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Tujh Se Bichhde Tere Deewaane To Mar Jaayenge

Posted on: April 6, 2017

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

As soon as he discovers that I have uploaded a new post, Arvinder ji (I should say, Dear Arvinder ji) is immediately on my case – “where are the songs that I have requested”. And so it transpires this time also. As soon as he became aware of my previous post (of Tuesday early morning), I have been getting calls and messages of all types reminding me of his list of requests for songs that are very dear, but are not easily available at this time. We had a small get together of our group yesterday afternoon. Arvinder ji was also present. And I don’t need to add much more to say how he urged me to post the songs he has requested.

So here is one more song, as requested by Arvinder ji. Comparatively more recent (of 1967 vintage), I too am surprised that this song is not yet uploaded online. The film, ‘Nawab Sirajuddaula’, seems to have disappeared, as it is apparently not available anywhere at this time. I have faint recollections that I have seen posters of this film when it was released. A tiny memory from when my mind was too tiny. 🙂 Also, I remember that I had seen this film on Doordarshan, sometimes later. But I cannot recall any impressions of it. After that, no info.

Availability (or lack of it) of the film and its songs is maybe a reflection of the lack of interest this film was able to generate when released first time. A historical film that tells the story of a crucial event, a crucial turning point in our country’s history. Nawab Sirajuddaula was the last Indian ruler of Bengal. The British interests and machinations were on the rise, and he was one king who realized what the British were up to. He resisted their forays, but then he was betrayed by his own ministers. Because of that betrayal, the British soldiers, although outnumbered, won the crucial battle at Plassey, that brought an end to the rule of the Nawab in Bengal, providing the initial foothold to the foreign invaders.

It is a very poignant slice of our country’s history, wherein the national interests were sacrificed at the altar of personal gains. A familiar game plan, no? an ongoing scenario that is still rampant in our country. We find more people would emulate Mir Jafar (the traitor minister of the Nawab), than the Nawab himself.

The film is produced by Lok Bharti, Bombay and is directed by Ramchandra Thakur. The lead role of Nawab is played by Bharat Bhushan, and the rest of the cast includes Kalpana, Manhar Desai, Naseem Bano, Moti Sagar, David, Johnny Walker, Majnu, Daisy Irani, Rajan Haksar, BM Vyas, P Kailash, Chandrima Bhaduri, S Nazir, Dalpat, Narbada Shankar etc. From an earlier post, Arun ji informs us that this is the last film of Naseem Bano (mother of Saira Bano), after which she retired.

The film has five songs. All the songs are penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. The music is by Madan Mohan. This film is yet another case of his music becoming victim of association with a film that did not do well. Arun ji often refers to him as ‘Shaapit Gandharv’ (or to say ‘Cursed Apollo’) – with talent so bountiful, yet popular success evading him all his life.

One song, the only one sung by Manna Dey in this film, is already posted – “Aaj Miley Mann Ke Meet”.  The remaining four songs are solo performances by Asha Bhosle. It is another point to think about – Madan Mohan not using the voice of Lata at all in this film, but having Asha sing four solo songs.

Reference to today’s song crops up often, as one of the select sentimental songs of Asha ji. And that is the wonder that this song is not available online. So it is thanks to Arvinder ji’s persistence that this gem of a song finds its place on our blog today.

Song – Tujh Se Bichhde Tere Deewaane To Mar Jaayenge (Nawab Sirajuddaula) (1967) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD – Madan Mohan


tujhse bichhde tere deewaane to mar jaayenge
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de
tere kadmon hi mein din apne guzar jaayenge
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de

chaahe majboor rahen
chaahe be-aas rahen
dil ki hasrat hai yahi
hum tere paas rahen
tera kya bigdega din apne sanwar jaayenge
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de

baad marne ke bhi hum’
tujhse honge naa judaa
jab bhi aayegi hamen
tere kadmon ki sadaa
khaak ban ke teri raahon mein bikhar jaayenge
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de
apne kadmon mein padaa rehne de

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
तुझसे बिछड़े तेरे दीवाने तो मर जाएंगे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे
तेरे कदमों ही में दिन अपने गुज़र जाएँगे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे

चाहे मजबूर रहें
चाहे बे-आस रहें
दिल की हसरत है यही
हम तेरे पास रहें
तेरा क्या बिगड़ेगा दिन अपने संवर जाएँगे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे

बाद मरने के भी हम
तुझसे होंगे ना जुदा
जब भी आएगी हमें
तेरे कदमों की सदा
खाक बनके तेरी राहों में बिखर जाएँगे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे
अपने कदमों में पड़ा रहने दे


2 Responses to "Tujh Se Bichhde Tere Deewaane To Mar Jaayenge"

Many thanks Dear Sudhir Ji for this long awaited upload, and I can assure you that longer the time you take for the upload, longer will be my stock list of songs which you will have to upload
Assuring you of my full perrrsuation 😀,
Thanks again and regards

Thanks so much Arvinder ji,

Your vote of confidence is so encouraging. :D)


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