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Ae jaane jaana ye tumne na jaana

Posted on: November 16, 2017

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Today (16 november 2017) is an important day for HFM. It was on this day 100 years ago that music director Chitragupta (16 november 1917- 14 january 1991) was born.

He composed music in 143 Hindi movie. In addition, he composed for Bhojpuri movies as well (including in the very first Bhojpuri movie).

Chitragupta made his debut in HFM in 1946. He came into his own during the net two decades. Chitragupta was mostly confined to B grade movies where he gave A grade music. He was one of the few HFM composers who could adapt to the demands of South Indian producers. Most A grade movies that Chitragupta got to compose for were South Indian productions.

And what great songs Chitragupta has composed. Quite a few of his songs have gone on to become iconic songs. If someone was leaving his home after a disagreement with his sibling, then he was bound to mention the immortal “Bhaabhi”(1957) song- Chal ud jaa re panchhi” in the note that he would leave behind. I have actually seen one such note.

In the first school that I attended as a tiny tot, the school prayer that we sang every morning was “tumhi ho maata pita tumhi ho”. The school management was suitably impressed with this “Main Chup Rahongi”(1962) song to adopt it as the school prayer. And that school was by no means the only such school.

Even today, the best English Babu-Desi Mem song is the wonderful “Vaasna”(1968) song “Jodi hamaari banega kaise jaani”. The archtypically philosophical Pradeed song “kabhi dhoop kabhi chhaaon” is a Chitragupta composition.

Chitrgupta was a person who would not approach people for work and he was content working with smaller budget producers. He for indtance never met Raj Kapoor during hi active career (which coincided with Raj Kapoor’s active career). Raj Kapoor met him for the first time in late 1980s when Chtragupta’s music director songs Anand-Milind introducd him to Raj Kapoor. and Raj Kapoor then stated taht he would have signed up Chitragupta if only he had approached him during his days.

Chitragupta composed around 1000 songs in movies in 143 plus movies. This blog has 401 of his compositions.

27 out of 143 of his movies are not yet represented in the blog. On the occasion of the birth centenary of Chitragupta, here is a song from a as yet unrepresented movie called “Bank Robbery”(1969). This B grade stunt movie was directed by Maruti for Kiran Films, Bombay. The movie had an archtypical B grade cast of Dev Kumar, Nivedita, Anwar Hussain, Madhumati, Shaminder, Shefali Chaudhary, Kundan, Samson, Johny Whisky, Tunyun, K Kumar, Amrit Rana, Bazid Khan, G H Shaam, Ramesh Bhatia, Chandru, Sheila R, Saeeda, Jayshree, Maruti etc in it.

Here is a song from the movie that should be considered a forgotten gem. This song is sung by Lata. Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Chitragupta.

The movie had five songs in it and they had the voices of four female singers and one male singer. Only the audio of the song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

With this song, “Bank Robbery” (1969) makes its debut in the blog.


Song-Ae jaane jaana ye tumne na jaana (Bank Robbery)(1969) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Chitragupta


ae jaane jaana
ye tumne na jaana
kitna mujhe tumse pyaar hai ae
ae jaane jaana
ye tumne na jaana
kitna mujhe tumse pyaar hai
tum sangdil ho
tumhen kya bataayen
dil kis liye beqaraar hai
ae jaane jaana
ye tumne na jaana

jhilmil jhilmil chanda ki kirnen
utri hain kuchh gungunaati
jhilmil jhilmil chanda ki kirnen
utri hain kuchh gungunaati
gumsum gumsum khoye kahaan ho
o mere sapnon ke saathi
tum pass ho
phir bhi lagta hai jaise
ab tak hamen intzaar hai
ae jaane jaana
ye tumne na jaana

maana manzil dushwaar hogi
mushqil bahut hongin raahein
maana manzil dushwaar hogi
mushqil bahut hongin raahein
humko dar kya jab meharbaan hain
ik humsafar ki nigaahein
har mod pe ab chaman khil gaye hain
har raaste par bahaar hai ae
ae jaane jaana
ye tumne na jaana
kitna mujhe tumse pyaar hai
ae jaane jaana
ye tumne na jaana

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