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Is jahaan ka pyaar jhoothhaa

Posted on: December 13, 2016

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Ok, I’ve got a new favourite song now.

It is a measure of my still very limited knowledge of songs, in comparison to the vast ocean out there, that I still keep discovering songs that I fall in love with.

Not that I’m complaining. I love listening to songs I’ve never heard before. This way I broaden my horizons and sometimes come across wonderful songs. Otherwise, I’d be stuck listening to the same songs all the time.

This blog is a big source of “undiscovered” songs for me. I’ve come across SO many songs here that I’d never heard before.

For this particular song that I’m posting today, I need to thank Khyatiben, one of our regulars here. She mentioned this song in a comment to another song.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. If I came straight to the point, like taking a fast local from Borivali to Churchgate, my posts wouldn’t be as long as they usually are. I tend to take my time.

Anyway, the story starts with Dev Anand.

I am quite fond of Dev Anand films from before the 1970s. Especially his black-and-white films. I have watched many of them and, a few months ago, went on a binge when I watched Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Munimji, Sharaabi, Aaraam, Jaal and Kinare Kinare in quick succession. Of these, I’d watched TGKS and Munimji before, but wanted to watch them again. The others were first-time for me.

But one film that I missed out on watching – and have been wanting to watch for a long time – was Amardeep (1958).

Then recently, in fact, soon after Dev Anand’s death anniversary, while looking for his songs on youtube, I stumbled upon a song where he is “dancing”. I use quotes here to allow for as much stretching of the term “dancing” as one can use one’s imagination for. 🙂

I immediately checked on the blog to see if this song had been posted – otherwise I intended to post it. But I found it was already on the blog. The song concerned is kahaan jaate hain wo kahaan jaate hain

But, as one often finds, the comments section on this blog is also a minefield of valuable information. I found a comment from Khyatiben, talking about another “dance” song of Dev Anand. I immediately checked out that song – and fell totally in love with it the first time I heard it.

And surprise, surprise, this song had not yet been posted on the blog. So I decided I’d do the needful.

That then, friends, is the background behind today’s song. How I came across it, and why I need to thank Khyatiben for it. In fact, I’d never heard the song before – and have listened to it many times since. It is a fantastic song, with excellent music by C. Ramchandra.

I discovered it on 5th December and would have posted it immediately but decided against it. I thought this was a sign of some sort for me to actually finally see this film. It had been at the back of my mind for a long time – maybe it was time now. Anyway, I like seeing the film for which I’m writing a post – it helps to put the song in context.

Finally today, I have managed to see Amardeep (1958). From what I’ve checked, the film did well that year at the box-office. Considering 1958 also had releases like Madhumati and Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, this is no mean feat.

I must say I didn’t find the film particularly memorable, though it wasn’t bad either. It is directed by T. Prakash Rao, well-known South Indian film director who also later directed Sasuraal, Hamraahi, Bahurani, Bahu Beti, Izzat, Vaasna and a few other Hindi films too.

This film happens to be a remake of T. Prakash Rao’s own film Amaradeepam (1956) starring Sivaji Ganeshan, Savitri and Padmini. I haven’t seen the original, so I can’t comment on it, but the remake feels somewhat laboured. I felt this most with Dev Anand’s acting – this wasn’t the Dev Anand I was used to from his Navketan films. The dialogues too were a disappointment, maybe also a result of the film being a remake. I felt they were too trite.

In this Hindi version, Dev Anand plays Sivaji’s role, Savitri’s role is played by Vyjyanthimala, while Padmini plays the same role in the Hindi version too.

But then this wouldn’t be the first film I’ve sat through just for one song. I’ve experienced worse, this wasn’t all that bad. At least it had a storyline and, except for the Johnny Walker parts, the story moved at a decent pace.

In a film starring Vyjyanthimala, Padmini and Ragini, you’d expect to see dancing – and this film has its share of this. The fun is when Dev Anand joins in. I like Dev Anand a lot, but I think it would be hard for me to keep a straight face and say that he was a great dancer. 🙂

But he does add an element of unintended light relief here with his movements. And he does make an effort to match the stalwarts Padmini and Ragini. It would be unfair to expect more than this from him. 🙂

The song itself is just lovely. I’ve heard it many times in the last few days – it has really grown on me. An absolute gem.

I hope you enjoy it too.



Song-Is jahaan ka pyaar jhoothha (Amardeep)(1958) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Mohammad Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


Is jahaan ka pyaar jhootha
Yaar ka iqraar jhootha
Haan bhi jhoothi
Na bhi jhoothi
Saara kaarobaar hai jhootha
Is jahaan ka pyaar jhootha
Yaar ka iqraar jhootha

Pehle khat likhte thhe aashiq
apne dil ke khoon se
Ab to khushboo ittar ki aane lagi hai us majmoon se
us majmoon se
Dil ka har beemaar jhootha
Maut ka bhi taar jhootha
Haan bhi jhoothi
Na bhi jhoothi
Saara kaarobaar hai jhootha
Is jahaan ka pyaar jhootha
Yaar ka iqraar jhootha

Ghoomti phirti hai
Ho o o o
Ghoomti phirti hai Laila
ab to motor car mein jee
Ab to motor car mein

Aur cycle pe miyaan majnoo miley bazaar mein
Ho o o o
Oonth aur mehmil kahaan

Ab to hotel hai miyaan
Haaan haaye
Aa aa aa aa aa
Jab Mussoorie ko chali jaati hai Shirin June mein

To mian Farhaad aa jaate hain Dehra Dun mein
Ab na tesha na pahaad
Haan aan
Ishq ka gulshan ujaad
Phool jhoothe
Khaar jhoothe
ho o o o o
Pyaar ka gulzaar jhootha
Pyaar ka gulzaar jhootha

Haan bhi jhoothi
Na bhi jhoothi
Saara kaarobaar hai jhootha
Is jahaan ka pyaar jhootha
Yaar ka iqraar jhootha

hO o o
o o o
Ab kahaan wo pehle jaise
Dilbari ke rang bhi
Dilbari ke rang bhi

Kya pataa kuchh ho gaye ab
Aashiqui ke dhang bhi
Dilbari ke rang bhi
Ishq ka izhaar jhootha
Naama-e-dildaar jhootha
Haan bhi jhoothi
Na bhi jhoothi
Saara kaarobaar hai jhootha
Is jahaan ka pyaar jhootha
Yaar ka iqraar jhootha

6 Responses to "Is jahaan ka pyaar jhoothhaa"

I liked the light heartedness of the post. I saw Amardeep in its time and it did not stay with me.. This song though has an appeal..


Quite a while ago I got together with some of my friends (the usual suspects) to get together a bunch of songs where Dev Anand danced. After initial exclamations ( Oh he never danced), we manged to unearth quite a few. I remember watching this song then, and loving it. I love his (non) dance here.


hey! thats a great song you stumbled on! i thank you and Khyatiji for this song. and please let us give the devil his due… he is as good as our Dharamendra in dancing. and please readers of this comment i forbid you all from smirking.
after all songs are meant to entertain us right?


Haha, actually the more I watch this song, the more I find it endearing. Not only is the song lovely, but Dev Anand’s dancing is also quite cute. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on him. 🙂 In any case, I think he’s better than Dharam at dancing. Off now to see “yehi hai tamanna, tere dar ke saamne” with Dharam dancing. 🙂


Dev throws his arms instead of throwing his weight around while dancing. He is one of a kind as he has 2 left feet.




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