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Kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden

Posted on: November 4, 2017

This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws. This is the 13700th post for the blog and 1000th post as a lyricist for Rajinder Krishan

Century posts in this blog are quite frequent. There have been 136 such centuries already as far songs in the blog are concerned. We also have centuries by artists (quite frequent) as well as by contributors (a bit less frequent).

Thousandth post, whether they are for the blog, or the artists or the contributors are quite rare though. There have been only 13 such occasions for the blog. Only five artists and two contributors have completed their set of thousand posts in the blog.

This post today happens to be the 137th century post of songs. It also happens to be the 1000th song of Rajinder Krishan as a lyricist in the blog. He becomes the sixth artist (after Lata, Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar and Majrooh Sultanpuri), and second lyricist (after Majrooh Sb) to notch up his 1000th song in the blog. Regulars may recall that the previous century milestone had doubled up as the thousandth post for Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Though Rajinder Krishan is somehow not as well known as many other of his contemporary lyricists, his contributions in enriching HFM is top notch, in quality as well as quantity. He was not just a lyricist, but also a screenplay writer and more. He was a complete package and he was a man who was much sought after for his multifarious talents. He was in fact ahead of the times he lived in.

It is customary for us to discuss the biodata of the artist, and recall some of the well known songs of the artist on such occasions. I have decided to do something additional, which may not have been done in depth before, at least online, and that is to discuss the statistics of songs penned b y Rajinder Krishan.

I have compiled a moviewise list of songs that Rajinder Krishan penned during his nearly five decades long career. He career as a lyricist began in 1947 with ‘Janta’ and ‘Zanjeer’ and his last movie as a lyricist was ‘Pati Parmeshwar’ which came in 1989 after his death. I have been able to count 243 movies for which Rajinder Krishan has penned thr lyrics. In total, he has penned just over 1500 songs in these movies. So, after this song under discussion, we will have just over 500 of his songs left to be discussed. In other words, we have already covered 2/3 rd of the songs that Rajinder Krishan has penned in HFM.

When I analysed the list of music directors that Rajinder Krishan had worked with, I found that he has worked with just under 40 music directors. He worked with Madan Mohan in 36 movies where he wrote 280 songs. 25 of these movies are already YIPPEED in the blog. He collaborated eith C Ramchandra in 32 movies and 279 songs. I find that “only” 9 of these movies are YIPPEED in the blog. So lots of C Ramchandra movies where he collaborated with Rajinder Krishan are yet to be YIPPEED in the blog.

One can see that more than one third of Rajinder Krishan songs were with just two music directors. Rajinder Krishan also collaborated in more that 100 songs each with Ravi (135 songs in 20 movies), Kalyanji Anandji (118 songs in 23 movies), Hemant Kumar (111 songs in 13 movies) and Chitragupta (102 songs in 13 movies).

So we see that he has penned two thirds of his output, viz. 1026 songs in 137 movies with just six music directors.

Then there are seven music directors who collaborated with Rajinder Krishan for songs whose number range between 20 to 99. Rajinder Krishan penned 324 songs for these 7 music directors. They were Laxmikant Pyarelal (96 songs in 18 movies), Shankar Jaikishan (62 songs in 16 movies), S D Burman (43 songs in 5 movies), Husnlal Bhagatram (40 songs in 8 movies), R D Burman (32 songs in 5 movies), Shyam Sundar (28 songs in 4 movies) and Roshan (23 songs in 3 movies).

There were eight music directors whose collaboration with Rajinder Krishan yielded between 10 to 20 songs each, and their total adds up to 125 songs from 23 movies. They are Anil Biswas (19 songs from 5 movies), Hansraj Bahl (18 songs from 4 movies), Iqbal Qureshi (18 songs from two movies), Bulo C Rani (17 songs from 3 movies), N Datta (13 songs from 2 movies), Sajjad Hussain (11 songs from two movies) and Usha Khanna (11 songs from 2 movies).

Then there were 15 more music directors whose collaboration with Rajinder Krishan led to less that ten songs each. These songs add up to just over 60 songs. These music directors are Rajesh Roshan, Anand Milind, Krishan Dayal, Dhaniram, Pt Lachchiram, Anu Malik, Sonik Omi, Ghanshyam, K Datta, Jaidev, Gyan Dutt, Pankaj Mullick, Harishchandra Bali, Shiv Hari and S Mohinder.

So overall, Rajinder Krishan penned just over 1500 songs during his career in just under 250 movies. 104 of these movies are already YIPPEED in the blog, so we now only need to look at the remaining 140 odd movies for the remaining 500 odd Rajinder Krishan songs.

Rajinder Krishan was not just a lyricist, though. He was a screenplay writer and story writer as well. Then he was something more that that but Film Industry does have any designation for those activities.

It is like this. South Indian producers made some South Indian movies that were big hits among their target audiences. They planned to enter into the territory of Hindi movie audiences, remaking their hit movies into Hindi. It is obvious that the South Indian movies needed to be modified suitably to cater to the pan Indian tastes of Hindi movie audiences. How to do that ?

They looked for people in Hindi movie industry who would be receptive to their ideas. That is where Rajinder Krishan came in. As someone who was far ahead of the times, Rajinder Krishan was a polyglot and he had taught himself Tamil. So south Indian film makers, especially the makers of AVM found it extremely convenient to deal with him. Rajinder Krishan would watch the Tamil original, make suitable changes in the story line for its Hindi remake, and then write the Hindi screenplay. And then he would write the songs for the Hindi version as well. What more did the South Indian makers need ? They needed disciplined actors and music directors of Hindi movies who could work within tight time frame, unlike what was the norm in Bombay Film Industry. That is how disciplined actors like Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar etc and disciplined music directors like C Ramchandra, Madan Mohan, Chitragupta and Ravi became the favourites of South Indian movie makers making Hindi remakes of their South Indian movies. And all these movies would have lyrics by Rajinder Krishan most of the time.

As mentioned above, bulk of Rajinder Krishan songs have been penned for the above mentioned music directors. So it can be concluded accurately that Rajinder Krishan and these music directors gave a sizeable part of their output in movies that were remakes of South Indian movies. So it can also be concluded that they in general and Rajinder Krishan in particular contributed a lot in making Hindi remakes of South Indian original movies acceptable to Hindi movie audience.

The first South Indian Hindi movie that Rajinder Krishan was associated with was AVM’s ‘Bahaar’ (1951). A remake of blockbuster Tamil movie ‘Vazhkai’ (1949), its Hindi remake was overseen by Rajinder Krishan who wrote the screenplay of ‘Bahaar’ (1951) and penned songs that were suitably tailored for Hindi audience. The songs, composed by SD Burman were huge hits as music lovers are already aware.

The other thing that I find impressive about Rajinder Krishan is that he was comfortable and competent penning songs for each and every genre that Hindi movies could come up with. Just think of the genres and the kinds of songs that Rajinder Krishan could come up with:

Genre Song Remarks
Historical genre Mujhse mat pooch tere ishq mein kya rakkha hai (Anarkali)(1953) One out of six great songs penned by Rajinder Krishan in the movie
Western dance song Shola jo bhadke dil mera dhadke (Albela) Perhaps the first Hindi song of this genre
Light hearted comedy song mere piya gaye rangoon (Patanga) One of the first Hinglish song in Hindi movies
Lullaby song Dheere se aa ja re ankhiyan mein (Albela) One out of many great songs of different genre in the movie
Feeling of heart Chale jaana nahin (Badi Bahan) A quintessential timeless “puraani film ka geet”
playful teasing song chup chup khade ho zaroor koi baat hai (Badi Bahan)
Alphabet song Alif zabar aa (Badi Bahan) Shows the mastery of Rajinder Krishan over Urdu alphabet
Romantic cum proposal song (middle class Indian version) Zaroorat hai zaroorat hai zaroorat hai (Manmauji) Versatility unlimited by the singer, lyricist and MD
Romantic song (Royal version) Kitna haseen hai mausam (Aazaad)(1954) C Ramchnadra mimics Talat Mehmood’s voice perfectly in this song
Leaving home for ever Chal udja re panchhi (Bhaabhi) immortal song still used by people as their parting note while leaving home for ever
Teasing/ teased song Shaam dhale khidki tale (Albela)
Historical movie style expression of love Ye zindagi usi ki hai (Anarkali)(1953)
Zindagi song Zindagi pyaar ki do chaar ghadi hoti hai (Anarkali)(1953)
Been songs Man dole mera tan dole It was “Naagin”(1956) that started the trend of Naagin movies and songs in HFM.
Dance song Radha na bole na bole naa bole re (Aazaad)(1954)
Patriotic song Jahaan daal daal par sone ki chidiya karti hai basera (Sikandar e Azam) Must play song during Republic day/ Independence song
Bhajan Mori binti suno bhagwaan
Party song Ae dil mujhe bata de (Bhai Bhai) Immortal party song
Semi classical song Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare (Dekh Kabeera Roya)(1957)
Ghazal unko ye shiqaayat hai ke (Adaalat), Yoon hasraton ke daag two of many great ghazals penned by Rajinder krishan
Romantic Rang dil ki dhadkan bhi laati to hogi (Patang)
Sentimental song Main apne aap se ghabra gaya hoon (Bindiya)(1960)
Deewaali song Mele hain chiraagon ke (Nazrana)
Zulf song Bikhra ke zulfen chaman mein na jaana (Nazrana)
Sentimental Baazi kisi ne paar ki jeete ya haar li (Nazraana)
Western classical song based song Itna na mujh se tu pyaar badha (Chaayaa)(1961) Puts words into a song whose tune is inspired from Mozart’s symphony number 40
Mulaaqat song aaj ki mulaaqaat bas itni
broken heart song Wo dil kahaan se laaonn teri yaad jo bhula de
Melancholic song Is bhari duniya mein koi bhi hamaara na hua
Chaand song Aaj ki raat naya chaand le ke aayi hai, chanda ki chaandni jaa jaa jaa
Cabaret song Aa jaane jaan cabarat song that too sung by Lata
Silken romance Ye mere andhere ujaale na hote
Aankh song main to tum sang nain milaa ke (Manmauji)
Janmashtmi song Govinda aala re (Bluffmaster) Must play song during Janmashtmi
Falling in love yet again Socha thha pyaar ham na karenge (Bluffmaster) Shammi Kapoor lip syncs four voices in this movie, here it is Mukesh at his inimitable best
Title song Ye raaste hain pyaar ke chalna sambhal sambhal ke (Ye Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke)
Chaayaageet song Ye khaamoshiyaan ye tanhaayiyaan (Ye Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke)
Neend song Meri aankhon se ko neend liye jaata hai (Pooja Ke Phool)
Playful Romantic song Ab do dilon ki mushqil aasaan ho gayi (Pooja Ke Phool), Tum akele to kabhi baag mein jaaya na karo (Aao Pyaar Karen)
Romantic Kabhi na kabhi kahin na kahin (Sharaabi)
Ghazal Phir wohi shaam wohi gham wohi tanhaayi hai (Jahaanara), wo chup rahen to mere dil ke daag jalte rahe (Jahaanara)
Saawan song Saawan ke maheene mein (Sharaabi)
Sentimental Teri aankh ke aansoo pi jaaoon aisi meri taqdeer kahan (Jahaanara)
Betrayed in friendship Ae dost mere maine duniya dekhi hai (Sachchai)
Would be parents song Chaand se hoga wo pyaara (Main Bhi Ladki Hoon)
Bhajan Badi der bhayi nandlala (Khaandaan)(1965)
Mera pati mera devta hai song Tumhi mere mandir tumhi devta ho (Khaandaan)(1965) Filmfare award for best singer, lyricist and MD won by this song !
Romantic comedy O meri maina (Pyaar Kiye Jaa) All songs of the movie were great songs
Comedy song Ek chatur naar (Padosan) Self explanatory- one of the greatest comedy duet song ever
Serious melancholic song Kis tarah jeete hain log (Nai Roshni)
Iconic song among iconic songs Mere saamne waali khidki mein (Padosan) The song that irreversibly changed the old order of HFM
Feelings of heart – Bhartiya naari version Mor bole chakor bole (Gauri)
Introduction song koi pyaaar hamen bhi karta hai…Mohabbat ke khuda (Brahmchaari)
Feeling of love Kabhi kabhi aisa bhi to hota hai (Waaris) One out of several amazing songs in the movie
Joie de vivre Lehra ke aaya hai jhonka bahaar ka (Waaris)
Pyaar ho gaya song pyaar to ek din hona thha (Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati)
Bidaai song Doli chadk ke dulhan sasuraal chali (Doli) Immortal bidaai song
Seeking reassurance from saajan Sajna saath nibhaana (Doli)
Dilfenk hero (Shammi Kapoor style) song Kis kis ko pyaar karoon (Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai)
Philosophical song Sukh ke sab saathi dukh mein na koye (Gopi)
Ghor Kaliyug hai song Ramchandra kah gaye siya se (Gopi)
Aspirations ae meri aankhon ke pehle sapne (Reshma aur Shera)
Joie de vivre Mere dil ne jo maanga mil gaya (Rakhwaala) The song every happy person has to break into
Amitabh Bachchan style dance song Dekha na haaye re (Bombay to Goa) First uncertain steps into dancing by the would be superstar
Rajesh Khanna style dance song Thokar mein hai mere saara zamaana (Shahzaada)
Teasing song Rafta rafta dekho (Kahaani Kismat Ki) Kids of my age then (10-12 years old) loved this song to bits
Timeless feeling of heart song Pal pal dil ke paas (Blackmail) No explanation necessary. Arguably the greatest song of its genre
Dev Anand style introduction song Hamaara naam banarasi baabu (Banarasi Babu)

The above is just a sample of what Rajinder Krishan has penned in HFM. So many genre of songs. So many great songs that are iconic/ evergreen/ memorable. Some of them have even defined/ determined/changed the course of HFM.

Rajinder Krishan did not need too much time to come up with his songs. Many of his songs were written in a matter of minutes. it is something that he shared with C Ramchandra and Madan Mohan, who too couldi come up with their tunes in double quick times. No wonder then that they were able to stick to tight schedules that south Indian film makers often demanded.

After twitter like articles that I normally write these days, people may find this article rather wikipedean in comparison. Let me assure my readers that this article gives far more details about Rajinder Krishan’s songs than what the wikipedia page on Rajinder Krishan provides. 🙂

For the 1000th song of Rajinder Krishan, I have picked a rare gem from a rare movie. No, it is not a movie from 1940s or 1950s. Rather this movie is from 1973, which is a “recent” year by the standards of this blog. I was very much into HFM in 1973 but even I had never heard this song at that time. The movie is called ‘Kunwara Badan’ (1973). I had vaguely heard the title of this movie but that was all.

On checkingup in HFGK, I find that this movie was directed by Vimal Tiwari for Tulsi Films, Bombay. This “social” movie had Rakesh Pandey, Madhu Chanda, Suresh Chatwal, Aashoo, Paintal, Helen, Sudhir Desai, Mushtaq Merchant, Surendranath, Aparna Chaudhary, Baby Vinaya, Pushpa Ben, Yagnik, Ambalal Patel, Narsibhai Patel, Devyani Desai, Jagdish Patel Nishaad Pandya, Baby Shahnaz, Sulekha Patel, nalini Pandya, Vandana Mehta, Maya Pandya, Iva Maria etc in it.

In brief, this movie was a low budget movie containing small time actors who were newcomers. With no saleable actors, this movie suffered the usual fate of such movies and it flopped badly. so much so that someone like me never got to hear any songs from this movie till now.

This movie has four songs in it.

Here is the first song from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Kishore Kumar. It is picturised as a car song on Rakesh Pandey who is seen driving the car along famous landmarks in DelhiVadodara.

This song is penned by Rajinder Krishan, and this song is fitting 1000th song for him in the blog. The music is composed by someone called Ghanshyam. Little is known about him. He makes his debut in the blog as a music director with this song. And what a smashing debut it is.

If you listens to this song, you will find this song growing up on you. That is what has happened to me now that I have heard this song a few times.

The audio and video versions are three stanzaes each, but the final stanzas differ. So overall this song has four stanzas, but one needs to listen to both versions of the song to get to the fourth stanza.

Like always, I take this opportunity to thank one and all. It is the encouragement and support of all our visitors, well wishers and contributors that we keep coming up with “new” songs daily and we keep reaching newer milestones every now and them.

This is the 13700th song for the blog and 1000th song for Rajinder Krishan. We have many more centuries and more waiting in the wings. So I can assure everyone that our best in this ongoing journey is yet to come.

For now, let us enjoy this forgotten gem from 1970s.



Song-Kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden (Kunwaara Badan)(1973) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Ghanshyam


(Based on Audio Version)

kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden
kuchh bisre huye afsaane
aane lage aise yaad
jaise kal ki ho baat
laut aayi hai
phir se wahi bahaar
kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden
kuchh bisre huye afsaane
aane lage aise yaad
jaise kal ki ho baat
laut aayi hai
phir se wahi bahaar

ye raahen
jahaan se main guzra hoon kitni baar
hawaayen fizaayen
ke jin mein basa hai pyaar
jaane pehchaane in raahon ki dhool
dhool aisi dhool jo khilaaye sada phool
kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden
kuchh bisre huye afsaane
aane lage aise yaad
jaise kal ki ho baat
laut aayi hai
phir se wahi bahaar

wo dekho
udhar se chali aa rahi hai ik haseena
hai shokhi kuchh aisi
ki phoolon ko aaya paseena
doobi huyi mastiyon mein morni si chaal
chaal aisi chaal
jo udaati hai gulaal
kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden
kuchh bisre huye afsaane
aane lage aise yaad
jaise kal ki ho baat
laut aayi hai
phir se wahi bahaar
laut aayi hai
phir se wahi bahaar

(Different 2nd Stanza from Video Version)
ye chehre ye aankhen
ye aankhon se jhaankti khushi
nigaahen nigaahon mein dil ki hai baat chhupi chhupi
main jaanta hoon jaanta hoon inki zubaan
ye poochhti hain
chhod ke gaye the kahaan
kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden
kuch bisre huye afsaane
aane lage aise yaad
jaise kal ki ho baat
laut aayi hai phir se wahi bahaar
laut aayi hai phir se wahi bahaar
la la la la
lalla la lallaa la la
Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
(ऑडियो संस्करण से)
कुछ भूली हुयी यादें
कुछ बिसरे हुए अफ़साने
आने लगे ऐसे याद
जैसे कल कि हो बात
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार

कुछ भूली हुयी यादें
कुछ बिसरे हुए अफ़साने
आने लगे ऐसे याद
जैसे कल कि हो बात
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार

ये राहें
जहां से मैं गुज़रा हूँ कितनी बार
हवाएं फिजाएं
के जिनमें बसा है प्यार
जाने पहचाने इन राहों कि धूल
धूल ऐसी धूल  जो खिलाये सदा फूल
कुछ भूली हुयी यादें
कुछ बिसरे हुए अफ़साने
आने लगे ऐसे याद
जैसे कल कि हो बात
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार

वो देखो
उधर से चली आ रही है इक हसीना
है शोखी कुछ ऐसी
कि फूलों को आया पसीना
डूबी हुयी मस्तियों में मोरनी सी चाल
चाल ऐसी चाल
जो उड़ाती है गुलाल
कुछ भूली हुयी यादें
कुछ बिसरे हुए अफ़साने
आने लगे ऐसे याद
जैसे कल कि हो बात
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार

(भिन्न दूसरा अंतरा विडियो संस्करण से)
ये चेहरे ये आँखें
ये आँखों से झांकती ख़ुशी
निगाहों में दिल कि है बात छुपी छुपी
मैं जानता हूँ जानता हूँ इनकी ज़ुबां
ये पूछती हैं छोड़ के गए थे कहाँ
कुछ भूली हुयी यादें
कुछ बिसरे हुए अफ़साने
आने लगे ऐसे याद
जैसे कल कि हो बात
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार
लौट आयी है
फिर से वही बहार
ला ला ला ला
लल्ला ला लल्ला ला ला

18 Responses to "Kuchh bhooli huyi yaaden"

Heartiest Congratulations to Atul ji and all Átulites’ and all associated with this blog and all those who love this blog 🙂 on this milestone of 13700th post on this blog !!!

@Atul ji – thanks for this post and particularly this song from 70’s and that too sung by Kishore Kumar and Congratulations on 1000th song of Rajinder Krishan ji on the blog !!!



i think this link is not working/not available, I tried many times (even on YT), but not working,


Avinash ji
I just listened this song, through this audio link,I don`t understand this problem


* Corrections please;
* It is picturised as a car song on Rakesh Pandey ( instead of ‘Roshan’),
* The audio and video versions have TWO stanzas each, but the final stanzas differ.
So overall this song has THREE stanzas, but one needs to listen to both versions of the song to get to the FULL Song.

(Yes the song is very very nice and it does grows up on listening again and again. I have so far listened to it at-least ten times till now … 🙂 )


Avinash ji, Atul ji,

The above mentioned corrections are now made in the post.
Hindi Lyrics also added.



Atul ji,

The city in this song is definitely not Delhi.

I request other friends and readers to please help identify the landmarks shown in the song, and to help determine the city in which this song is shot. There is an Ashoka Pillar. There are some Greek statues. There is a statue of a King or General. There is a bus with red and white color scheme. I don’t think this is a BEST bus; the logo appears to be different.



Sir ji, though the video is not much clear lekin mujhe kal hi kuchh jagah jaani pehchaani si lag rahi thi. Today, I again watch the video of the song and I think the city is definitely Vadodara.


Yes , it is the Princely Baroda !!
I have shared the landmarks/photos on Atulites WhatsApp group 👻


while showing the credits, the have mentioned “People of Baroda”

(at 0:20)


Atul ji,

Heartiest congratulations for 13700th song that too with a well researched article.

There was a music assistant to Madan Mohan called Ghanshyam Sukhwal who joined him in 1955 during the making of ‘Railway Platform’ (1955). He became Madan Mohan’s full time music assistant from the film ‘Bhai Bhai’ (1956) which was Madan Mohan’s first major success as the music director. Since then, Ghanshyam worked with Madan Mohan until latter’s death in 1975.(Source:

The association of Rajinder Krishan in this song gives me a feeling that the music director Ghanshyam may be Ghanshyam Sukhwal.

Incidentally, the real name of music director Shyamji Ghanshyamji’s was Ghanshyam. However, he changed his name to Shyamji Ghanshyamji while giving music in Hindi films during 1974-1988. I guess, he did not wish to be confused with Ghanshyam Sukhwal.


Thanks for information about the music director Ghanshyam. Yes, it could be Ghanshyam Sukhwal.


Congrats Atul Ji on this milestone post.
Giants of HFM, like Rajinder Kishen,need Wikipedian style tributes.Justice has been done.:))
Very interesting statistics. Also interesting is the bit about Rajinder Kishen’s knowledge of Tamil endearing him to south producers. ( never read this bit anywhere)

I also remember Rajinder Kishen making it to front page of news papers when he hit jack pot of some Rs. 49 Lakhs( or about) at Bombay race course :))


By the way , the song is appealing


Thank you Prakash ji, I was searching for the movie link on YT for the titles, but could not find it.


Atulji this is a very informative post. and I like the statistics that you have highlighted. it will help us in giving a mighty yyiippeeee to Rajinder Krishan
congrats on post number 13700. but number of songs covered will be more no? as some posts have two or many versions of the same song. can we track the actual number of songs on this blog as 13700 is number of posts, correct?


Peevesie’s Mom ji

Ah yes, that is a very correct observation. The total number of songs which are showcased on our blog, are definitely more than the number of posts that show up on the blog home page.

As I compiled the information from our data base, and started to write this comment, I realized that it is has become a very long comment, including the explanations and numeric details.

I will make a separate post of this information, and post it shortly. For the brief answer to your question – when the blog arrived at the 13700th post, the number of songs contained therein arrived at 14200. So right now, we have 500 more songs than the no. of posts themselves.



hullo Sudhirji
thank you for the reply and the brief answer.
I also read the break up in todays’ post. it is not yet mind boggling but nice to keep in mind.
thank you for the effort.


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What is this blog all about

This blog discusses Bollywood songs of yesteryears. Every song has a brief description, followed by a video link, and complete lyrics of the song.

This is a labour of love, where “new” songs are added every day, and that has been the case for over THIRTEEN years. This blog has over 16500 song posts by now.

This blog is active and online for over 4000 days since its beginning on 19 july 2008.

Important Announcement

(© 2008 - 2021) The content of this site is copyrighted and it may not be reproduced elsewhere without prior consent from the site/ author of the content.

Total number of songs posts discussed


Number of movies covered in the blog

Movies with all their songs covered =1280
Total Number of movies covered=4510

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  • 14,734,512 hits

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Blog Start date: 19 july 2008

Active for more than 4000 days.



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