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Sahaare Na Banaa Ae Dil, Sahaare Toot Jaate Hain

Posted on: September 8, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today is the 83rd birthday of Asha Bhonsle which she would be celebrating somewhere in the USA where she is on a concert tour. We wish her many many happy returns of the day.

A lot has been written about her in numerous articles, blogs and even in a couple of books. So I am not going to discuss her profile which in any way is known to most of the readers of the Blog. Her playback singing carrier has spanned over 7 decades in Hindi film industry with a little over 8000 Hindi film and non-film songs to her credit. Even in her 80s, she continued to sing for Hindi films till 2014 (as of now). Her iconic songs under the different music directors are well known.

At the personal as well as on professional levels, Asha Bhonsle’s life was not a bed of roses. The time line of her playback singing career and the setbacks in her personal front are discussed below. It would be in fitness of things to say that Asha Bhonsle is a gutsy woman who, despite facing all odds in her personal and professional lives, came out triumphant.

  1. At the age of 16, she married Ganpatrao Bhonsle, the personal secretary of Lata Mangeshkar, against the wishes of the family. Her marriage was a failure from the start.  She was subjected to domestic abuse and her husband was suspicious of her.  One day, she was expelled by her husband with her two children when she was pregnant with their third child. She had to take the shelter in her mother’s house.
  2. Asha Bhonsle’s financial burden increased with upbringing of 3 children and looking for an independent house. On the other hand, her playback singing carrier was not shaping up to her satisfaction.  Her assignments were relegated to only B and C grade movies and that too for what is called the ‘oomph’ and ‘breezy’ songs.  She would also get a few other songs which have been rejected by the then 3 top female playback singers – Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum. She never got the advantage of her being the sister of Lata Mangeshkar.
  3. After the success of her songs in ‘Naya Daur’ (1957) for which she teamed up with  OP Nayyar, there was no looking back for her. It took nearly 10 years for her to start a successful carreer as a playback singer. But even after establishing herself as a successful playback singer replacing Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum, she had to be under the constant shadow of Lata Mangeshkar. She was always unfavourably compared with Lata Mangeshkar.
  4. There was a personal setback for Asha Bhonsle in August 1972 when due to some personal feud between OP Nayyar and herself, their team work of over 15 years got terminated. Although this severance did not harm her playback singing career, it left in her a marked bitterness about their personal relationship.
  5. Asha Bhonsle formed a successful team with RD Burman in the late 70s. During this phase of her playback singing career, her versatile singing capabilities were further enhanced to such an extent that their pairing was regarded as a sure shot success of the songs. During this period, RD Burman also got her into singing many Bengali songs. In 1980, Asha Bhonsle got married to RD Burman and their team, both at the personal and professional levels lasted till his death in 1994.
  6. During the second half of 1980s, there was some setback for Asha Bhonsle at the professional level. Many films in which she and RD Burman churned out the songs together, failed at the box office. Interestingly, ‘1942 – A Love Story’ (1994), the last film of RD Burman in which he composed the songs without using Asha Bhonsle’s voice, became a box office hit and all the songs became popular. Asha Bhonsle’s career rebounded once again with her pairing with AR Rahman from ‘Rangeela’ (1995) onwards.
  7. Asha Bhonsle has faced personal tragedies in the recent years. Her daughter, Varsha committed suicide in 2012. Hemant Bhonsle, the younger son and music director, died of cancer in 2015. I guess, music is one of the factors which may have enabled her to keep the days of struggle and the personal tragedies at bay.

I am reminded of what RD Burman once remarked to Asha Bhonsle just to pep up her on one of those occasions when her singing was compared unfavourably with that of Lata Mangeshkar.  He said ‘Lata Mangeshkar is Don Bradman of Hindi film music and you are Gary Sobers – all-rounder’.

On the occasion of 83rd birthday of Asha Bhonsle, I present one of her rare songs which she sang during her struggling days. The song is ‘sahaare na banaa ae dil sahaare toot jaaten hain’ from the film ‘SAU KA NOTE’ (1955). The song is written by Surjit Sethi and is set to music by S Mohinder. The film was produced by Ram Singh, a veteran actor of the 40s who mostly played the role of a side hero. The film was directed by Yashwant Petkar. The star cast included Karan Diwan, Geeta Bali, Begum Para, Chand Usmani, Krishna Kumari, Leela Mishra, Ram Singh, Badri Prasad etc.

As I said earlier, Asha Bhonsle used to get mostly those types of songs which can be called as club/mujra/cabaret songs. The song under discussion is a poignant one.  Sometime I feel that Asha Bhonsle is expressing her own turmoil at that time following her husband expelling from the house sometime in early 50s.

With this song, the film ‘Sau Ka Note’ (1955) makes a debut in the Blog.

Editor’s Note: It is interesting that Sadanand ji has selected this song for today’s anniversary celebration. As it turns out, today is also the birth anniversary of music director S Mohinder, who has composed the music for this song. That makes this post, a double anniversary post. 🙂

We wish S Mohinder ji also, many many happy returns of the day.

Song – Sahaare Na Banaa Ae Dil, Sahaare Toot Jaate Hain (Sau Ka Note) (1955) Singer – Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics – Surjit Sethi, MD – S Mohinder


sahaare..e na banaa ae dil
sahaare..e toot jaaten hain
sahaare na banaa ae dil
sahaare toot jaaten hain
ke kismet par yakeen na kar
sitaare toot jaaten hain

kinaare par khade hokar
na samjho dar nahin koi
kinaare par khade hokar
na samjho dar nahin koi
na samjho dar nahin koi
zara lahron ko josh aaya
kinaare toot jaaten hain
sahaare na banaa ae dil
sahaare toot jaaten hain

ye kya duniya ki rasme hain
ye kya duniya ki rasme hain
ye kaisa zulm hota hai
ye kaisa zulm hota hai
zara si der mein armaan
bichaare toot jaaten hain
sahaare na banaa ae dil
sahaare toot jaaten hain
ke kismet par yakeen na kar
sitaare toot jaaten hain
sahaare..e ae ae

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

सहारे॰॰ए ना बना ए दिल
सहारे॰॰ए टूट जाते हैं
सहारे ना बना ए दिल
सहारे टूट जाते हैं
के किस्मत पर यकीं ना कर
सितारे टूट जाते हैं

किनारे पर खड़े होकर
ना समझो डर नहीं कोई
किनारे पर खड़े होकर
ना समझो डर नहीं कोई
ना समझो डर नहीं कोई
ज़रा लहरों को जोश आया
किनारे टूट जाते हैं
सहारे ना बना ए दिल
सहारे टूट जाते हैं

ये क्या दुनिया की रस्में हैं
ये क्या दुनिया की रस्में हैं
ये कैसा ज़ुल्म होता है
ये कैसा ज़ुल्म होता है
ज़रा से देर में अरमां
बिचारे टूट जाते हैं
सहारे ना बना ए दिल
सहारे टूट जाते हैं
के किस्मत पर यकीं ना कर
सितारे टूट जाते हैं


3 Responses to "Sahaare Na Banaa Ae Dil, Sahaare Toot Jaate Hain"

Dear Shri Kamath Saheb,
Thanks for a very good post about Asha Tai. Our best wishes to her and many many happy returns of the Day. Her billions of fans wish her to stay blessed and keep regaling them for a long long time.
The selected song is very melodious and the cherry on the cake was that it was composed by Shri S. Mohinder, whose birthday also fell today. So it was a double celebration.
By the way, isn’t today the birthday of the doyen Bhupen Hazarika too?
Shall be grateful if you may kindly post a tribute to him as well.
Thanks and regards,
Avadh Lal

I thought she has sung 11,000+ songs; a maximum number of songs record

Surjeet Sethi

Bhikhari (1949) Hansraj Behl
Bhagwan Bata Kya Hai Tera Humne Gawaya by Uma Devi
Mera Dil Ghayal Karke Bairi Jag Se Dar Ke by Rafi, Binapani Mukherjee

Nili (1950) S Mohinder
Mere Naino Me Koi Aaya by Shamshad Begum
Phul Khile Hain Gulshan Me Suraiya
Teri Zaalim Nigaaho Ne by G. M. Durrani, Suraiya
Barbaad Meri Duniya Pal Bhar Me Ho Gayi by Suraiya
Haaye Yeh Judaayi Ki Chot Buri by Suraiya
Kaise Yeh Kaayde Hain by Suraiya
Nacho Neel Aakash Ke Taaro Nacho by Asha Bhosle

Paapi (1953) S Mohinder
Meri Zindagi Hai Tu Mujhse Teri Gufatgu by Rafi, Asha Bhosle

Sau Ka Note-1955 S Mohinder
Ye Duniya Jaane Na Kaun Hu Mai by Shamshad Begum

Directed Punjabi films Mughlani Begum (1979) and Sandli(?)


Asha has a knack to mimic everybody that comes across. She can mimic Lata but Lata cannot mimic her.

D Samant

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