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Chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan

Posted on: August 4, 2017

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Hullo to all Atulwaasis

So, we are on that date of the year when we write a special post for a very special person. We have two posts by kids of the 70s who grew up listening to the works of this special person. For once I waited to see what these two are going to say before I pen my own thoughts. This is because I have come to realise that the three of us love the same things about this person- his multi talents- singing (first and foremost), comedy (acting), direction, music direction and he has also written a few songs. We are his fans and he was said to be a huge fan of K.L. Saigal. His aim was to sing like Saigal.

Yes yes, I am talking about our very own Kishore Kumar. The one and only actor who could do comedy while romancing his heroine- saw him, again, in “Dilli Ka Thug” this morning and fell in love with his “Hum toh mohabbat karega” all over again. Even in “Haal kaisa hai janaab ka” his romance is steeped in comedy.

But his sober songs were a class apart- “koi humdum na raha, koi sahaara na rah”, “mere Mehboob qayamat hogi aaj ruswa teri galiyon main mohabbat hogi” to name only two.

He was not trained in music classically or any other form; but never sang a note out of tune. I have heard RD Burman say in some interview a long time back (has to be long time ago as he himself died in 1994) that when they were recording “Mere naina sawaan bhaadon phir bhi mera man pyaasa” RD was briefing Kishoreda about the nuances of the song and the raga it was based in. And Kishoreda is said to have replied “tu mujhe yeh sab mat baata, kya gaana hai bol main gaata hoon.” (don’t give me all these details, just tell me what I should sing).

But I know of a song where in Kishoreda has tutored Goddess Saraswati (that is what many consider Lata Mangeshkar to be) on the do-re-mi of Indian music- I mean there is a song where Kishoreda has given playback to Dev Anand (one can’t escape this combination no? ) who is the music tutor to Tina Munim for whom Lata Mangeshkar was the playback. But of course, in another song the vice versa has also happened- Kishoreda has been tutored by Lata.

When Kishoreda finally chose to do more of singing and less of acting was when he re-emerged as the voice of Rajesh Khanna. But his debut as a playback singer had already happened way back in 1948.

If one charts the life and times of Hindi film music from say 1944/45 to 1987 we see that all three of those whom we had special posts on in the last fifteen days- 2 birthdays (Mukesh and Kishoreda) and one death anniversary (Rafisaab) were active at this time (Kishoreda being the last to leave us). And we have a great song by the trio on our blog Hum ko tumse ho gaya hai pyaar ktya karen . (I don’t know if such a song was there in the period when the three were younger.)

Another fact which I just realised is all three had just stepped into their 50s when they passed on… eerie isn’t it?

But we will not talk of sad things when we speak of Kishoreda. He was a full of wit and charm and pranks kind of person.

I am not in the habit of talking of my personal experiences or sharing my thoughts of the time when I was a kid or adolescent or younger (to put it in one word). Why? Because I never used to listen to songs as a Rafi/ Kishore/ Manna/ Mukesh song. I always needed a song to be playing in the airwaves. It is no different even now. I was as much a fan of “Kya hua tera wada” as of “Rafta rafta dekho aankh meri ladi hai” or “main pal do pal ka shayar hoon” or “ae bhai zaara dekh ke chalo”. I suppose I used to connect the songs with the visual images that used to accompany them. But this post is not about me. It is about a singer whose work I have loved.

We all know Kishore Kumar was chosen to be voice of Rajesh Khanna, or that Kishoreda himself credited RK to be cause of his resurgence. This shows that he must have had a humble personality. As far as I can recollect he had been doing great work with Dev Anand, till then. And later too his work with a Dharmendra/ Sanjeev Kumar/ Shashi Kapoor/ Jeetendra/ Amitabh Bachchan/ Vinod Khanna & Mehra/ Rishi & Randhir Kapoor/ or all the other heroes including the ones who debuted in the 70s/80s was not below par.

Can one forget “ghungroo ki tarah”; “musafir hoon yaaron na ghar hai na thikaana”; “pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho”; “intehaan ho gayi intezaar ki”; “geet gaata hoon main gungunata hoon main” to name a few. All these melodies-Oh God! Thank you for giving us Kishore Kumar this date in 1929. Wish you a lot of fun time Kishoreda (as Rajaji has said in his post) with some of your loved ones who are up there with you.

Today I am at a loss as to which song should accompany this post. The statistics page of the blog says that we have 1030 songs of Kishoreda out of a possible 2709. 1679 songs are a few too many to choose from.

But I am choosing the easy way out and showcasing a song which I have mentioned in the post. We already have the song Gaa re mere sang mere saajna of the 70s where Lata tutors Kishore Kumar. Now we shall have the song from the 1980 Basu Chatterjee directed Dev Anand- Tina Munim- Girish Karnad starrer “Manpasand”. The movie was inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. So that is the story of the movie in one sentence.

Amit Khanna and Rajesh Roshan were the lyricist and music composer respectively. This is a song which used to be by- heart for me ages ago. I simply love the way they dance through the song specially at the close of the song.

Thinking of you today Kishoreda, missing you too.

Song-Chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan (Manpasand) (1980) Kishore Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Rajesh Roshan


sa re ga ma pa ma ga re sa
sa re ga ma pa ma ga re sa
sa re ga ma pa ma ga re
sa ga
sa ga
phir se gaao
sa re ga ma pa ma ga re
sa ga
sa ga


chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
bin badra barse saawan
megh malhaar madhur man bhaawan
pawan piya premee paawan
ab tum kaho

chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
bin badra barse saawan
megh malhaar ma

chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
bin badra barse saawan
megh malhaar madhur man bhaawan
pawan piya premee paawan

chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
bin badra barse saawan
chalo aage aage aage badho
chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
bin badra barse saawan

phir se phir se


sa re ga ma pa ma ga re
sa ga sa ga
re ga ma pa ma ga re sa
re pa re pa
pa dha ni sa ni dha pa ma
ma dha
ga dha pa
ni sa
sa re ga ma pa ma ga re
sa ga sa ga
re ga ma pa ma ga re sa
re pa re pa
pa dha ni sa ni dha pa ma
ma dha ga dha pa ni sa

aawaaz sureeli ka
jaadoo hi niraala hai
aahaahaa ohoho o
sangeet ka jo premee
wo kismat waala hai

o ho ho ho
tere mere mere tere sapne sapne
sach huye dekho saare apne sapne

phir mera man ye bola bola bola
sa re ga ma pa ma ga re
sa ga sa ga
re ga ma pa ma ga re sa
re pa re pa
pa dha ni sa ni dha pa ma
ma dha ga dha pa ni sa

chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan
bin badra barse saawan
megh malhaar madhur man bhaawan
pawan piya premi paawan

ho o o
chalo chaand sitaaron ko
ye geet sunaate hain
aahaha ha ha
oho ho ho
ham dhoom machaa kar aaj
soya jahaan jagaate hain

aahaa ha ha
o ho ho ho
ham tum tum ham gumsum gumsum
jhilmil jhilmil hilmil hilmil

tu moti main maala maala laa laa

armaan bhare dil ki
dhadkan bhi badhhaayi de
ab dhun mere jeewan ki
kuchh sur mein sunaayi de
aahaha haa

rimjhim rimjhim chhamchham gungun
til til pal pal runjhun runjhun
man mandir mein pooja pooja aahaa
sa re ga ma pa ma ga re
sa ga sa ga
re ga ma pa ma ga re sa
re pa re pa
pa dha ni sa ni dha pa ma
ma dha ga dha pa ni sa


8 Responses to "Chaaru chandra ki chanchal chitwan"

Like this song very much. Thanks for the post !!
During the Bengaluru Gang-out it was playing on my mind, and I think, we had discussed it during our meeting at Raja Saab’s place.
Later it was one those that I was thinking of for the special day but selected ‘mujhko agar izzazat ho to …’ 😊
Thanks again !!!

You may laugh at the reason I can not but LIKE this song,
It is a very personal reason, as follows:
In the ‘Janmakshar’, (where five names are suggested, after the birth) of my dear late wife, these five names were suggested.
Charu, Chandra, Chanchal, Chakori and Zabak.
She was then called Charubala and nick-named Bakul.
I Promise, that I had NOT shown her ‘Janmakshar’ to Lyricist Amit Khanna.

Namaskaar mahagurji
such a sweet reason to like a song.

When Three out of five suggested names are used in the ‘Mukhda’ of this song,

When three out of five suggested names of my Bakul are used in the ‘mukhda’ of this song, WHY NOT?

This song has taken me back to my school days when a similarly worded first line of poem by Hindi poet Maithlisharan Gupt used to be in our syllabus.
The first four lines are as under:

चारुचंद्र की चंचल किरणें, खेल रहीं हैं जल थल में,
स्वच्छ चाँदनी बिछी हुई है अवनि और अम्बरतल में।
पुलक प्रकट करती है धरती, हरित तृणों की नोकों से,
मानों झूम रहे हैं तरु भी, मन्द पवन के झोंकों से॥

thank you Prakshchandraji
i was looking for this version on youtube. i have it on my cassette and simply love she goes on to sing
“Rhimjhim Rhijhim chamcham gungun,
til til pal pal”
and halts.
i cannot find video for this.

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