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Baali umariya bhajan karoon kaise

Posted on: October 16, 2017

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hullo to atuldom

I am trying to wish two people on their birthday with this one post.

Yesterday, 15th October was the birth anniversary of Shankar Singh of the Shankar-Jaikishan duo.

He was born in Hyderabad in 1922 which means he would have been 95. He started his career with a theatre group before shifting to Prithvi Theatre. That is where he learnt to play the Tabla, and several other instruments like the Sitar, Accordion and Piano. Besides his work at Prithvi he also started working as assistant to Husnlal Bhagatram and nurtured ambitionof becoming an independent music director.He met a struggling Jaikishan Panchal, a harmonium player, outside the office of a Gujarati film director and instantly offered him a job at Prithvi without even consulting Prithviraj Kapoor. But Prithviraj honoured Shankar’s word and appointed Jaikishan as the Harmonium player of Prithvi Theatre.

It was here that they got to know Raj Kapoor and when Raj Kapoor debuted as director in 1948 with “Aag”. Ram Ganguly was the music director and Shankar and Jaikishan were the assistants. For RK’s “Barsaat”. Raj Kapoor took Shankar as the music director who insisted that on taking Jaikishan as partner and history was made. Their filmography contains a wide range of music that made Bollywood history. It has music of all genres. And they continued as a team till the untimely death of Jaikishan in 1971. But even after 1971 all the music composed by Shankar was credited to the duo. But today’s song is from a 1975 film so definitely it has to be a Shankar creation.

The second person who is being wished with this song is my childhood favourite. She is another of the persons whose appearance on the small screen makes me stop in my tracks/ chores even today. I was floored by her beauty from the first time I set my eyes on her in 1971/72. And am amazed at how she has managed to maintain herself even today as turns 69 today- cannot believe she is 69!!! Does not look it at all!!! Probably it is her constant riyaaz of dance- she is a classical dancer- that is the secret behind her looks.

She has been the darling of the audiences from her first Bollywood debut opposite Raj Kapoor in 1968. (she first faced the camera at 15 for Tamil film “Ithu Sathiyam” as a dancer and supporting actress). Now I know all the followers of this blog have understood that I am talking of my Basanti alias Hema Malini. And just so that this post doesn’t become very long I am not going to list all of my favourite Hema Malini films here. Neither am I going to list all her co-stars here. Nor am I giving a list of her songs which have been playing inside my head since morning. 😉

Let us get to the song straight away. It is from Sohanlal Kanwar’s “Sanyasi” (1975). The song is sung by Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar. It is written by Vithalbhai Patel.

A strange coincidence the two people whose birthday is being celebrated with this song -both had their Bollywood debut with Raj Kapoor.



Song-Baali umariya bhajan karoon kaise (Sanyaasi)(1975) Singers-Lata, Mukesh, Lyrics-Vitthal Bhai Patel, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


baali umariya bhajan karoon kaise
chadhhti jawaani jogan banoon kaise
baali umariya bhajan karoon kaise
chadhhti jawaani jogan banoon kaise
jhoothha guru ka vachan karoon kaise
saadhu hoon tera sajan banoon kaise

ho o o

chaal meri bahki
nazar meri doli
chaal meri bahki
nazar meri doli
chhoot gaya bachpan
badal gayi boli
teri tu jaan
mujhe chhod de akela
main na ban paaunga saadhu se chhaila

ho o o
ho o o
maayaa mein man ko magan karoon kaise

chadhhti jawaani
jogan banoon kaise
baali umariya bhajan karoon kaise
chadhhti jawaani jogan banoon kaise

na ghar ki parwaah
na logon ka dar hai
na ghar ki parwaah
na logo ka dar hai
aisi kya teri hi chadhhti umar hai

jaane kyun tujh par na koi asar hai
teri aur meri baraabar umar hai
naazuk kamariya sambhal chaloon kaise
saadhu hoon tera sajan banoon kaise
jhootha guru ka vachan karoon kaise
saadhu hoon tera sajan banoon kaise

ho o o

baar baar tujhko ye kaise samjhaaun
baar baar tujhko ye kaise samjhaaun
tuhjse koi rishta main jod nahin paaun

laaj lage batiyaan main kaise bataaun
aise na ho main kunwaari rah jaaun
thhandi ye man ki agan karoon kaise
saadhu hoon tera sajan banoon kaise
jhoothha guru ka vachan karoon kaise

chadhhti jawaani jogan banoon kaise

2 Responses to "Baali umariya bhajan karoon kaise"


Thanks for the post. SJ are my favourite MD’s. I consider them first among equals of Golden era, having given consistently great( quantity & quality) music for 2 decades. It is understandable why that spark went missing post loss of Shailendra & Jaikishen, Loss of creative companions & loss of support from producers.


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