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Zor se bajaao zara band baajaa

Posted on: November 16, 2016

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

So now we are all busy discussing the pros and cons of the demonetisation on our WhatsApp group. We are also having a fair number of jokes on the subject. But as our dear thandapani mentioned last week when our PM dropped the demonetisation bomb (as I like to call it) I have also decided to wait and watch for the rush at the banks and cash ATMs. At such a time a few songs ran through my mind. Let us have one of them today.

And it is not a coincidence but by design that I chose this song. It also features our today’s birthday Girl- Shashikala Seshadri better known as Meenakshi Sheshadri. She was this beautiful dancer trained in four Indian classical dance forms viz: Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi and Kathak. She was a Miss India winner who acted in movies of the mid 80s and 90s and had a good fan following. She had a good run at the box office with all the major actors of the time after a rather dull start with “Painter Babu” in 1983 opposite Rajeev Goswami. This was followed by the hugely successful “Hero” which was followed by “Awara Baap” wher she had a double role to enact and had Rajesh Khanna as co-star. Then there was deluge and she bagged movies with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Khanna etc.

Today(16 november 2016) on her birthday we are having a song from the 1985 Sohanlal Kanwar directed “Paisa Yeh Paisa”. It had Nutan playing Bua to Jackie Shroff and Bindu playing his step-mother. Then there was Deven Verma as Bindu’s hen Pecked husband and Gulshan Grover completing the family. I think there was a sister character too played by Huma Khan. Now barring Deven Verma and Jackie the rest of the family is after Nutan’s riches and Jackie is out to throw a spoke in their plans. The confusion creator in this movie was Amrish Puri and Meenakshi played Jackie’s love and partner in his mission. This was one of the movies where Meenakshi played “just the beautiful face that gets trapped in the end at the villian’s den” kind of heroine. The song was written by M.G. HashmatVerma Malik and Usha Khanna was the music director. Anuradha Paudwal Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Aziz were the playback. Paintal is also part of the party in this song.
Happy Birthday Meenakshi Sheshadri.


Song-Zor se bajaao zara band baaja (Paisa Ye Paisa)(1985) Singers-Mohammad Aziz, Kishore Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Usha Khanna
Kishore Kumar + Anuradha Paudwal


khushiyaan manaayen
deke duaayen
leke balaayen
kehta hoon
ek ek saal
in sab ki umar ka
naam tere likh deta hoon

jiyo joru ke ghulaam

zor se bajaao zara band baaja
zor se bajaao zara band baaja
naach ke dikaao buaaji ko tamaasha
zor se bajao zara band baja
naach ke dikaao buaji ko tamaasha

buaji ke batuye pe nazren tikaao
janamdin mubaarak ho ye geet gaao
mubaarak ho
mubaarak ho
haan janamdin tumko mubaarak ho

sun meri pyaari behna
sada mere pass tu rehna
jin raahon se tu hai aayi
un raahon pe bichhaaunga naina
o o o o o

bees saal nahin poochha
bees saal nahin poochha
tera haal nahin poochha
ab daal rahe daana
kahin fans nahin jaana
ye rishte hain jhoothe
aaj toote kal phoote
tu na jaane in luteron ko
tu na jaane in luteron ko
rishtedaar hai paisa
kaarobaar hai paisa
gharbaar hai paisa
sansaar hai paisa
arey paisa ye paisa ye paisa
haaye re haaye re paisa
zor se bajaao zara band baaja
arre zor se bajaao zara band baaja
naach ke dikhaao bua ji ko tamaasha

maine mandir mein deep jalaaye
shri raam ko bhog lagaaye
meri nazren thhin kabse ye pyaasi
tu kab meri kutiya mein aaye
o o o o

teri jhoothi hai ye bhaabhi
teri jhoothi hai ye bhaabhi
maare sabko ye chaabhi
kare meethi meethi baat
phere jeb pe ye haath
one two one
ye to du-dhaari talwaar
peechhe se ye kare waar
mere samajh ishaaron ko
mere samajh ishaaron ko
iska dharam hai paisa
iska karam hai paisa
iska kaam hai paisa
iska naam hai paisa
arey paisa ye paisa ye paisa
haaye re haaye ye paisa
zor se bajaao zara band baaja
arey baajaao re
zor se bajaao zara band baaja
arre bajaao
arre zor se bajaao zara bandbaaja
naach ke dikhao bua ji ko tamasha

tu hamaare liye shubh ghadi hai
tere aane se raunak badhi hai
hamen koi bhi laalach nahin hai
paisa ye paisa sab kuchh nahin hai

main bada hoke itna kamaaun
tujhe sone ke kangan pahnaaun
hum nahin woh jo daulat pe marte
hum to nishkaam sewa teri karte
o o o o o

tujhe kehta hoon main sach
tujhe kehta hoon main sach
in chamchon se bach
ye to maarte hai kab
maal jaayenge hadap
kaisa maska lagaayen
kal aankh na milaayen
aaj chhoote hain pairon ko
aaj chhoote hain pairon ko
inka pyaar hai paisa
inka yaar hai paisa
inka chain hai paisa
din rain hai paisa
arre paisa ye paisa ye paisa
haaye re haaye ye paisa
zor se bajaao zara band baaja
arre baajaao ni
baaba zor se bajaao zara band baja
naach ke dikaao bua ji ko tamaasha

maane izzat jo meri banaayi
aankh khushiyon se hai bhar aayi
mere jeevan ka tum ho sahaara
mera jo kuchh hai wo hai tumhaara
sacche dil se karoge jo sewa
dega maalik tumhen iska mewa
mere laadlon
mere laadlon
mere laadlon
mere laadlon

zor se bajaao zara band baaja
arre bajaao ni
zor se bajaao zara band baaja
naach ke dikaiyo bua ji ko tamaasha
arre jor se bajaao jara band baaja
naach ke dikaao bua ji ko tamasha

o zara band baja
naach ke dikaao bua ji ko tamaasha
haay haay haay
oye bua
oye bua
haa haa
ha ha ha ha ha ha
bua ji ke chammcho
bolo bua ji maharaani ki jai

4 Responses to "Zor se bajaao zara band baajaa"

Atul ji
Please correct Lyricist`s name of this song as VERMA MALIK”
M.G.Hashmat was not Lyricist`s name as mentioned in post and tags, Please rectify………..I have provided the link to the vinyl record of the movie LP


Thank You Prakashchandraji


Production house:Deepali Arts
Producer:Ashok Khanna
Director:Sohnlal Kanwar
1)Jis dil mein pyar na ho:Kishore Kumar
2)sajna o sajna:Anuradha Paudwal,Mohammed Aziz
(Lyricist:Verma Malik)
3)Mera malik mera dil Hai:Lata Mangeshkar
(lyricist:Verma Malik)
4)Jor se bajao zara band baja:Kishore Kumar,Anuradha Paudwal, Mohd.Aziz
(Lyricist:Verma Malik)
5)Jis dil mein pyar na Ho:Manhar, Alka Yagnik Version
6)Mera Malik mera dil hai:Lata Mangeshkar
(Lyricist:Verma Malik)
records on super T Series


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