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Aap Kya Jaane Mujhko Samajhte Hain Kya

Posted on: March 8, 2017

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today, 08th March 2017, is the 96th birth anniversary of Sahir Ludhianvi – the poet – lyricist – whom we fondly remember for his memorable or rather immortal poetry and songs too – and the classic poetic gems – which he contributed to the Indian Cinema.

We all know Sahir by many of his facets of writings, but in addition to what all have been said about him, he will always be a ‘truly secular individual’, ‘a humanitarian’, and a ‘motivational philosopher’ for me.

I exactly don’t remember when I started seeking more and more of Sahir’s poetry and his contribution to the Hindi Cinema and reading more about his biography, his life struggle. I may have been listening to the songs penned by him just like I was doing for other songs which as a ‘normal music lover’ I was listening to.

But all that love for poetry and specifically HFM took new turn after my coming into contact of this blog. And, since I remember my first comment (15.09.2009) on the blog and the reason of my coming into contact with this blog, I can surely say that it was that time around when while searching for one of ‘childhood memories/nostalgia’ songs – ‘Dil Karta O Yaara Dildaaraa Mera Dil Karta, I came across this song  ‘Kashti Ka Khaamosh Safar Hai’ – (both songs written by Sahir) – but then I was not much aware  of / heard  this latter song which left me stunned and I was totally taken away by this song and there started my ‘journey with Sahir songs and his poetry’. I searched the domain for articles about Sahir and his works – his books – and there was already a ‘lot of information and articles’ available about him.

And why not? He was such a ‘colossus’ figure, such a great ‘poet’ whose poetry had left such a great impact on people, so much so that people are still writing about him, doing research on his poetry and still discussing Sahir and they will keep doing so till ‘humanity’ exists, ‘society, social conscience, and social concerns’ continue to ‘bother’ people. Such vast and wide is the spectrum of his writings and the subjects he had dwell of human emotions and feelings.

Various authors have written books on his works and I think it will continue as each one has a different perspective about Sahir and his works and it will continue till the human civilization exists, patriotism exists, people exists, government exists, and the problems of women, the poor and the downtrodden, the problem of the proletariat exists, love exists and romance exists, and the heart keeps on beating. . .

So at that time in 2009 I had ordered couple of books published on him. And then I started searching for more published works on him and in this period of almost seven years I have so far ten books in my collection related with Sahir Ludhianvi. Few more have just arrived as I was preparing for this post 🙂

Simultaneously, whenever I came across information, discussion about him in the domain I was reading it and sometimes copying for my reference. As I read more and more about him, I also learn that only Sahir has this honor or this unique distinction where the ‘poetry written by a poet has make to the movies in its purest form’ which no other song writer has.

Most of his works for movies were his original poems and unlike other lyricists they were the songs written for movies, but in most cases his poetry was used in movies. They were adapted in movies as they were, only with some minor modification or simplification of the ‘Urdu’ text in ‘Hindi’.

Like for example his poem ‘Taj Mahal’ which was used in the movie ‘Ghazal’ (1964) was written by him back in 1948. There are many such examples but another one which I specifically would like to mention here is his poem ‘Madam’. There is a song in the movie ‘Girl Friend’ (1960) – “O Madam, Main Paagal Hoon” and since I had shared this song I had gone through it many many times.

Now it’s very interesting when we read this original poem which was in ‘Urdu’, and I am reproducing its few lines below;

aap bewajah pareshan-si kyon hain maadaam
log kehte hain to phri thhik hi kehte honge
mere ahbaab ne tahzeeb na sikhi hogi
mere mahaul mein insaan na rehte honge

 After this if one goes through the song from ‘Girl Friend’ as mentioned above, one can notice how interesting it is. Sahir never compromised on the poetry, even in the film songs. They were as ‘meaningful’ and ‘important’ as always.

Here I would like to quote what Gulzar Saab had to say about Sahir in preface of the book ‘Jaag Utthe Khwaab Kai’ (Penguin/2010). While mentioning the importance of poetry in film songs Gulzar Saab mentioned that though normally the film songs becomes ‘hit’ because of ‘tunes’ or ‘singers singing the songs’ and ‘lyrics’ are given less importance there are only two poets whose songs became popular not because of their tunes or singers singing them but because of their beautifully and highly classic poetry. And the two personalities are – Kavi Pradeep and Sahir Ludhianvi. I quote,

Lekin Sahir Ludhianvi ka daayara bahut badaa hai. Ye pehli baar hua tha ki shaayar ne film medium ko nahin apnaya, balki medium ne shaayar ko apna liya, wo jaisa likhta, waisa hi rahaa.

And secondly he mentions about the similes and metaphors that Sahir used in his lyrics/poetry which were unique from others, (and which would require a separate post to discuss so. . .)

So today when we remember Sahir Ludhianvi on his birth anniversary we discuss one such poem which was written by him when he was conferred with ‘Padma Shri’ in 1971. This poem was later included in the movie ‘Daag-1973’ and it was recited by Rajesh Khanna in this movie. Those who have watched this movie must be remembering that in the movie story this too comes at a ‘critical’ juncture when Sharmila Tagore is back in Rajesh Khanna’s life and he is being felicitated or elected as a ‘mayor’ of the town (hope I am correct).

‘Daag’ (1973) (or ‘Daagh’ as spelled in HFGK) was directed by Yash Chopra for his home productions ‘Yash Raj Films, Bombay’.  This was his first movie under this banner.

This movie had Sharmila Tagore, Rajesh Khanna, Raakhi, Baby Pinki, Master Raju, Madan Puri, Manmohan Krishna, Iftekhar, and many others. Prem Chopra, Padma Khanna, Achala Sachdev, Manmohan and A.K.Hangal make a friendly appearance in this movie.

This movie was passed by Censor board on 30.03.1973.

Music of this movie was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and lyrics of this movie were written by Sahir Ludhianvi.

HFGK does mention total seven songs – including the today’s poem – for the list of songs under this movie. I remember this poem is available on the LP records of the movie as I had got it recorded in cassette then in 1991 (25.11.91 of my compilation of ‘Daag-Deewaar-Doosra Aadmi-Kaalaa Patthar’ on TDK D-90 J).

Today let us enjoy this poem which Sahir Saab has written in reply to the congratulations and best wishes that people all over showered on him on his being honoured with ‘Padma Shri’ in 1971.

(Important Note: – I would like to thank Sudhir ji, because I got he idea to post this poem, when our respected Sudhir ji posted the poem from Anand – “Maut Tu Ek Kavita Hai – and since then I was longing to share this poem, and as most of our regulars, who by now are aware that I am a Rajesh Khanna fan, can understand my eagerness to bring this poem on the blog. So, thank you Sudhir Sir ji).


Song – Aap Kya Jaane Mujhko Samajhte Hain Kya (Daag) (1973) Singer – Rajesh Khanna, Lyrics – Sahir Ludhianvi, MD – Laxmikant Pyarelal


aap. . .

aap kya jaane mujhko samajhte hain kya
main to kuchh bhi nahin
is qadar pyaar
itni badi bheed ka main rakhunga kahaaan
is qadar pyaar rakhne ke qaabil nahin
mera dil, meri jaan
mujhko itni mohabbat naa do dosto
mujhko itni mohabbat naa do dosto
soch lo dosto
is qadar pyaar kaise sambhaaloonga main
main to kuchh bhi nahin

pyaar ik shakhs ka bhi agar mil sake to
badi cheez hain zindagi ke liye
aadmi ko magar ye bhi milta nahin
ye bhi milta nahin
mujhko itni mohabbat mili aap se
mujhko itni mohabbat mili aap se
ye mera haq nahin
meri taqdeer hain
main zamaane ki nazron mein kuchh bhi na thaa
main zamaane ki nazron mein kuchh bhi na thaa
meri aankhon mein ab tak wo tasveer hain
is mohabbat ke badle main kya nazar doon
main to kuchh bhi nahin

koi bhi cheez duniya mein rehti nahin
aaj main hoon jahaan kal koi aur tha
aaj main hoon jahaan kal koi aur tha
ye bhi ek daur hai
wo bhi ek daur thaa

aaj itni mohabbat na do dosto
aaj itni mohabbat na do dosto
ki mere kal ki khaatir na kuchh bhi rahe
aaj ka pyaar thoda bachaa kar rakho
aaj ka pyaar thoda bachaa kar rakho
mere kal ke liye
kal jo gumnaam hain
kal jo sunsaan hain
kal jo anjaan hain
kal jo veeraan hain
main to kuchh bhi nahin hoon
main to kuchh bhi nahin. . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwaala)

आप क्या जाने मुझको समझते हैं क्या
मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं
इस क़दर प्यार
इतनी बड़ी भीड़ का मैं रखूँगा कहाँ
इस क़दर प्यार रखने के काबिल नहीं
मेरा दिल , मेरी जान
मुझको इतनी मोहब्बत ना दो दोस्तो
मुझको इतनी मोहब्बत ना दो दोस्तो
सोच लो दोस्तो
इस क़दर प्यार कैसे संभालूँगा मैं
मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं

प्यार इस शख्स का भी अगर मिल सके तो
बड़ी चीज़ हैं ज़िन्दगी के लिए
आदमी को मगर ये भी मिलता नहीं
ये भी मिलता नहीं
मुझको इतनी मोहब्बत मिली आपसे
मुझको इतनी मोहब्बत मिली आपसे
ये मेरा हक नहीं
मेरी तकदीर हैं
मैं ज़माने की नज़रों में कुछ भी नहीं था
मैं ज़माने की नज़रों में कुछ भी नहीं था
मेरी आँखों में अब तक वो तस्वीर हैं
इस मोहब्बत के बदले मैं क्या नज़र दूं
मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं॰ ॰ ॰

कोई भी चीज़ दुनिया में रहती नहीं
आज मैं हूँ जहां कल कोई और था
आज मैं हूँ जहां कल कोई और था
ये भी एक दौर है
वो भी एक दौर था

आज इतनी मोहब्बत ना दो दोस्तो
आज इतनी मोहब्बत ना दो दोस्तो
कि मेरे कल की खातिर न कुछ भी रहे
आज का प्यार थोड़ा बचा कर रखो
आज का प्यार थोड़ा बचा कर रखो
मेरे कल के लिए
कल जो गुमनाम हैं
कल जो सुनसान हैं
कल जो अनजान हैं
कल जो वीरान हैं
मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं हूँ
मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं॰ ॰ ॰


1 Response to "Aap Kya Jaane Mujhko Samajhte Hain Kya"

Lovely tribute to Sahir saab, Avinashji.
I had forgotten all about this poem till now. Now that you mention it, I remember this scene. 🙂


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