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Gore haathhon par na zulm karo

Posted on: December 6, 2017

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hullo Atuldom

Day before yesterday I sat through a movie called “Suhana Safar” looking for a suitable song to wish Sharmila Tagore on her birthday which is this week, made a few mental notes etc. Then I went for a short walk, returned and switched back on to the net to check cricket score etc and the first thing that I saw – an announcement on yahoo’s home page “Shashi Kapoor passes away after prolonged illness at a Mumbai hospital at the age of 79”. My first reaction- “oh no!” Then I thought let me see if atulites have got the news and I saw that our Rajaji had just broken the news there.

There were numerous reactions among my friends and relatives. The news channels were full of reactions by his co-actors, and people at high places starting with the President and Prime Minister of India. There were some tweets about how even the skies were crying at the passing away of this last of Prithviraj Kapoor’s sons- it was raining throughout the west coast of India.

Among the regulars of Atuldom Maheshji forwarded a link to a famous song of Mukesh which is lip-synced by Shashi Kapoor- waqt karta jo wafa. Another forward from our in-house encyclopaedia gave a peek into the life of this smart, handsome Kapoor with a collage of his photos and songs. To dispel any doubts about the genuineness of the news Avinashji sent us a link of Hindustan Times. All-in-all various reactions from the Atul family on the news of the death of a much-loved actor who just gave up his fight with illness. I was always shocked to see photos of an ill Shashi Kapoor, it used to be heart breaking.

The next day’s newspaperied carry reactions from all quarters; his biography about his birthplace, family; how he got into movies; how he met his wife, and how he didn’t recover from her death in the 1980s; list of his popular songs etc. I find that all those were songs which I love. They were all from commercially successful movies. But it seems Shashi’s main aspiration was to rebuild Prithvi Theatre and for this he did a lot of commercial movies- I remember reading a quote of his that he needed commercial movies to fund his needs of running a family, theatre and making the kind of movies which his heart was after. He was a producer of middle-of-the-road or New-Wave cinema as they used to be called.

For a song to accompany this post I am lost for choice (as usual I have a long mental list). But I choose this one from “Pyaar Kiye Jaa”. I had written out lyrics to this song to send it to Atulji in March this year, as is my practice, for Shashi’s birthday. But for some reason it just slipped from my mind. It is penned by Rajender Krishan and Laxmi- Pyare were the music directors with Mohd. Rafi’s playback. It shows Shashi in his element when teasing the ladies much like his song from “Haseena Maan jayegi”- ‘o dilbar jaaniye tere hai hum tere’ or any other song of that genre. His face and eyes convey his mischievousness. I feel like mentioning that his acting style and costumes were different from that any of the reigning superstars- Raj-Dilip-Dev or his own older brother Shammi Kapoor. He had a sense of rhythm (all the Kapoors have this quality) but his way of dancing was different.

Will have to look for him in his movies and songs henceforth…



Song-Gore haathon par na zulm karo (Pyaar Kiye Jaa)(1966) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


oye hoye
gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo
gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo
ho gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo
tumhaari kanwaari kalaayi ko
daag na lagey ae ae ae ae
o gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo

jaan-e-man in haathon mein toh
mehandi ka rang lagana hai ae
haay pyaar ki rangat se
tere naazuk ang ang sajna hai
hai kaun si aisi mazboori
jo husn kare yeh majdoori
tumhaari kanwaari kalaayi ko
daag na lage ae ae ae
gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo

mehlon ki tum raani ho
main preet nagar ka shehzaada aa
baant len ham kyun na dono
dhan apna aadha aadha
ham kaam kare tum raaj karo
manzoor toh haath pe haath dharo
tumhaari kanwaari kalaayi ko
daag na lage ae ae ae ae
gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo

gusse mein jo uljhi hai
aao toh woh lat main suljha doon oon
haaye chhede jo zulfein teri
uss shokh hawa ko rukva doon
dekho naa yoon aankhe mal mal ke
pad jaayenge dhabbe kaajal ke
tumhaari kanvaari kalaayi ko
daag na lage ae ae ae ae
gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo
o gore haathon par naa zulm karo
haazir hai ye banda hukm karo

2 Responses to "Gore haathhon par na zulm karo"

actresses featured in the song are Kalpana and Rajashree(south)


The same Rajashri/Rajshree(south),who acted alongwith Helen,Dara Singh in Nasihat(1967)


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