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Badla nazar aata hai zamaane ka zamaana

Posted on: August 31, 2017

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While discussing HFM in this blog, we have come across artists with same names who often get confused among each others. We in this blog call it “same name confusion”- a phrase coined by Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia. He has written lots of articles in this blog, as well as elsewhere, trying to clear confusions about artists with similar names.

It turns out that there is another kind of confusion among music lovers that can be described as “same mukhda confusion”. There are songs with similar mukhdas and we often find one song from a movie being passed off for another song from another movie just because the mukhdas of the two songs are similar.

Indeed, there are many songs, quite unrelated from each other, that have similar and sometimes even identical mukhdas.

Just the other day, a song was posted which went Socha thha kya kya ho gaya. Some people thought that it was the well known song from “Anmol Ghadi” (1946) sung by Suraiyya, but no, this song was from a lesser known movie viz. “Bhool Bhulaiyya” (1949). The “Anmol ghadi” (1946) song Socha thha kya kya ho gaya was covered in the blog way back in 2010 itself.

In the above case, the better known song came earlier, so one can argue that the song that followed later may have been “inspired” from the earlier song. Then the situation could be just the opposite as well, where it turns out that the better known song was preceded by a song with similar mukhda in the past. For instance Shaam e gham ki kasam is a well known ghazal from “Footpath” (1953) composed by Khayyam and sung by Talat Mehmood. Not too many people are aware that a ghazal with identical mukhda was composed four years prior to that for “Dil Ki Duniya” (1949), viz. Shaam ke gham ki kasam which was sung by Rajkumari under the baton of Pt Govindram.

Another example is Nigaahen milaane ko jee chaahta hai which is an extremely well known song from “Dil Hi To Hai” (1963). There are not one, but two songs with similar mukhdas that were composed in late 1940s. One is Nigaahen milaane ko jee chaahta hai from “Paraayi Aag”(1948) and the other is Nigaahen milaane ko jee chaahta hai from “Karwat”(1949).

Then there are lots of songs with mukhda containing “ambuwa” alongwith “koyal”/”papeeha”/”panchhi”.

There is no problem in having songs with similar mukhdas, as long as people can differentiate between the songs. But sadly, this leads to situations where even “knowledgeable” people and sites would pass on an unrelated song as song from other movies. I know at least one well known music site where songs with similar mukhdas are often passed off as songs from that movie even if that song itself may be a rare song not yet available.

“Taara” (1949) was directed by RD Parineeja for New Bombay Theatres production. The main cast of actors includes Shyama, Jawahar Kaul, Kuldip, Majnu, Nayantara, Chand Burque etc in it. The movie has twelve songs in it. As many as eight of these songs are covered in the blog. Or so I thought.

One of the songs discussed in the blog was Badla nazar aata hai which was discussed in the blog as a song from “Taara”(1949). This song was uploaded on YT as a song from “Taara”(1949). HFGK mentions this song as a duet by Satish Batra and Premlata and accordingly the uploader mentioned it as such. While discussing this song, I had mentioned that the song had just a female voice and even that voice did not sound like Premlata’s. Nevertheless, I thought that this was an error in HFGK and this song was indeed a female solo.

Now it turns out that the song uploaded was not at all from “Taara”(1949) but from a movie called “Rashid Dulhan”. This movie was released during the same era though its exact year of release is unknown. Mr Sadanand Kamath, our inhouse HFM researcher has now located the actual “Taara” (1949) song. The song is different from the song that the other YT uploader has uploaded. This song is indeed sung by Satish Batra and Premlata.

I also discover that another YT uploader had uploaded this actual song from “Taara”(1949) as far back as in 2013 itself but somehow that upload has not come to the notice of too many music lovers.

Now that the actual “Taara”(1949) song has been located and identified, I have modified the earlier writeup and attributed that song to “Rashid Dulhan”(Year unidentified).

Here is the actual “Taara”(1949) song. It is sung by Satish Batra and Premlata. Aziz Kashmiri is the lyricist though the movie ad credits P L Santoshi for the dialogues as well as songs. Music is composed by Vinod.

I have not been able to get a few words right in the lyrics. I request our readers with keener ears to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections as applicable.

Song-Badla nazar aata hai (Taara)(1949) Singers-Satish Batra, Premlata, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-Vinod


Badla nazar aata hai
Badla nazar aata hai
zamaane ka zamaana
Badla nazar aata hai
?? khaamoshi ??
dukh dard na haaye jaana

Badla nazar aata hai
zamaane ka zamaana

kyoon dil mein uthhe tees
kyoon dil mein uthhe tees
bahe aankhon se paani

duniya ko garaz kya
duniya ko garaz kya
jo sune meei kahaani ee ee
apnon hi ne jab mera
dukh dard na haaye jaana
Badla nazar aata hai
zamaane ka zamaana

ab dil mein mohabbat ki
koi chaah nahin hai
milne ki nazar aati
milne ki nazar aati
koi raah nahin hai

marne ke liye
dhoondhta phirta hoon thhikaana
Badla nazar aata hai
Badla nazar aata hai
zamaane ka zamaana
Badla nazar aata hai

3 Responses to "Badla nazar aata hai zamaane ka zamaana"

Atul ji,

All the songs of the film were written by Aziz Kashmiri though the film’s advertisement shows ‘songs and dialogues written by Santoshi’.


“Same name confusion”; “Same mukhda confusion”— what next?
and yes, the last part of your post reminded me of some Priyadarshan movie where there is always some “idhar se udhar & udhar se idhar”




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