock and told him to be positive and have faith in the Almighty. As my younger sister is married to his son, the family ties are even closer. The end came when we were still in KSA for Umrah.

The Umrah was an enlightening experience and the discipline made easier by the enthusiasm and dedication of fellow pilgrims. The feeling of praying with the huge congregation in both the Holy Masajid is as unforgettable as indescribable.

Soon after returning from Umrah, I resumed office, in the new post. I was surprised to find they had still not given me charge. It seems they were waiting for me to come back from leave and was asked for my choice and preference or whether I was willing to take on additional charge. This put a whole lot of responsibility on me, as I was acutely aware of the preferences of fellow seniors. I managed to cross that bridge too with aplomb, even if I say so myself. 🙂

The holy month of Ramadhan was just round the corner and more eye opening experiences were waiting for me before it and after. But more on that story in the next post.

The song I have chosen as the 4th song in from a new movie for the blog. ‘Do Ladkiyaan’ ( 1976 ) is making its debut with this Rafi solo song. As I recapped to previous posts, it this appears to be similar yet a bit slower tune of the previous post. The mood is different plus this is a piano song. What is not different in both the songs is the extra somethings Rafi Sahab is putting to make the song that much more emotional and the emphasis on certain words. He also sings the lines differently when in repetition. Here he is more or less sounding as if Sanjeev Kumar himself is singing and accusing Mala Sinha of indifference.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist of this song composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.



Song-Is dil mein reh chuke hain wo armaan ki tarah (Do Ladkiyaan)(1976) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


iss dil mein reh chuke hain
woh armaan ki tarah
iss dil mein reh chuke hain
woh armaan ki tarah
ab dekhte hain ham ko
ab dekhte hain ham ko
woh anjaan ki tarah
iss dil mein reh chuke hain
woh armaan ki tarah

kis se karen gilaa
ke likhhaa thha naseeb mein
kis se karen gilaa
ke likhhaa thha naseeb mein
likhhaa thha naseeb mein aen
saahil hamen duboyega toofaan ki tarahaa
saahil hamen duboyega toofaan ki tarah
iss dil mein reh chuke hain
woh armaan ki taraha

mehfil mein dost ban ke
na milte hamen magar
mehfil mein dost ban ke
na milte hamen magar
na milte hamen magar
kar lete baat yoonhi
woh insaan ki taraha aa
kar lete baat yoonhi
woh insaan ki tarah
iss dil mein reh chuke hain
woh armaan ki tarah aa
ab dekhte hain ham ko
woh anjaan ki tarah

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