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Pahli baar milin jo aankhen

Posted on: April 23, 2017

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It was a few days back that I received an unusual e mail from Sudhir Ji

Requesting that you may please slow down on the posts. I am trying to pull together an upcoming anniversary, against the some artist stats. So I request that you may please limit your postings to two posts for the next 5 to 6 days. I will also try to post at least one song, or maybe two, to keep the pace at 3 to 4 posts per day.

If feasible, please send me the tags information for the songs to be posted, a day in advance. I just want to ensure that the anniversary I am targeting and the stats I am trying to reach, coincide when required.

So accordingly I slowed down to two posts per day, one post being a “debutant” movie post and another post being “YIPPEE” post. But I found that Sudhir Ji himself would not be posting the promised one or two posts for the day.

Taking cue from limited overs cricket, I have started to keep track of the blog strike rate the way they keep track of run rate in T20 and ODI cricket. For this blog, strike rate means number of songs per day ever since the blog began. Initially, it was really one song a day, so the strike rate of the blog was one song a day for the first 40 days till 27 august 2008.

From the 41st day onwards, I began to discuss more than one song daily. On the 110th day (5 november 2008), the blog achieved the strike rate of 2 songs per day for the first time. It was on 177th day (11 jan 2009), that the blog first touched the strike rate of 3 songs a day. It was on 8 april 2009 (264th day for the blog) that the strike rate reached 4 songs per day for the first time.

The strike rate kept going up and the peak strike rate of 4.587 songs a day on 27 sep 2009. Then it became to come down. On 14 feb 2010 ( a dot day), the strike rate fell below 4 songs a day. If one tries to find any correlation between this fall and my official life, then one can notice that it was the period of transition for me when I was shifting from Jabalpur to Nagpur. 3.593 songs/ day on 8 july 2010 was the lowest strike rate before it began to pick up again. Finally it was on 23 sep 2011 that the strike rate recovered back to go over 4 songs a day mark.

On 3 feb 2014 (2026th day for the blog), the strike rate achieved 4.6397 songs/ day ! It has been matched again a few times.

After that, the strike rate has been declining but it still continues to be above the 4 mark. I in fact have put one formula in my excel sheet which automatically shows me the current strike rate of the blog. At present it is 4.118 songs a day. That is why I want to discuss at least four or five songs everyday so that the strike does not fall below the four songs a day mark. One debut movie song, and one YIPPEE movie song takes care of two, and then we need to find another couple of songs atleast daily to keep up with our strike rate.

To my mind, this strike rate is much like a country’s growth rate. 🙂 A country growing at 7 % growth rate develops much faster than a country growing at just 3 % growth rate. If we take the blog statistics, then we can see a clear correlation between blog strike rate and number of posts in the blog. For instance

Blog strike rate
Year Posts in the year strike rate for the year Overall number of posts Overall strike rate Remarks
2008 475 songs 2.861 songs/ day 475 songs 2.861 songs/ day
2009 1768 songs 4.844 songs/ day 2243 songs 4.224 songs/ day
2010 1167 songs 3.197 songs/ day 3410 songs 3.806 songs/ day
2011 1819 songs 4.983 songs/ day 5229 songs 4.147 songs/ day
2012 2071 songs 5.658 songs/ day 7300 songs 4.487 songs/ day
2013 1916 songs 5.249 songs/ day 9216 songs 4.6265 songs/ day
2014 1400 songs 3.636 songs/ day 10616 songs 4.504 songs/ day
2015 1101 songs 3.016 songs/ day 11717 songs 4.305 songs/ day
2016 1032 songs 2.820 songs/ day 12749 songs 4.129 songs/ day
2017 433 songs 3.832 songs/ day 13182 songs 4.118 songs/ day

As we can see from the above table, the blog functioned at an impressive strike rate of 4.9 songs a day in 2011 and over 5 songs a day in 2012 and 2013. As a result, the blog added a whopping 5806 songs during these three years at an overall rate of 5.3 songs per day. In contrast, the next three years, viz 2014, 2015 and 2016 have seen addition of only half that number, viz 3533 songs at a dismal rate of 3.22 songs pe day. So it shows the importance of being regular. Posting two extra songs daily can make a difference of nearly one thousands songs per year. That is the reward of being regular and disciplined over a long period of time.

There have been reasons why the strike rate of songs these days is not what it used to be in the past. But still it gives us a good reason for maintaining discipline. Once the momentum is lost, it is very difficult to regain it, as we saw in late 2009 upto mid 2010. I would not like the strike rate to fall below 4 songs a day, and so it means that discussing a minimum of 4 or 5 songs daily must be maintained in the blog.

I see that no posts have been made today (23 april 2017) and I am no longer being stopped from posting, so I assume that it is alright for me to resume my usual posts. 🙂

So here is my first post for the day, which is a song introducing a debutant movie to the blog. This song is from “Shaan e Hind”(1960). This obscure movie was produced by Pratap and directed by Mohan Sinha for Pal Studios, Bombay. the movie had Nigar, Daljeet, Kumkum, Hiralal, Chandrashekhar, Shivraj, Mahendra, Ramesh Thakur, Kumud Tripathi, Radhika etc in it. This movie had eight songs in it.

Here is the first song from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Pratap is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sudipt. The lyricist as well as the music director are quite obscure names for the blog.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

With this song, “Shaan e Hind”(1960) makes its debut in the blog.

And yes, I take this opportunity to thanks all regulars, who first kept me in the dark about what was going on, and then greeted me heartily after the cat was out of the bag. 🙂 It was quite unexpected, and I was just not aware that the number of my posts were reaching 10 thousand mark. In fact I thought that I had crossed that mark long ago. 🙂 But then we have such a huge number of guest posts in the blog as well, which shows just how many contributors and music lovers are now involved with the blog. I have had opportunities of interacting with many of them, either face to face or through e mail, whatsapp, phones etc and I must say that I feel privileged that this blog has enabled me to get acquainted with such great, highly talented and accomplished bunch of high quality like minded individuals. If one needs testimony that music can enrich one (figuratively of course), then I have been been feeling extremely enriched all these years. My thanks to all music lovers for making me feel special by greeting me with such warmth just a few hours ago. It was an extremely memorable occasion for me.

Sudhir Ji, uncharacteristically secretive, had asked me to pick a song to go with my previous writeup that turned out to be my 10000th article. Fortunately, I did not pick up some “inapproprite” song. I was in fact toying with the idea of discussing a chaalu Helen cabarat song with the article. Thankfully, better sense prevailed. 🙂

Song-Pahli baar milin jo aankhen (Shaan e Hind)(1960) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Pratap, MD-Sudipt


pahli baar milin jo aankhen
pahli baar milin jo aankhen
dil ne dil se pyaar kiya
doosri baar milin jo nazren
teer jigar ke paar kiya
teer chalaane waale aaja
aaja re
aaja dil ko phir taiyyaar kiya
pahli baar milin jo aankhen
dil ne dil se pyaar kiya
doosri baar milin jo nazren
teer jigar ke paar kiye

ek nazar ne dil ko baandha
ek nazar ne waar kiya
ek nazar ne chain churaa kar
jeena bhi dushwaar kiya
o ghaayal karke
o ghaayal karke baat na poochhi
khoob sitam sarkaar kiya
teer chalaane waale aaja
aaja re
aaja dil ko phir taiyyaar kiya
pahli baar milin jo aankhen
dil ne dil se pyaar kiya
doosri baar milin jo nazren
teer jigar ke paar kiya

teri khushi mein o bedardi
ab to khushi hamaari hai
soch samajh kar dil ki duniya
tere aage haari hai
o soch samajh kar
o soch samajh kar nain milaaye
soch samajh kar pyaar kiya
teer chalaane waale aaja
aaja re
aaja dil ko phir taiyyaar kiya
pahli baar milin jo aankhen
dil ne dil se pyaar kiya
doosri baar milin jo nazren
teer jigar ke paar kiya


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so i see that you have taken fresh guard and taken a single. good post with a lot of numbers and statistics

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