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Jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai

Posted on: December 2, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Many of the music directors of the the Golden era and the pre- golden era were competent singers as well. They sang mostly in their own films, but sometimes they also sang under the batons of other music directors. Today’s song, a qawwaali from “Samrat”(1954), is one such song, where C Ramchandra sings for Hemant Kumar. Rafi and chorus accompany C Ramchandra in this song.

C.Ramchandra was quite fond of singing in films and he usually sang in his own films. However, he also sang for other music directors, for instance for his Mentor Anil Biswas, S D Burman, Roshan and Hemant Kumar. Today’s song is one of the two songs he sang for Hemant Kumar. The other comedy song was from film ‘Lagan’-55. Besides them, C Ramchandra also sang for Mir Saheb, Chic Chocolate, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Usha Khanna and Kishore Kumar.

Film Samrat-54 had 9 songs. 4 songs from this film are already discussed. This will be the 5th song. All the songs of this film are very good. The best song was “sabko mubarak Naya saal’ by Asha and chorus. For a long time, Radio Ceylon used to play this song on every 31st December night / First January every year. I do not know if this is going on even now.

SAMRAT-1954 was a film by Filmistan. Those days Ajit and Premnath were very fond of roles of rebels in a kingdom,sword fighting and the likes of it.many films with stories woven around kings,wicked Vazirs,beautiful princesses,a young rebel from the Aam janata etc were the staple of those days.India had gained Independence just 7-8 years ago and the acceptance of Kings,queens,Rajkumaris etc was still there. In fact such films were made almost till 1969,when Indira Gandhi abolished the states,Rajas,and maharajas by stopping their purses paid by the Govt.

This was a film directed by NAJAM NAQVI,who started as a continuity man with Bombay Talkies.His original name of Syed Najmul husain Naqvi was changed to Najam Naqvi here only,as there was a famous actor Najmul Hasan already.

Najam Naqvi was an actor, producer and Director.He directed 12 films from punarmilan-1940 to Samrat-1954.After this film he migrated to Pakistan where also he directed 6 films till 1966(Payal ki jhankaar).He died in Lahore,Pakistan on 26-1-1982.

Nasir Hussain, who became a famous Director later had written the S/Play and Dialogues of this film,along with Hamid bhatt.The MD was Hemant Kumar,ably assisted by a future top composer-Ravi.

The cast of this film was Ajit, Rehana Kamlesh kumari(Junior) etc. KANU ROY had also acted in this film. He did the role of Kanu-the side kick of the hero.

Guman Singh(Randhir) is Diwan of the kingdom but has connections with a Pirate chief Tunda.Sagar(Ajit) and two of his friends,Kanhaiya and Kanu,learn from a wounded sailor about the activities of Guman.Bijli(Kamlesh Kumari) a dancer in a pub of pirate and a mute lover of Sagar also fives similar info.Sagar approaches the King and warns him.But he is misunderstood and jailed as Guman is engaged to the Rajkumari.The Rajkumari(Rehana) has doubts about Guman and she finds out all about him in disguise by visiting pirate’s island.After she tells her fathe,Guman is called.Sensing trouble,Guman captures King,puts him in prison,replaced by his look alike who promptly sentences Sagar to Death.Rajkumari and Sagar escape but she is captured and made to dance on the Pirate’s ship.Sagar attacks the ship.rescues her,then turns to Guman,killing him in a sword duel and releasing King from prison.
Sagar and Rajkumari marry and he is the new Diwan now.

The meeting was on the 20th of november 2016. On the evening of the 19th, we got WhatsApp messages from Avinash ji that he had boarded the train to Mumbai. On the way, he was to be joined by our honourable guest shri Deepak Chowdhari ji from Amravati (Badnera ?). After reading the messages that the train had left Nagpur with Avinash ji on board, we heaved a sigh of relief. Now it was 99.9% sure that he was coming for the meeting !

Bharatbhai had instructed Sadanand ji to prepare a cardboard paper table of 12″ x 12″ size with 16 squares. His idea was to take Autographs of all participants on this. The table also had their favourite song Titles. Accordingly the table was prepared very nicely. They both were to reach the venue at about 8 am to check and oversee the arrangements of the Hall. By 8.30 or so I too reached the hotel.

The arrangements were excellent. Electricity connectivity, enough lighting and free WI-FI was provided. Morning Breakfast was from 9 am onwards, but we delayed it as members had not yet come. Bharat bhai was busy in connecting his Audio-Visual and computer equipment. He was looking so enthusiastic, I felt a little envious of him. If at the age of 83-84, he can be so zealous and full of life, humour and activity, every ageing person needed to follow in his footsteps. Just looking at him brightened my mood and the tension eased out. Sadanand ji was busy checking Name plates. They had made the seating arrangements with some basis. First few seats were for the Regulars and then the Guests were seated.

I was supposed to chair the meeting. The Agenda was written on a white Board. It was strategically placed so as no one could read the items except the very bold ” Agenda “, indicating what it was ! Our experience was that the Agenda was a mandatory decorative item which was never followed as planned. It always remained a wishful thinking. But we wanted to be ‘proper’, hence Agenda was on the board !

Slowly and steadily members started trickling in the hall. Khyati ji, Shishir Sharma ji and some more guests came. When there were enough number of guests to make it look like a gathering, we started the Breakfast. At around that time, Avinash ji and Deepak ji arrived with the baggage, straight from the station. Looking tired but enthusiastic, they soon disappeared into the Men’s enclosure to freshen up and change. Within half an hour, having finished the 3-S, they joined us for the breakfast. The last pair to arrive was Gajendra ji and Nishant ji.

After the Breakfast, we all went into the hall. Though the names were assigned to the seats, members cleverly adjusted themselves as per convenience and choice of neighbours. I could read the disappointment and pain on the face of Sadanand ji, to see his efforts go waste. The last guest to enter the hall was Shri Mohan Joshi ji, a knowledgeable member, for whom this was the second meeting.

The members were-
Regulars- A. Deshmukh, Bharat Upadhya ji, Sadanand Kamath ji, Ms. Khyati ji, Avinash ji, Gajendra ji and Bakshish Singh ji.
Honourable guests- Mohan Joshi ji, Shishir Krishna Sharma ji, Nishant Shah ji, Deepak Chowdhari ji, Mahendra Bafna ji, Lalit Sahni ji, and Shyam Sawant ji.

Bharatbhai informed me that as his son from USA has come to Mumbai only for a day and was to leave tonite, he would leave early to join his son. He further suggested that we conduct his programme ‘ Favourite song ‘ on priority, ahead of other item on the Agenda, to which I agreed as all members would be involved in that programme.

Finally, the meeting started. The first item was welcome speech by Bharat ji. I reproduce here his ‘ entire ‘ welcome speech.

” Good Morning. I welcome you all for this meeting. I request Mr. Deshmukh to take over as the Chairman. Thank you.”

He sat down. Everyone dutifully clapped. The next item was ‘ self introduction by the members ‘. The idea was to acquaint others about the member and we thought the best person to do this was he himself. We had estimated that this item would take at the most an hour. We forgot that people like to talk about themselves. As there was no time limit set, this exercise went on and on and on. However, it was very interesting and gave us an insight into their lives. Some of the experiences narrated were very informative, like when Mohan Jjoshi ji met famous people of the film industry, how Lalit Sahni ji recorded more that 1000 Bhajans on tunes of popular film songs or the exciting experiences of Sharma ji while interviewing famous people. By the time we finished the introduction round it was Lunch time !

The lunch arrangements were in the Hotel’s restaurant. The food spread was four times more than what was mentioned in our contract ! So nice of them. Everyone enjoyed the tasty food and the desserts. While the lunch was going on, photos were being taken by almost everyone. The atmosphere was so cordial, friendly and full of joy that I felt the purpose of meeting was fulfilled. After all we meet not only to discuss mundane matters on the agenda, but to come closer to each other and discuss matters of mutual interest, common to all,like films and music. This was clearly a case of “friendship beyond Borders “. Such Get togethers make memorable events in our life. Films and Music bind people of diverse careers and personalities.

When we re assembled after the Lunch, it was announced that the next item was ” Favourite songs “. Members were happy.I doubt if anyone remembered that originally the next item was to be some other item. The format of this programme was easy. First Bharat ji would announce the member’s name, give his favourite song details, then one stanza of the song would be played and then the member has to tell us why he liked it and what was special in it.

Among all the meets that I have attended, this programme was genuinely most enjoyable. Members were very enthusiastic and questions were asked and answered. Barring none, all the songs were excellent and justified being in the list of Favourite songs. Members became emotional while talking about their Favourite song. Halfway through the programme, we broke for Evening Tea and again started the programme. By the time we finished all 14 songs, it was nearing 5 pm.

Hurriedly, Bharat ji arranged for the Autograph and photograph session- the last item of the day. This was required for his video. The Autograph sheet was placed on the table. The member announced his name and then signed the sheet. All this was filmed by Bharat ji.

Now the time came for the closure of the meeting. We had already crossed the Hotel’s deadline of 5 pm, but the Hotel was very considerate and allowed us without any objection. I tried to sum up the day’s activities, thanked everyone heartily and declared the Meeting as over.

A question is often asked by many as to what are the gains of such meetings which have no apparent and measurable parameters of any achievement. In my opinion, such meetings work as a Tonic for the Music lovers. Most old music lovers are from the age group of 45+ and above. At such an age, it is difficult to get New friends. Such meetings convert casual and online acquaintances into good friendships. You also get the joy of adding to your knowledge. Once tasted, the attraction of such meets prompts people to try and attend more such meetings.

How else can you explain why people spend their money and time in travelling from Delhi to Mumbai or Mumbai to Bangaluru and vice versa or Nagpur to Mumbai or to Chennai ? Surely, there must be some intrinsic gain beyond measure or a parameter ! Its difficult to put it in words but I am sure you must have understood what I mean. When I put Meeting photos on my FB page, one of our regular readers, Mr. P Seshadri ji from Ahmedabad wrote, ” If I had known, I would have also come to the meeting in Mumbai “. This is the Gain !!!

All things in this world can not be measured, some are felt and some are desired irrespective of Age, Status, Distance or Language. So Hail the Meets and let’s meet again and again…sometime….somewhere….

Let us enjoy this qawwaali from “Samrat”(1954).

Song-Jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai (Samrat)(1954) Singers-Rafi, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Hemant Kumar


kya kaha ustaadon ne

arre haath seene per jo rakkhe ae ae
zara sambhal ke
aur thhandi saans le ae
haath seene per jo rakkhe
aur thhandi saans le ae ae ae
husn waale cheez kya hain
udti chidiya faans len

arre waah jamboora waah waah

jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
badnaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai

arre gair ke pehlu mein unko dekh kar ar ar
dil pe kya guzri kisi ko kya khabar

aa aa aa aa aa
gair ke pehlu mein unko dekh kar
jee haan unko dekh kar
dil pe kya guzri
kisi ko kya khabar
jee haan kisi ko kya khabar
jee haan kisi ko kya khabar

aa aa aa aa
aashiqui ke imtihaan ka waqt hai
ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
waah waah waah
dekhna hai aaj ulfat ka asar
dekh lo ustaad ji
arre dar gaya jo ishq mein naakaam hai
dar gaya jo ishq mein naakaam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
badnaam hai

jaan dena
waaah aahe waah
jaan dena
kya samjhe re
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai

jismein qurbaani na ho o
wo ishq kya
waah waah

haa aa aa
pooch parwaane se jalne ka maza
jee haan jalne ka maza
jee haan jalne ka maza

aa aa aa
rah gaya deewaana jal ke aag mein
deewaana jal ke aag mein
deewaana jal ke aag mein

aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
rah gaya deewaana jal ke aag mein
deewaana jal ke aag mein

arre raakh ke zarron se aayi ye sada
kya bhala
aise jalne mein bada aaraam hai
aise jalne mein bada aaraam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
badnaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai

aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
is ada se aaj wo mehfil mein hain aen aen aen
aa aa aa
door rah kar bhi hamaare dil mein hain
aa aa aa aa
is ada se aaj wo mehfil mein hain
ji aaj wo mehfil mein hain
door rah kar bhi hamaare dil mein hain
jee wo hamaare dil mein hain
jee wo hamaare dil mein hain

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
jee mein aata hai ke ye bhi dekh len
kya ustaad
zor kitna baazu e qaatil mein hai
dekh lo ustaad ji aaj
ishq mein to roz qatl e aam hai
ishq mein to roz qatl e aam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
ishq bechaara yoon hi badnaam hai
badnaam hai
jaan dena

waah waah ustaad ji
jaan dena
arre waah beta
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai
jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai


8 Responses to "Jaan dena aashiqon ka kaam hai"

Reading this post was like re-living those moments again. Thanks a lot for this post.
Report part of the gang out thus gets concluded.
But what about the ‘non-explainable, non-measurable and beyond the parameters’ part’ … thought it can not be explained in words, may be a post or a song can to some extent will be able to describe it … may be at an ‘individual level’ 🙂 …

“Ye shauq nahin aasaan
ek deewaangi ek junoon hai
Dooriyaan kitni ya safar lambaa
Milte rahiye, Mel jol badhaate rahiye
Daur mulaaqaaton ka chalaa kar,
Zindagi ki sargam ka lutf utthhaate rahiye”

(lekh padhne ke baad man jo vichaar aaye unko likhne ka prayas kiya hai, isme sudhaar ya sujhaav ka swaagat hai)

Dear Atulites,
We did have a memorable date on 20th November. Arunbhai has described in his superb narrative about the video I was taking. (I wish I could write like that) I thought members who have not seen it, by this time, should be offered to see it. Click on the following link and enjoy.

Arunji, Bharatji.

I envy you so much. What a great thing you have done! I wish I should have been there !!

D Samant

Great job done, which was down your lane. One could relive the experience.
I liked the individual favourite songs item as one could identify each one of you. Each song choice was classic. Birds of same feathers flocked together. Its seems Talat was more popular than other male singers.

What a wonderful post, Arunji.

It is like “aankhon dekha haal” of the gangout. You’ve combined humour with a philosophical touch too, at the end – it is just fantastic to read.

You are right about the agenda. Even in Bengaluru, we never managed to stick to it, on the occasions that we did have one. Time just flies when you are having fun. Before you know it, we are running out of time. Kuchh na kuchh chhoot hi jaata hai. 🙂

But the MOST important thing is what you have mentioned about meeting itself. That alone makes everything worth it, regardless of what was on the agenda. Just meeting face-to-face, sharing laughs, maybe pulling each other’s leg 🙂 , discussing music and films (and of course the blog) – this is such a fun and energising experience, it cannot be translated into measurable parameters, because the feeling is just immeasurable.

You have brought out this sentiment very well, Arunji. Thank you for this excellent write-up.

Lovely report of the Gangout by Arun ji. All the highlights are brought out very well and for the details of the discussions one had to be there! We all had a great time and it was great interacting with “like minded music lovers”. That’s the big takeaway of such Gangouts!

This was my third Mumbai Gang out and it tuned out to be the most enjoyable meeting I attended . there was a right mix of formal agendas ( only two could be taken up) and informal discussions. Although we thought that the self introduction would take about 3 minutes per member/guest, it took the entire pre-lunch time. In the hindsight, it was good that we did not strictly enforced 3 minutes time. The revelations from the guests as to how they got attracted to Hindi film music are sufficient for each one to write a separate article for the Blog. Suffice to say in nutshell that the motto of each guests and members during their ‘attraction’ stage was ‘for Hindi film music, hum kuchh bhi karega’.

In the post-lunch session, again we underestimated the time for ‘favourite songs of each member/guest and reasons therefor’. The analysis of each of the favourite songs in terms of lyrics, singing, melodies and rhythm etc by each member/guest was so engrossing that no one thought of the time frame.

Lastly, I liked the concept of videographing each member/guest autographing on a sheet while a couple of lines from their favourite songs playing in the background. This was the brainchild of Bharat ji. Initially, myself and Arun ji were sceptical of the idea. Later we agreed when he explained as to how he was going to ‘picturise’ the event. I should say that his enthusiasm scored over us.

Thank you Arun ji for covering the proceedings of the Mumbai Gang out like a live commentary.

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