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Pakdo pakdo pakdo jakdo jakdo jakdo

Posted on: October 28, 2017

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In India, a typical Indian male is likely to be interested in Hindi movies and cricket. Typical Indian females are likely to be interested in Hindi movies and TV serials. 🙂

I have been a typical Indian male for many years now. 🙂 I was interested in Hindi movies right from my childhood, viz 1960s. I became interested in cricket from early 1970s.

In those days, one needed to go to movie halls to watch movies. One followed international cricket on radio. Just a few lucky people would be able to watch the match live on the ground.

Nowadays, one can watch all kinds of movies as well as all kinds of cricket matches in the luxury of our homes on TV. One can watch/ follow them on mobile, computers etc as well. That way, following movies and cricket has come a long way from the days of 1960s.

TV channels as well as the content providers (be they movie makers or cricket boards), that dish up the fare that we watch, do not rest on their oars. They constantly reinvent themselves.

As a sports lover, I always thought that Indians needed to follow more sports than just cricket. We in India give undue importance to cricket to the detriment of other sports.

Most armchair critics like us only criticise and we do not do much to address such issues, but the good thing is that some people have actually started addressing these issues. We now have people who have started to promote other sports as well. If we have IPL in cricket, then we have similar leagues in quite a few other less popular sports as well, viz in Hockey, football, badminton, Kabaddi etc. that are being promoted and covered by a few TV networks.

I must admit that I did not watch these coverage till last year. My view was that the standard of India in these sports like say Football was abysmal and organising this football league was unlikely to help matters. About Kabbadi, my view was that it is played in India and neighbouring countries, so what was so great watching a sports that was not even a global sport.

In MP, government lady employees could take childcare leave for upto two years till their child was under 18 years old. Our daughter, then undergoing medical coaching was a few months short of turning 18, so my wife decided to avail childcare leave for the few months for which she was eligible. So she took childcare leave for those months and came over to stay with me in UP. It was supposed to be a childcare leave, but in reality, it turned out to be a husband and pets care leave for her. 🙂

It was in late 2015 that my wife joined me in UP at my place of posting.

My wife had watched the first two editions of PKL (Pro Kabaddi League) and it was on her insistence that I began to watch third season of PLK beginning in january 2016. Initially I watched it grudgingly, but soon I realised that what I was watching was a thrilling sport that required tremendous skill and that I was watcing the best practitioners of the sport in this PKL.

The rules of kabaddi in PKL were modified to make it a thrilling and fast paced sports, which was a far cry from the image of a largely dull and boring rustic sport that it was perceived to be till then. In traditional kabaddi, one could keep playing empty raids ad infinitum, making it a dull and negative spectacle. In PKL, only two empty raids in a row were allowed, and the third raid was a “do or die” raid. Other innovative modifications were bonus point for the raider when six or seven defenders were playing and super tackle for the defenders when three or less defenders were around.

I and my wife would religiously watch TV together in the evening to watch PKL matches. Both of us independently arrived at the decision to “adopt” Patna Pirates as the team to support. The eight teams, all named after various Indian cities, would move in a caravan to the cities of each of the teams in turn. Every team played every other team twice (home and away). The top fours teams advanced to the semifinals. The number one team of a group played number four, while the number two and three teams played the other semifinal.

Patna Pirates, wo looked like the strongest team in the tournament went on to become the champions when they narrowly defeated U Mumba in the final. Rohit Kumar, the Patna Pirates raider impressed everyone and he was the man of the tournament.

The fourth season of PKL was played in june and july of 2016. Patna Pirates once again proved to be the strongest team and they retained the title by defeating Pink Panthers in the final. Rahul Chaudhary of Telugu Titans was the man of the tournament though it was Pardeep Narwal of Patna Pirates who really caught the eyes of the fans with his spectacular escapes from defenders through “dubkis”.

The fifth season of PKL is in progress now. The four seasons of PKL have seen audiences growing up by leaps and bounds. Just as I joined in the third seasons, many more people have begun to follow PKL. It has in fact now become the second biggest sporting league in India after IPL.

The fifth season of PKL is a vastly expanded affair. Now there are twelve teams, grouped into two groups of six teams each. Each teams play other teams in the group thrice and play the teams of other group once. So every team plays 22 matches. The finalists are selected by a method similar to that followed by IPL.

This season was four months long. It was a calculated risk but the organisers seem to have succeeded in their gamble. They managed to keep the watches glued to their TV screen for four months.

The six teams of North (Dabang Delhi, Haryana Steelers, Jaipur Pink Panthers) and West (U Mumba, Puneri Paltan, Gujarat Fortunegiants) were placed in group A, whereas Group B had teams from East (Patna Pirates, Bengal Warriors, U P Yodda) and South (Telugu Titans, Bangalore Bulls and Tamil Thalaivas).

It was interesting to note that new teams, viz Gujarat Fortunegiants, Haryana Steelers and UP warriors did well. It is Tamil Thalaivars, another new team that failed to win much and finished at the bottom of their group.

Initial matches gave the indication that Patna Pirates, despite losing many of their players to other teams in the auction, were the team to beat. It was mainly because of the brilliance of Patna Pirates raider Pardeep Narwal who had looked unstoppable in the previous season and looked just as irrepressible in the earlier matches of the current season.

But as the matches wore on, it turned out that other teams had worked out their strategies to tame Pardeep Narwal. The implementation of their strategies was the main thing. Often the opposition wopuld keep Pardeep Narwal at bay for say 30 minutes out of 40, still he would change the match topsy turvy in the remaining ten minutes of the match.

One can see that the PKL has evolved with time. Many players have moved over to new teams. Teams have worked out new strategies.

Though most players are Indians, every team has some foreigners too. Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh as well, but the country which can be said to be the strongest in Kabaddi after India is Iran. They are the only other team apart from India which has a good Kabaddi set up. Most foreigners in PKL are from Iran and they are very important parts of their respective teams.

Ironically, the most popular and most successful foreigner is not an Iranian but a Korean ! Jang Kun Lee is the star raider of Bengal Warrior and he was in fact their skipper in the past. How he and a few other Koreans took to Kabaddi and became this good could be a case study. He really caught the eye of kabaddi watchers in the previous two seasons.

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few Iranians in various teams. One of them, viz Meraj Sheikh is in fact the captain of the Dabang Delhi team. Abolfazal Maghsodlu is the other Iranian player in the team.

But the two Iranians who have had a major role in their team’s fortune are Fazal Atrachali and Abozar Mighani. Both of them are defenders and they are with Gujarat Fortunegiants. Theie robust tackles have made their team’s defence the strongest in the tournament.

Gujarat Fortunegiants, one of the four new teams in PKL, appear to have done their homework in great detail. They decided to have strong tacklers as well as tall raiders. While their defence is the strongest in the tournament, their raiders, who were largely unknown names till now have really proved out to be surprise packages in the tournament.

Gujarat Fortunegiants have also done something that no other team did ! They brought in a foreigner as their physiotherapist. This foreign physiotherapist is a female. Olivia Witek is from Poland. She is no stranger to contact sports. A trained sports medicine expert in the past, she has been the physiotherapist of Poland American rules Rugby team. She was the physiotherapist of the Polish Kabaddi team that visited India in 2016 to participate in the Kabaddi world cup that was held in Ahmedabad. Perhaps it was during this visit that she caught the eyes of Adanis, who were then recruiting staff for their soon to be launched kabaddi team. It must be said that her training regime must have done a world of good to the players of her team, seeing that Gujarat Fortunegiants are actually in the final of PKL to be played today (28 october 2017). In addition to her to putting her players through their paces, she also serves as an attractive cheergirl for her team in all their matches. I find that she, like me, has two dogs back home. That must be the secret of her success in her profession. 🙂

Patna Pirates, the two times defending champions are the other team in the final and they will seek to make it three titles in a row. It should be a grand and riveting finale seeing that the two teams are easily the best teams in the tournament. I am keenly looking forward to the final that will be played tonight (28 october 2017). And this match will be watched worldwide. Starsports, now a majority stakeholder in PKL is playing a big role in popularising Kabaddi world wide with their TV coverage of this tournament. I have certainly become a PKL fan and I cannot wait to watch the final. This tournament showcasing the native Indian sport of Kabaddi is being sponsored by Vivo, a Chinese company. So Chinese companies too recognise the potential of Kabaddi. Hindi Chini Bhai bhai. 🙂

Kabaddi is an Indian sport but it is surprising that Hindi movies do not have many Kabaddi songs in them. The most well known (some will say the only one) song on Kabaddi is from “Naseeb”(1981). This song, “Pakdo pakdo pakdo” shows two teams playing Kabaddi. The rules of this kabaddi match are much more creative and innovative than even the PKL rules. 🙂 For once, this Kabaddi match is between a male team (led by Rishi Kapoor) and a female team (led by Kim). Both teams have ten players each, far in excess of the figure of seven, but then who in Hindi movies knows how to count. 🙂 And the moves made by the players in this match cannot be found in any Kabaddi coaching manual. 🙂

The male team is coached by Jeewan and the female team by Shubha Khote. Instead of taking interest in their teams performance, the two are shown taking interest in each other throughout the song. 🙂

The song is sung by Usha Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and chorus. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.



Song-Pakdo pakdo pakdo (Naseeb)(1981) Singers-Usha Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Male Chorus
Female Chorus
All chorus


hey hey

hu tu tu tu
tu tu tu tu
tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu
tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu
tu tu tu tu
tu tu tu tu tu

pakdo pakdo pakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
dekho (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jaane na paaye (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jaaye to waapas aane na paaye (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
arre pakdo pakdo pakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo

hu tu tu tu tu tu
hu tu tu tu tu tu
pakdo pakdo pakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
dekho jaane na paaye (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jaaye to waapas aane na paaye
ae pakdo pakdo pakdo
jakdo jakdo jakdo


maaro kainchi todo tangdi
hu tu tu tu tu
ye ghar jaye ho ker langdihu tu tu tu tu
bainya pakdo haath marodo hu tu tu tu tu
gori gori taang na todo hu tu tu tu tu
khel hai pyaare
pyaar nahin hai
dushman hai
dildaar nahin hai

ye tera dil dhadkaane na paaye
arre pakdo pakdo pakdo (hu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo (hu tu tu tu tu)
dekho jaane na paaye (hu tu tu tu tu)
jaaye to waapas aane na paaye (hu tu tu tu tu)
arre pakdo pakdo pakdo (hu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo
hey haa


koi ladki ye na bhoole
ye ladka hanske na chhoole
(hu tu tu tu)
iska mukhda to hai bhola
shabnam mein hai aag ka shola

apne dil per rahkna kaabu
iske nainon mein hai jaadu

ho nainon se nain milaane na paaye
hey pakdo pakdo pakdo
(tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
dekho jaane na paaye (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jaaye to waapas aane na paaye (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
hey pakdo pakdo pakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo (tu tu tu tu tu tu)
hey haa

ek gayi ab dooji aayi
hu tu tu tu
tauba allaah raam duhaayihu tu tu tu
ye to saans nahin chhodegi hu tu tu tu
ye maidaan mein dam todegi
hu tu tu tu
soch samjh ke zor lagaana
ye naazuk hai bhool na jaana
patli kamar bal khaane na paaye
arre pakdo pakdo pakdo (hu tu tu tu)
jakdo jakdo jakdo (hu tu tu tu)
dekho jaane na paaye (hu tu tu tu)
jaaye to waapas aane na paaye (hu tu tu tu)
arre pakdo pakdo pakdo
ae jakdo jakdo jakdo
hey haa

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Female kabbaddi song ??(south indian masala style)


Just the song that i thought of for today. Atulji thank you


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