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Kya lutf hai jeene mein

Posted on: December 14, 2016

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

LADAAI KE BAAD (1943) was produced under the banner of Navyug Chitra and was it was directed by Ram Daryani. The star cast included Snehlata Pradhan and Shahu Modak in lead roles with David, Kusum Deshpande, B Sawsare, Sharda, Raja Pranjape, G Savkar, Pratima Devi, Sudha Apte etc in secondary roles. Apart from doing the lead role, Snehprabha Pradhan was also the story writer and choreographer for the film.

I had never heard the name of this film until a few days back. My first impression from the title of the film was that the story may have something to do with the then on-going World War-II. I could not get any inkling of the story of the film. The film was released in July 1943 and ‘Filmindia’ issues from August 1943 to December 1944 are not yet made available on Archives. But an advertisement of the film appearing in July 1943 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine gave me some indication that the film belonged to the genre of comedy.

Fortunately, I could get the synopsis of the film (without the ending part of the story) at which I have paraphrased to make it a concise synopsis. I have also given the names of actors who have performed the characters in the story:

In a city, two families live as neighbours. The first family is that of Seth Bansilal (David) a businessman, his wife, Laxmidevi (Pratima Devi), a college going son Kumar (Shahu Modak). There are two other important members of his family – Kisan (G Savkar), the servant and Meena, a pet cat of Kumar.

The other family is that of Judge Ramnarayan (B Sawsare), his wife Sushiladevi (Sudha Apte) and a college going daughter, Meena (Snehprabha Pradhan). Like Seth Bansilal’s family, this family has also got two other important members – Radha (Sharda), the maid servant and Kumar, a pet dog of Meena.

Coincidentally, the pet cat of Kumar has the name Meena – the same as that of the daughter of the judge Ramnarayan and the name of the pet dog of Meena is Kumar- the same as that of the son of Seth Bansilal.

Both Kumar, the hero and Meena, the heroine have good impression about each other which culminates into love over time. They have planned to get married once Kumar completes his college and gets a job. But their pets – Meena, the cat and Kumar, the dog always fight with each other whenever they meet in the backyard. The frequent fights between their pets result into fight between Kisan and Radha, the servants of the two families. During one such fight between pets, Kisan tries to separate the pets. As a result Radha abuses Kisan leading to a separate fight of their own. During the fight, Radha bites the wrist of Kisan and the battle spreads to the houses of the two families.

Kisan tells a lie to his master Seth Bansilal that Meena has bit him on his wrist leaving a permanent mark. This infuriates Seth Bansilal. At the same time, Radha, the maid servant of Judge Ramnarayan comes to Seth Bansilal’s house with an invitation for tea in Ramnarayan’s house in order to develop a friendly relations with the family of Seth Bansilal. Rather than accepting the invitation, Seth Bansilal abuses the maid servant who in turn reveals to him that Meena is going to be his future daughter-in-law.

While the war between pets, the servants and the heads of both the families is going on, Kumar, the hero and Meena, the heroine continue their romance. They try many tricks to bring their warring parents to peace. But none of the tricks works. On the contrary, the relations between the heads of two families worsens so much that both swear at each other that they would scout for a suitable bride for Kumar and bridegroom for Meena. And they find Mala (Kusum Deshpande) for Kumar and Madhukar (Raja Pranjape) for Meena. This creates misunderstanding between Kisan and Meena.

Disgusted with these developments, Kumar goes with Mala to watch a movie in a theatre where he finds Meena sitting with Madhukar. This infuriates Kumar who rushes towards Madhukar and pulls him out of the seat with his collar. What happens next? Whether the two families reconcile and Kumar marries Meena.

Of course, those days pamphlets containing the synopsis of the story would invariably end with ‘watch the movie on the screen’ to know what happens next. Of course, one can guess that at the end all obstacles would be overcome and Kumar and Meena get married. By the way, it would have been interesting to know after the marriage of their masters whether Kumar, the dog and Meena, the cat became pally.

The film had 12 songs all written by Wali Sahab which were set to music by Dada Chandekar. I could not locate any of these songs on YT. On the internet, I managed to get mp3 clip of one song which I have converted into a video clip and have uploaded the same on YT. Here is the first song ‘kya lutf hai jeene mein’ sung by Snehprabha Pradhan and Shahu Modak to appear on the Blog.

What a beautiful composition by Dada Chandekar! He has composed the song of ‘missing someone’ in a ‘chhaaya geet’ style. The soft interlude music gives a feel of a dim light party song. The mood of the song has been properly brought out in Snehprabha Pradhan’s singing though same cannot be said in the singing of Shahu Modak. Somehow, the musical composition of this song reminds me of aage bhi jaane na tu.

With this song, ‘Ladaai Ke Baad’ (1943) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Kya lutf hai jeene mein (Ladaai Ke Baad)(1943) Singers-Snehprabha Pradhan, Shahu Modak, Lyrics-Wali Sahab, MD-Dada Chandekar


kya lutf hai jeene mein
kya lutf hai jeene mein
kyun ?? judaa rahkar
haay saajan
saawan ke maheene mein
kya lutf hai jeene mein
kya lutf hai jeene mein

kya lutf hai jeene mein
?? saja sanwra hai
hota hai kahaan sajni ee
haay sajni
?? se juda bhanwra
phoolon se judaa bhanwra aa

tum nainon mein aa jaao
aao naa
main band karoon aankhen
tum dil mein samaa jaao
tum dil mein samaa jaao
nainon mein aa jaao
kya dil ne kaha dekho
tum tum na rahi sajni
main main na raha dekho
tum tum na rahi sajni ee
main main na raha dekho

kya lutf hai jeene mein

kya lutf hai jeene mein
haay saajan
haay sajni
(??) tumse judaa rahkar

saawan ke maheene mein
kya lutf hai jeene mein
kya lutf hai jeene mein


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