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Tarap tarap sagri rain gujri

Posted on: July 27, 2017

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

At the outset let me post my usual disclaimer: I am no encyclopaedia as regards the birth and death anniversaries of my favourite Bollywood actors, actresses, singers, music directors, lyricists, choreographers etc. I am assisted in keeping track of the dates by the list on our blog and the good old trust-worthy Vividh Bharati services of All India Radio. And today (27 july 2017) also I am writing this after looking up the list on our blog and listening to “Aaj Ke Phankaar” on radio.

Has anyone forgotten Saudagar Singh, Wajid Ali Shah, Dilawar, Hawaladar Sher Singh? Ok does the name Bishan or Bholaram ring a bell in anyone’s head? Ok all these are characters played by a person who is the son of a well-known yesteryear actor. The person I am talking of made his debut as a child star in the 50s and went on to do theatre on attaining adulthood. He had to wait for a while after his debut in 1973; to play a dacoit in a movie that ran in a single movie hall in Bombay (back then, called Mumbai now) continuously for almost 10 years.
Ahh! Now I am sure that the light of recognition has lit up in the minds of the readers. Yes, I am talking of Amjad Zakaria Khan alias Amjad Khan alias Gabbar Singh; son of actor Jayant. They were Pashtun with Afghan ancestry and Amjad Khan was born in Peshawar. He had his education in Mumbai.

He was seen in “Nazneen” in 1951 and “Ab Dilli Door Nahin” in 1957 as a child star. He is said to have made minor appearances with his father in a few films, done theatre and assisted K. Asif in the 60s during the making of “Love and God”. His debut as adult actor came in 1973 in the Raj Kumar starrer “Hindustan Ki Kasam”.

His next release “Sholay” made him a household name. He went on to play Saudagar Singh in “Hum Kisise Kum Nahin”, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah in “Shatranj ke Khiladi”, Dilawar in “Muqaddar Ka Sikandar”, Hawaldaar Sher Singh in Kumar Gaurav starrer “Love Story”. The last-mentioned character was a deviation from the villainy roles that he used to essay at that time. It was a comic character complete with a funny moustache and he had a sweet way of saying- “Ek ludka ek ludki”. He played a cop who is assigned duty of tracking down the run-away children of rich parents- Danny and Rajendra Kumar.

He played a straight forward cop in Feroz Khan’s Qurbani. There his character was the bubble-gum chewing Inspector Amjad Khan who is on the trail of two thieves who decamp with jewels from Amrish Puri’s house. Amjad as Dilawar in “MKS” was a local goonda in love with a nautch girl who is misled to believe that Sikandar (Amitabh) is also a contender for the nautch girl which eventually leads to both killing each other.

Personally speaking, I have not seen the movie “Shatranj Ke Khiladi” but I have heard that he made a very good Wajid Ali Shah. I have seen Nasir Hussain’s “Hum Kisise Kum Nahin” n-number of times and every time his Saudagar Singh act has managed to startle me. These are only a few of the characters that Amjad played, I will not sit to analyse his act in all the 130+ movie he has acted in. His grey shaded characters of Damu (Damodar) in “Naseeb”, Mangal Singh in “Parvarish”, Avatar Singh (Bhoot Singh) in “Des Pardes”, Fazlu in “Dada”, Bholaram in “Hum Se Badkar Kaun” etc always interspersed his villainous roles. And no, I will not go on to describe my most love-to-hate character that Amjad Khan ever played- Gabbar Singh. The world knows a lot more about this act of his, how he prepared for it etc. than I can write about.

It is 25 years since Amjad khan passed away due to heart failure. And I was spoilt for choice as to which song to play/ post to remember him by. He was one of those multi shaded character actors like Pran who had a few songs filmed on him. Then I remembered that when I was browsing for some song last month I chanced upon a recital of a thumri which our Sadanandji has mentioned in a post of his. I feel this is as good a time as any to post it. It is from Satyajit Ray’s “Shatranj Ke Khiladi”- Sadanandji has given a very detailed insight into the movie in his post. I will just add that this is in Amjad Khan’s voice and Satyajit Ray himself has set the thumri written by Wajid Ali Shah to tune.

Audio (with dialogue)


Song-Tarap tarap sagri rain gujri (Shatranj Ke Khilaadi)(1977) Singer-Amjad Khan, Lyrics-Wajid Ali Shah, MD-Satyajit Ray


tarap tarap sagri rain gujri
kaun des gayo o o saanwariyaa
ho bhar aayi ankhiyaan aan madwaari ee
tarap tarap gayi chunariyaa

tumhre ghodan more dwaare se jo nikase
sudh bhool gayi main baawariyaa aa

tarap tarap sagri rain gujri
kaun des gayo o o saanwariyaa

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