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Dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne

Posted on: March 4, 2017

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As blog milestones go, century milestones of this blog no longer attract as much attention as they used to attract in the past. The fact that there have been as many as 129 such occasions may have led to this “familiarity breeds indifference” attitude on the parts of the regulars.

Thousandth milestones are rather rare though. There have been only 12 such occasions for the blog. The last such occasion was on 20 april 2016, when 12000th song writeup appeared in the blog.

In “recent” past, thousandth song milestones have been grand affairs. People had begun to talk about them, had begun to make guesses about the songs. They had become eagerly awaited events for the blog.

Today (4 march 2017), 312 days after the previous such occasion of 12000th post on 20 april 2016, we reach the next thousandth milestone, viz 13000th song post in the blog, almost unnoticed. If other such occasions were like lavish India weddings then this occasion is like a simple court marriage with even close relatives caught unawares. 🙂

312 days for 1000 songs means a strike rate of just 3.2 songs per day, which has been a steep fall from the earlier thousands.

Here are the details of all the thousandth posts in the blog:

S N Post number Date of posting Song Time taken (days) strike rate for thousand songs Overall strike rate
1 1000 30 march 2009 Piya ham saat mulk ka paani (Lootmaar)(1980) 255 days 3.92 songs/ day 3.92 songs/ day
2 2000 27 september 2009 Dhakdhak karti chali jeewan ki rail(Dilruba)(1950) 181 days 5.525 songs/ day 4.587 songs/ day
3 3000 20 september 2010 Maa mujhe apne aanchal mein chhupa le(Chhota Bhai)(1966) 358 days 2.79 songs/ day 3.778 songs/ day
4 4000 13 june 2011 Kya se kya ho gaya tere pyaar mein (Guide)(1965) 266 days 3.759 songs/ day 3.773 songs/ day
5 5000 13 november 2011 Hamen to loot liya mil ke husn waalon ne(Al Hilal)(1958) 147 days 6.803 songs/ day 4.122 songs/ day
6 6000 23 may 2012 Geet Kitne gaa chuki hoon(Asha Bhonsle NFS)(1960) 192 days 5.208 songs/ day 4.270 songs/ day
7 7000 13 november 2012 Falak se utre zameen pe taare(Rafi NFS)(1960) 174 days 5.747 songs/ day 4.433 songs/ day
8 8000 28 april 2013 Beautiful baby of Bombay(Ek Phool Chaar Kaante)(1960) 166 days 6.024 songs/ day 4.584 songs/ day
9 9000 13 november 2013 Ankhiyan sang ankhiyan laagi aaj(Bada Aadmi)(1961) 199 days 5.025 songs/ day 4.630 songs/ day
10 10000 20 july 2014 Phul rahin belariyaan dolen(Trapped)(1931) 277 days 3.610 songs/ day 4.502 songs/ day
11 11000 31 march 2015 Kaam ki dhun mein hain rawaan(Gyaarah Hazaar Ladkiyaan)(1962) 226 days 4.425 songs/ day 4.495 songs/ day
12 12000 20 april 2016 Door desh se aane waale piya milenge(Gaja Bhau)(Marathi)(1962) 386 days 2.591 songs/ day 4.236 songs/ day
13 13000 4 march 2017 Dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne(Captain Aazaad)(1964) 312 days 3.205 songs/ day 4.1256 songs/ day

All the above songs were special songs in their own ways. Some of them were well known songs and even iconic songs, whereas some of them were less heard songs, and even unheard songs. The artists figuring in these songs ranged from extremely well known to lesser known to even unknown in some cases.

On the first two such occasions, I had written the article, which was then the only way of writing articles in the blog. The next articles , beginning from 3000th post onwards were guest articles. Raja wrote the post for the 3000th and 4000th song in the blog. 5000th post was a collaborative effort where Raja, Sudhir Ji and I jointly wrote the article. This article became so long that some readers gave up midway and were unable to read it to the full. 🙂

All the subsequent such posts were penned by Sudhir ji. All these were solo affairs by him, except the ten thousandth writeup, where I and Raja also joined Sudhir ji, like in case of 5000th song post.

This time, I was quite hesitant to ask Sudhir Ji for writing this post because these days he is preoccupied in other pressing matters and burdening him with this task is not fair. Same is the case with Raja, so I for a change decided that I will have to take the responsibility myself.

What are the credentials of the song that gets the honour of becoming the 13000th song post for the blog ? This is a song that I discovered a few weeks ago. What struck me the most about this song was that almost everyone involved in the creation of this song was never heard of again. The music directors are at least known to compose a few songs in a few obscure movies, but the singer and the lyricist of this song apparaently vanished from the face of the earth after this song and this movie. I contacted our knowledgeable regulars to get details about them, but for a change, even they were unable to find any details whatsoever about them.

This song is from “Captain Aazaad”(1964). This obscure movie was directed by Ram Raseela for Kala Ras Chitra, Bombay. This stunt movie had Azad, Neelam Kumari, Aruna, Heera sawant, Hiru Anand, Anand Prabhu, Arvind Kumar, Maqbool, Hameed, Majnoo, Ramchandra, Zippy, Ram Raseela, M H Doctor, Leela Kulkarni, Gulab Rao, Habeeb, Munna, Shetty, Peggy (Moti), Najo, Leela, Jawle, Siddiqui, Master Ashok, Achchan, Wazira Bai, E Tarapore etc in it.

The movie had seven obscure songs in it.

Surprisingly, despite the obscurity of this movie and its songs, this movie already has a thousandth post connection with the blog. Sudhir Ji’s thousandth post in the blog discussed a rarest of rare song from this very movie. This was a qawwaali sung by Kabban Mirza. This writeup by Sudhir Ji, like many of his writeups, rewrote HFM history and established the fact that Kabban Mirza had first sung in Hindi movies in 1964 in this movie and not in 1982 in “Razia Sultan”(1982) as is popularly believed.

This second song from “Captain Azaad”(1964) too becomes a thousandth song post in the blog. This song too falls under its own rarest of rare category. This song is sung by M M Khan, a singer whose name does not appear anywhere else in HFGK or any other puplication anywhere. So this song is his only song or any nature, as far as is known.

The lyricist is someone called Kumari Shabnam Manchhari. A female lyricist for a Hindi movie song is as rare as a Dodo, and like for the singer, this appears to be her only song on any nature that we are aware of.

Music direction is by Peter Nawab, who were two people namely Peter and Mohsin Nawab. Peter is as unknown as the singer and lyricist of the song, whereas Mohsin Nawab was rather more “prolific”, having figured in may be two or three more movies.

What about the song itself ? Is it worth the hype ? I think this song comes as a whiff of fresh air. New voice, new lyricist, new music director, all eager to showcase their talents to the music world.

Sadly, the makers of this movie were so much strapped for money that they did not spend a single penny on the publicity of this movie and its songs. As a result, this movie and its artists did not get any coverege in media during its making. On my request, Mr Harish Raghuvanshi, HFM historian extraordinaire and a regular of this blog, went through his records of 1960s but he was unable to find any information about the movie and its atrists. So sadly, the artists of this song literally and figuratively remained “unsung” and unheralded. It is like a batsman scoring a century in a test match and then never getting to play a test again. It has happened in cricket several times, and as we can see from this example, it has happened in HFM as well.

I take this opportunity to thank all our visitors, regulars, contributors and well wishers whose continued support and encouragement has enabled this blog to go on and on for 3151 days (over 8 years and seven months). During this period, we have added songs at a rate of more than 4 songs daily, and in the process we have covered songs from 3648 movies. 916 of these movies have been YIPPEED, viz all their songs have been covered in the blog. The blog has helped created a group of regulars who keep in touch online (on whatapp, e mail, phone etc) and who also hold regular meetings in places like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. It is so heartwarming to find so many likeminded music lovers united for the cause of HFM and prepared to spend time and effort for their shared passion. The blog recently clocked 9 million visitors, which is no mean achievement for a blog dealing with a non populist topic viz old HFM (and NFS) mostly from 1980s and earlier decades.

We still have a long way to go, and I am sure that we will continue to go on and on in future as well.


Song-Dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne (Captain Azaad)(1964) Singer-M M Khan, Lyrics-Kumari Shabnam Manchhari, MD-Peter Nawab


dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne
ye kaisi kayaamat kar baithhe
anjaam to kuchh socha hi nahin
aagaaz e mohabbat kar baithhe
dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne

ye bhi to sitam dekhe koi
wo hum se khafa ho baithhe hain
wo hum se khafa ho baithhe hain
hum jinki mohabbat ki khaatir
duniya se adaavat kar baithhe
anjaam to kuchh socha hi nahin
aagaaz e mohabbat kar baithhe
dil tumse lagaaya kyun humne

sab phoolon se ulfat karte hain
sab kaliyon ko apnaate hain
ye apni hi naadaani thhi
ye apni hi naadaani thhi
kaanton se mohabbat kar baithhe
kaanton se mohabbat kar baithhe
anjaam to kuchh socha hi nahin
aagaaz e mohabbat kar baithhe
dil tumse lagaaya kyun humne

thhukra ke hamen bedardi se
jab saath bhi tumne chhod diya
thhukra ke humen bedardi se
jab saath bhi tumne chhod diya
jab saath bhi tumne chhod diya
ik thhes lagi dil toot gaya
ghabra ke shikaayat kar baithhe
anjaam to kuchh socha hi nahin
aagaaz e mohabbat kar baithhe
dil tumse lagaaya kyun humne

11 Responses to "Dil tumse lagaaya kyun hamne"

Hearty Congratulation for achieving yet another milestone.


Atul ji ko ‘dil se’ ‘dher saari’ badhaayiyaan aur koti koti shubhkaamnaayen …!!!
Sabhi sadasya, mitragan, chaahnewaale, aur apna yogdaan karnewaale mahanubhaavon ko bhi koyi koti badhaayiyaan aur dheron shubhkaamnaayen…!!!


Atul ji,
I heartily congratulate you and your team (which includes me too) for achieving this milestone.
As I have said earlier many times, this Blog may be the ONLY ONE in the whole world featuring songs of old Hindi films with correct lyrics and related data of the song, film and its cast etc, which has 13,000 such songs and running for 9 years non-stop ! In fact this Blog has become a Reference Point for HFM history students.
Whether the celebration of the 1000th song is there or not, it is an achievement born out of hard work,perseverance and passion. The only pleasure it gives is happiness, a sense of fulfilment and a feeling that readers from around the world enjoy this work from their heart.
The Blog has earned a name for itself wherever in the world music lovers exist.
I feel proud that am also associated with this extraordinary effort.
Congrats once again.


i should say that you have spoken for all of us guruji.
i second all that you have said about achievement, happiness, hard work, perseverance and passion.
i think we will have to go to Atulji’s pavilion to celebrate. whatsay gang members?
congrats once again Atulji


Congratulations all around.
An unusual but fresh voice. Lovely lyrics.
Sent the lyrics many years ago.


What an achievement!! Congratulations to all in the Atuldom for their magnificent efforts to keep alive HFM alive


The song chosen for the occasion is also very fresh!!


First and foremost Heartiest congratulations Atulji on reaching 13000. (iss number ko bold samajhiyega)


Dear Atulji,
Congratulations for yet another milestone and the superb post worth the occasion.
‘Lucky for some’ is the way number 13 is commonly called in Bingo or Housie.
It naturally follows that for all of us in ‘Atuldom’ (infringing the copyright of Madam Peeveesie’s Mom), this post will bring thousands time more luck.
Never heard of the singer, nor lyricist, nor, for that matter, the music director duo.
but as remarked by Shah saheb, it is indeed a fresh voice.
The nice lyrics seem to be inspired by the very well-known ghazal of Shakeel Budauni saheb:
“Hangam-e-gham se tang aa kar izhaar-e-masarrat kar baithe/
Mashhoor thi apni zindadili, daanishta shararat kar baithe.”…

…Allah to sabki sunta hai, jurrat hai Shakeel apni apni/
Hali ne zubaan se uff bhi na ki, Iqbal shikayat kar baithe.”

Thanks a lot for everything Atul ji, God bless.
Avadh Lal


Congratulations to Atulji and entire team on reaching the milestone.


Am coming late to this party, Atul, but my hearty congratulations for this milestone. Like you say, even if our 100-milestone isn’t such a big celebration anymore, a 1000-milestone is very special. I should have noticed this earlier, sorry.


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