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Jab sur alag ho saaz se

Posted on: May 4, 2017

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Gopal Singh Nepali (11 aug 1911-17 april 1963) was born in Bettiah (Bihar). He made his mark in Hindi literature at a young age. His first poem “Bharat Gagan Ke Jagmag Sitaare” was published in 1930 in a children’s magazine edited by Ramvrikshh Benipuri.

Gopal Singh Nepali had made his mark as a poet and he would get invited in kavi sammelans. It is in 1944 that he arrived Bombay to participate in an all Indian kavi sammelan. Sashdhar Mukherji was present in the audience and he was impressed with Gopal Singh Nepali’s poems. Filmistan owner Seth Tularam Jalan signed him up for a four years long contract at Rs 200 per month.

Gopal Singh Nepali made his debut as a lyricist in Hindi movies with “Begam”(1945). He penned all the nine songs of this movie. Naseem Bano
s’s Kaliyon mein kali hoon anaar kali and Ashok Kumar’s Aankhen to huyi band magar dard jagaa re became especially popular and they remain popular to this day. The songs of this movie became quite popular.

Gopal Singh Nepali penned songs in five Filmistan movies. First of them was “Mazdoor”(1945) followed by “Shikari”(1946). “Shikaar”(1946), which was S D Burman’s debut movie as a music director had some superb songs in it, viz, Rangeela rangeela rangeela re and Duniya ne hamen do din rahne na diya mil ke . “Eight Days”(1946) was another movie where Gopal Singh Nepali collaborated with S D Burman.

The net two Filmistan movies of Gopal Singh Nepali were “Safar”(1947) and “Leela”91947), both with C Ramchandra as music director. Maine laakhon ke bol sahe sanwariya tere liye (Leela) and Kabhi yaad kar ke gali paar kar ke (Safar) were among the more popular songs from these movies.

After his contract with Filmistan was over, Gopal Singh Nepali penned patriotic songs in “Ahinsa”(1947).

Gopal Singh Nepali collaborated with Anil Biswas in “Gajre”(1948).Door papeehaa bolaa raat aadhi rah gayi and Kab tak kategi zindagi kinaare kinaare are two especially popular songs from this movie.

Original music director of “Gajre”(1948) was Naushad, whose fevaourite lyricist was Shakeel Badayuni, whereas the producer wanted Gopal Singh Nepali as the lyricist. Naushad agreed to give five songs each to Shakeel Badayuni and Gopal Singh Nepali. But Gopal Singh Nepali put his foot down. Finally he was retained as Naushad was replaced with Anil Biswas. This was one of very few cases where a lyricist had got his way in a Hindi movie.

Gopal Singh Nepali was a man of principles. He refused to work with Kishore Sahu because he had the history of humiliating a few lyricists in the past.

One music director with whom Gopal Singh worked in lots of movie was Chitragupta. They worked together in 18 movies, all in 1950s.

Overall, Gopal Singh Nepali penned around 400 plus songs for around 50 odd movies. Most of these movies were mythological / re;igious movies. Like Bharat Vyas, he had got typedcast in this genre of movies.

He of course could pen songs of other genre too. For instance, Kahaan teri manzil kahaan hai thhikaana (Nayi Raahen), Ankhiyon mein samaate ho dil na chura lena (Maaya Baazaar)

Gopal Singh Nepali had tried his hands at producing films as well under his banners of “Himalay Films” and “Nepali Pictures”, but with disastrous results.

We in this blog know his as a lyricist, but he was much more than that. He was a respected poet of “post chhaayaawaad” genre. His poems were included in school tet books. I in fact first became aware of him because one of his poems was there in my class VII Hindi text book.

Gopal Singh Nepali, having participated in a kavi sammelan, was waiting for a train on platform number 2 of Bhagalpur Railway Station on 17 april 1963 when he suffered a heart attack and died there. He was only 52 years old at that time.

This article is special because it marks the 100th song of Gopal Singh Nepali in the blog. I had quite a few nice songs to chose from as his century song. Finally I zeroed on in this song from “Sati Madalsa”(1955). This song is quite an appropriate song and a representative song of Gopal Singh Nepali because it is a mythological song (his specialisation), and it was composed by Chitragupta, his most frequest music director partner. The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle, who, like Gopal Singh Nepali and Chitragupta found herself mostly in B and C grade movies those days , and who ended up lending her voice to most Gopal Singh Nepali songs.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keenera ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections in the lyrics as applicable.

With this song, Gopal Singh Nepali becomes the 81st artist and 27th lyricist to achieve 100 songs in the blog. Seeing that he is an artist from the 1940s and quite a few of his songs are difficult to locate, putting together 100 songs of Gopal Singh Nepali is quite a creditable feat, I think.

Song-Jab sur alag ho saaz se (Sati Madalsa)(1955) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Gopal Singh Nepali, MD-Chitragupta


jab sur alag ho saaz se
ae ae
ae ae ae
laya munh na kholegi kabhi
bichhde miley to sur mile
ae ae
payaal bhi bolegi tabhi

naache chham chham
aansoo hardam
mujh birhan ke gaal pe
bol birah ke bol paayaliya
dukhiyaari ke haal pe
dukhiyaari ke haal pe

raha bulbulon ka ik joda
sajni se sajan bichhuda
chaman ujda
ro ke kaati raat andheri
bulbul sookhi daal pe
bol birah ke bol paayaliya
dukhiyaari ke haal pe
dukhiyaari ke haal pe

naari badri ek jagat mein
baadariya yahaan barse wahaan barse
naari ka jeewan saawan ki
rimjhim rimjhim taal pe
bol birah ke bol paayaliya
dukhiyaari ke haal pe
dukhiyaari ke haal pe

jhoom chali main piya milan ko
bedardi mujhe jaane na pehchaane
milan hua to piya na maane
sar maaroon deewaal pe
bol birah ke bol paayaliya
dukhiyaari ke haal pe
dukhiyaari ke haal pe


2 Responses to "Jab sur alag ho saaz se"

Atul ji,

Thanks very much for the poet’s century write-up.

Gopal Singh Nepali is one of my favourite poets of post-chhaayawaad period. Like you, I had also learnt his poem in my school days along with another ‘Gopal’ – Gopaldas Saksena ‘Neeraj’. I came to know of their association with Hindi film industry much later.

I was very much touched by his poem ‘baabul tum bagiya ke taruwar hum taruwar ki chidiyaan re’. The full poem is available at .

I hear it as,
जब सुर अलग हो साज़ से,
लय मौन खोलेगी तभी
बिछड़े मिले तो सुर मिले
पायल भी बोलेगी तभी
I would suggest writing the lyrics as below for clearer meaning,
बोल बिरह के बोल पायलिया
दुखियारी के हाल पे

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